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  1. Dang! J.J. you need to write a step by step instruction manual for men titled " How to Blow Your Woman's Mind." :laugh: Oh my goodness! I bet your wife is a happy woman. :cursing::rolleyes2::tt1: As far as the ones that may have been offended...Oh well! They'll get over it.
  2. I hope I can encourage you to stick with it and hang in there. I can't judge anyone ont his website and if I have please forgive me. I have my slips now and then and I was banded in 8/4/08. I know it's hard to stick with the new instructions on how to eat especially when you've practice the old habits so long. I too was a chronic drink sipper with my meals. I've been that way since I was a child and then all of the sudden I had to stop. Do you know I still have to make sure that I'm not grabbing a glass of whatever with my plate... because I've done that for 38 years. So I understand what you're going through. I do not agree with whoever said that you need a psych eval. because you're having a hard time kicking the bad habits. Just try to be more aware of what you're doing and please call your doctor for another fill. PS. Ice cream is my weakness but instead of buying it every week and having big bowls. I buy it once in a while and I have a small cup... I live in reality land and I know that my lips will touch sinful foods but I'm learning how to eat the sinful foods as If I have a small stomach. Don't beat your self up and don't let nobody elese make you feel bad. It's a hard journey and it's even harder for others. So if you're one of the ones that it's just hard than consider yourself lucky and pray for the ones like myself that's in the harder group.:wink2::crying:
  3. Whatever goodie that person wants to eat is not worth the risk so tell that person to save that treat (a small protion of it) for when they are allowed to eat solids. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I looooovvveee ice cream. My son grab some vanilla ice cream at the store this past Monday and I didn't make him put it back neither. He also asked could he get some pre-cut cookie dough and I said yes. Needless to say I had a small cup of vanilla ice cream with two small just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Did I need to eat that? No. :wink2: Do I care that I did? No. :crying: Do I feel bad that I did? No. :sleep: Because back before I was banded 8/4/08 I would have eaten 4 or 6 just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and a very big bowl of ice cream. :mad2: So just know when you heal you can have those sinful things... In small portions... But please don't do it until you get the big OK!
  4. Stir it up Nina, Stir it up! Like I said I don't watch Oprah on a regular basis. But the woman that she is as far as overcoming so much in her life I do admire. Especially the fact that she is human and she has her struggles just like the rest of us. :wink2: I'm good!
  5. Hey Italian Soul in a way I agree with and in a way I don't. I admire Oprah for the sucessful woman she's become and I admire her for her informative talk show. I beleive we all have the right to different beliefs, ideas, and opinions...so if she invite people on her show that maybe able to enlighten others in anyway and in different aspects of their life... then "Hooray" for Oprah. With that said I have a problem with her if she talks negative about weight loss surgery because on one hand you want to be this open minded person but then on the other hand you want to be closed minded when it comes to WLS... that's not right. Now in Star Jones case I don't blame her for not sharing with America right away how she lost her weight. But then I can see your point she blabbed about everything else. I just know that I'm the type of person if I don't want you to know about anything personal you better not ask me or you may get a very rude "None of your Damn Business." It's not because I'm mean but somethings I want to keep private. But I agree they're both in that spot light.
  6. Melolo

    Are you making Christmas cookies?

    You go Tapshoes! Do your thing and while you're at it bake me some Mint Three Musketeer Candy Bar Cookies!:wink2:
  7. You know she just may change her mind about WLS. I know back some years ago I use to think the same way about WLS. Boy my thinking changed when I ballooned past 300 lbs. I was one of those Miss Thangs that said I would never get that big. The elders always use to tell me never say never. Then I went through my second battle with cancer. I realized then that I needed help in my fight against obesity. I researched the different weight loss procedures and made my decision on the Realize Band. I don't know why some people have such a negative attitude towards the different weight loss surgeries. But one thing I can tell them that it's not a easy way out and that it takes a total mind and life change in order to succeed. I have my good and bad days. But with each and every pound that I loose I feel victorious. So I hope Oprah has time to reflect and think about how she's going to get back on the wagon. I hope she's a little more open minded about her options. :wink:
  8. Melolo

    Favorite Oldie Song

    Yeah! I said Snoopy Transistor Radio! Everybody wasn't born during the Boom Box 80's Some of us are a little more old school then that and you know who you are... :ohmy: May I quote from the late MC Breed... may he RIP, "Ain't No Future In Your Frontin." :wink:
  9. Can you say Metamucil! Fiber! Fiber! Fiber! :wink:
  10. Melolo

    Favorite Oldie Song

    Girl, you see where I made my confession. LOL I use to jam to this song! I have my little snoopy transistor radio turn up and held to my ear. :wink:
  11. Tiger girl be patient and give your body a little more time to heal. The port site incision was the one that took the longest to heal for me as well. I've also heard it said by other banders. My best friend during my whole healing and itching process was Liquid Tylenol:laugh:. Amen! What a relief. I was banded 8/4/08. Just give it a little more time to heal before you know it you'll forget it exist.
  12. Melolo

    Favorite Oldie Song

    Amen! Sistah Nina
  13. Melolo

    Are you making Christmas cookies?

    DIE SINFUL COOKIES! DIE! Oooh! chocolate covered potato chips yummy! Salt meets sweet chocolate! My mom gave me a bag of ginger snap Cookies from the whole food store...yummy! I don't think gingerbread cookies are that bad. But I will not be baking cookies. I've purchased a bucket of cookie dough so that my 12 year old son can make his own. I think at some point you just got to be brave and face your obstacles head on. If you fall by taking a nibble. Oh well! Don't beat yourself up. Candies, cakes, and cookies...Oh my! Tis the season!
  14. Melolo

    Favorite Oldie Song

    Wow! I saw the "Unsung" story of Debarge. It was very sad! My heart goes out to them and there struggles. Oh my goodness! It made me realize you can be beautiful, skinny, successful, with fame and money and still not be happy. I pray that all of them find peace and happiness. You truly have to love yourself inside and out.
  15. Melolo

    Favorite Oldie Song

    Wow! Ok first of all please throw Big Gurl off for Disco Duck! LOL Oh I remember singing to that song as a little girl! Here's my list...Love Holiday by Earth Wind & Fire Groove Tonight " " " " " " " " I Rather Be With You by Bootsy Collins Don't Disturb This Groove by The System Night To Remember by Shalamar Forget Me Knots by Patrice Rushen Ain't No Future in Your Frontin by MC Breed Everlasting Love by Chaka Khan Juicy Fruit by Mtume Whatever You Want by Tony Toni Tone Starship by Norm Connors
  16. Melolo

    Where Are My G.R.I.T.S

    Hey Ladies, I'm not from the south but I'm definitely representing the midwest KCMO (Kansas City, MO). The elders in my family were from Texas and a large part of my distant relatives are still down in Texas. I do consider myself an honorary Texan. I'm sorry how can you not have some of that southern vibe rub off on you when you were raised and surrounded by family that were born and raised in Texas. I also went to school in Texas for a while. I know one thing this midwest girl loves her some grits with plenty of butter and sugar and a side of scramble eggs with green onions chopped up in there and throw some cheese on them eggs for good measure. Lawd Have Mercy Child! :whatchutalkingabout
  17. Of course sex is a hot topic besides drugs, violence, and politics... sex is one of those subjects that will find it's way in most convesations. May I add it's the funnest topic as well. :thumbup: What can be more interesting than mature adults discussing a topic that has been around as long as breathing and eating. :cursing:
  18. Well girlfriend give it another try... You know your body just went through something major it has a foreign object attached to it and it may just take a little time for things to get back to normal. Just keep trying different things in different ways. You know I'm the wrong person to ask... I'm so pro-sex and I enjoy sex so much. All I have to say is definitely listen to your body. Most definitely bring hubby into the picture maybe he can help you find that Big O. Think outside the box (no pun intended) we have so many tools that we can utilize on our body like our lips, tongues, fingers, ect. do you get my drift. Don't leave hubby out! :thumbup:
  19. Oh Yeah! By the way JJ you work it. That's what I'm talking about. You do your thing. May you have many more wonderful, blissful, and passionate years a head of you. To all the rest of you take a clue from J.Joseph and don't let anyone's opinion of what you do and how you do... affect you. DO YOU! :scared2::cursing::tt2::smile2::thumbup:
  20. I know there's nothing like the human touch (if you get my meaning) but honey don't let not having a partner stop you from having fun. :cursing: I hope you know what I mean. :thumbup: Since discovering this website I have had so much fun. All of my conversations have been fun, informative, and intriguing too. I've only had one bad experience. I blame myself for that because I should have reconized that some of the postees had issues. I love talking to open minded people. I'm the type of person that will state her opinion and if you don't like it "Oh Well." I love the fact that people feel free enough to share almost anything. :scared2:
  21. Melolo

    What to tell work?

    How about "None of your Damn Business." I didn't have that problem at my job. I guess I just have that look like "You better not ask me anything personal." :cursing:
  22. Melolo

    After 6years BAND has SLIPPED

  23. Melolo

    Sweet Mother

    SWEET MOTHER! LOL :cursing:
  24. Melolo

    aching port....6 mo post op?

    The only pain I've experienced at my port sight was when I had my last fill and the nurse said that it was because scar tissue had formed. I'm four months out. I will have my fourth fill Monday and I'm not looking forward to it because my last fill was painful. I don't know if this information helps just thought I share. :cursing:

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