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  1. Shineaiggy29

    Weight loss stall 3 weeks out

    No, I think a lot of that is my own person scale obsession from previous diets. Thats a habit I am trying to break. I've decided to hide the scale for a while, out of sight, out of mind!
  2. Shineaiggy29

    Weight loss stall 3 weeks out

    Oh geez, I didnt realize it was that common! I agree they made no mention of this, but it's normal! Its funny I spent a lot of time looking at faq's and stuff pre-op and for some reason I missed this stuff or my brain blocked it out as "eh probably wont happen to me". I'll blame it on post surgery brain haha. Thank you very much!
  3. Kind of freaking out a bit, I'm 3 weeks post sleeve and my weight loss has stalled for the past 4 days. I'm scared I am doing something wrong and not even realizing it. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. Shineaiggy29

    Food tracker app recommendations

    I use an App called Simple Macros-Diet Tracking on the Play store. There are some premium features but it is super simple and for what I need its great. I didnt mind Baritastic but didnt like the layout. MY only complaint is there isnt a recipe builder feature (although it could be hidden and I just didnt see it).
  5. Shineaiggy29

    Independent Health through NY Marketplace

    Oh shoot thank you I will do that! And yes according to my surgeon i meet the BMI requirements
  6. I just started my journey and have 6 months of Dr appointments, evals, and nutritional counseling before I can get approved by insurance. Bariatric surgery is covered by my insurer. I am scared as hell that I will go through all of this and still not get approved 😖. Is it common to get denied?
  7. I am researching surgeons and they are the closest and so far I have read nothing but good things. Has anybody gotten surgery from them before?
  8. I am heavily researching getting gastric sleeve surgery, and this forum has been really helpful. I am curious for those who have had the surgery, or any WLS really; what is something that you found out after surgery that you wish you knew about beforehand. Both good and bad appreciated!

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