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  1. I know that I have generally had to pay the deductible up front and then be billed for the remainder, but best to check with your insurance to see how they do it.
  2. Toomany#s

    3 month vitamin blood test

    Congratulations on your good reports. I have to say that I didn’t realize you are male until recently. I had to laugh at myself for assuming.
  3. Toomany#s

    Need some advise

    I had the same path of band, sleeve, then conversion to bypass in March. I didn’t have any trouble with insurance, but I have Medicare and a supplement. I also had three different surgeons. The first two were in Mexico for the band and then Las Vegas for the sleeve so I had no follow up as well. I explained to my surgeon that I didn’t really use the sleeve properly due to stress in my life. I also had GERD which probably helped with the approval. Good luck to you, I hope that you are able to get your revision.
  4. Toomany#s

    Let’s talk about… skin

    It depends on a lot of factors, your age, your size, how you carry your weight, etc. Some people have plastic surgery after their weight is stable and some don’t. Some of it is personal preference. Some people also have problems with rashes and stuff under hanging skin. I’m sure some of those who have had plastic surgery will respond with their experiences and you can always do a search on the forum.
  5. I’m not disagreeing with anyone else, but maybe your attitude toward yourself has changed as well which could also cause him to be more attentive. If you gave off vibes of disliking your body perhaps he picked up on it. You might be more confident now and that is showing to him. I feel more able to move around and enjoy myself than I did before although I still have a lot more to lose. These are simply some thoughts on my part. It’s sad if he just didn’t find you attractive and avoided you because you are the same person inside as you say. It’s great that you are working on things in therapy. I didn’t feel like I deserved anything from anyone for a long time, but therapy did help. I also did everything for my husband for a very long time and thought that I had to be super wife. We split chores and stuff much more equitably now.
  6. Toomany#s

    Gall Bladder problems After VSG?

    I worked in surgery and the surgeons used to say “Fair, fat, female, forty and fertile” to describe a lot of gallbladder patients. It’s very common even without weight loss surgery.
  7. Toomany#s

    7 Months Report

    You look great, fantastic job!
  8. I didn’t have as much nausea as you, but the nausea that I had ended at about four weeks out. They prescribed generic Vistaril for me. It also caused sleepiness, though. I hope that you feel better soon.
  9. Toomany#s

    Not doing good

    Grief counseling or group meetings definitely help. Our local hospice had free group meetings and a local church does as well. Sorry about your Mom, it’s such a difficult loss. I agree with the others, focus on what you need more than beating yourself up worrying about your weight.
  10. Toomany#s

    Post Op Stomach Injections

    They gave me one injection of heparin on the way to the operating room, but none for home. I was happy because I had to do the Lovenox after my knee replacement surgeries.
  11. Toomany#s

    Weight loss starts when?

    I gained 8 pounds in the hospital which took a couple of weeks for me to lose again. I was very bloated feeling as well, it all goes away.
  12. Toomany#s


    Medicare is my primary and I have a plan G supplement. They covered my surgery. I don’t think they even do official pre-approvals. I started process in September and had surgery in March, but it would have been sooner if I had gotten all my stuff done right away. Good luck to you.
  13. Toomany#s


    Congratulations! That’s such a big deal and definitely calls for celebration.
  14. Toomany#s

    Mad at myself

    I did the same thing after my sleeve except that I never really allowed it to work at all. I lost my mom, my father, and my dad within 16 months and my husband was being treated for cancer plus my brother and his family stopped speaking to me. I was horribly depressed and really was hoping to die so I wouldn’t have to cope anymore. I went to grief therapy, then a therapist. Now I’m on an even keel again and was just revised to a bypass on the 8th. Don’t beat yourself up, sometimes we simply have too much to deal with and we tend to be hardest on ourselves. If you were talking to a friend, you wouldn’t beat them up. Just try to take things one day at a time and do the best you can. That’s really all any of us can do. I highly recommend grief therapy if it’s available. Our local hospice group offered it for free and so do some churches. There’s a really good speaker, Dr. Alan Wofelt if you look him up. Maybe he will be in a town near you. Listening to others dealing with grief at different stages helped me feel less alone although I still miss my folks every day. My best lifelong friend died in December and I was able to not go back off the deep end. Be kind to yourself.
  15. Toomany#s


    Me, too. It seems like clothing designers think fat people want to look like sofas. Hopefully, you will breeze through the stress test and get your surgery date soon. Mine was the 8th. I had to repose the 8 pound gain from the hospital so I have only lost a couple of pounds on top of that. My dietitian said to concentrate on healing right now and not losing. I can’t wait to have something nicer to wear! Tee shirts and baggy jeans have gotten old. I will definitely have to figure out a better style once the weight is gone.
  16. Toomany#s

    Now thinking if canceling surgery 🥺

    It’s a little bit like reading product reviews before buying something. A lot of people will only do a review if they are unhappy. I imagine there are thousands of people who have never had one problem with reflux after the sleeve and thousands with reflux who have never had any surgery. There’s no guarantee as far as if you will or not. I didn’t have trouble with it from my sleeve until I regained weight. It was probably more weight related than sleeve related. I would postpone until you are sure because all surgery causes changes and you don’t have a lot of control of whether a side effect happens to you.
  17. That’s the best yet! It’s definitely a major victory.
  18. Toomany#s

    Dr Sanborn - Chattanooga TN

    Hi PB&J, I had my one week post-op appointment today. I don’t even feel like I had a surgery. I’m a little bit tired, but that’s all. I think they do many, many surgeries and have plenty of experience. I’m sorry for your disappointment regarding the sleeve, but it’s much better to know that it’s not a good option. I had the sleeve and ended up with the upper chest pain of GERD without actually having reflux. This surgery was a revision to bypass. One surgery is better than two, lol.
  19. Toomany#s

    Constipation - Warning TMI

    My program recommends daily Miralax to avoid the constipation problems. You can also ask about using Colace for softening your poop.
  20. Toomany#s

    It's Official

  21. Are you feeling any better with your congestion? I don’t have an answer, but I would probably not cancel unless you get worse. They can always listen to your chest if necessary.
  22. Toomany#s

    Dr Sanborn - Chattanooga TN

    I just wanted to update you on my experience. My surgery went very well on Tuesday and now on Sunday, I feel pretty much normal. My advice is to be first on the surgery schedule even if you have to wait an extra week or two. My surgery was moved up an hour and then delayed by 2 1/2 hours with little feedback and you can’t see your support person once they take you to pre-op. I was in pre-op about 4 hours. My surgery being so late also resulted in my not having a bed after recovery room. They put me in a cubicle in a very noisy area until I freaked out and spoke to the house supervisor. They finally moved me on the same unit into a real room. It was definitely not a post op unit, though. It was basically a do it yourself recovery overnight. Thank goodness I went home the next day. I’m certainly happy to be passed that part. Have you decided on sleeve versus bypass? Do you have any reflux issues right now? If you do, I would definitely just go for the bypass. I had the sleeve and ended up with constant feelings of indigestion plus chronic gastritis. Of course, it’s too early to know anything about my bypass experience.
  23. Toomany#s

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    My procedure was on the 8th. I gained 7 pounds in the hospital from the fluids so needless to say, I felt like a stuffed turkey! I was able to get most of my fluid, protein, and carbs. Today I feel pretty much like normal. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts. Sounds like most are doing well.
  24. Toomany#s

    How long for incision pain?

    It’s easy to look at the small incisions and try to minimize the surgery, but it’s definitely Major surgery.
  25. Goosey Girl, you look fantastic! You’ve done a great job.

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