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I had gastric bypass in March last year. For about 3 or 4 months, I have had ridiculous gas pain and discomfort. I thought it was from making bad food choices so I went back to eating the right stuff. It doesn’t matter what I eat or even if I eat, there is still unbelievable gas. I don’t drink anything carbonated, no coffee or tea, don’t use straws. It doesn’t matter if I exercise or not. Does anyone else have this problem? I had CT scans for a kidney stone problem, the only thing they found was some swollen abdominal lymph nodes and the stones.

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It about has to be something you're eating. I don't think this is necessarily related to your weight loss surgery, but it's possible I suppose. If you haven't talked to your surgical team, I'd recommend at least asking about it.

That said, I'd be looking first at a food insensitivity. There are lots of things people can have issues with, but some of the more common ones are dairy, histamines and gluten. You can try an "elimination diet" to see if what you're eating is causing the problem. Google it if you're not familiar with the idea.

Something else to consider is adding Probiotics to your daily regimen. When your gut bacteria are out of kilter, it can cause a lot of gut issues including bad gas.

Good luck.

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I’m with @SpartanMaker, it’s likely what you’re eating. Maybe not directly related to your surgery but there could be a certain food or food group that isn’t being digested as well & causing the gas.

I used to have a sensitivity to lactose thanks to a parasite & would get a lot of wind (& then diarrhoea) if I had more than a little lactose like a milky drink or milk on my Cereal. I think my surgery might have cut away the parasite but still only have lactose free milk just in case. It’s also a common sensitivity post surgery though often temporary.

Other foods that can cause excess gas & colic like pain include:

  • Beans & lentils (gave me a lot when I first began increasing my consumption)
  • brassicas - cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.
  • fructose - found in fruit & as a sweetener added to some foods
  • corn, Pasta, potatoes, rice & other starch rich foods
  • sorbitol & other sugar alcohols found in artificial sweeteners (this is a common sensitivity after surgery)

Maybe an elimination diet or a version of your own making and see if cutting out certain foods helps. Also what does your surgeon suggest?

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Thank you for the responses. I’m thinking it might be the sugar free drink mix that I have been using. I’m going to try elimination of that first, then try something else until I figure it out.

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