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  1. Maggies

    Just had my heart broken....

    I am so sorry you are going thru this. To leave you right after you have surgery is a thoughtless thing to do. You are better off without him if he has been sleeping with someone else. Just think of your beautiful future as the thin healthy person you are going to be soon. You will meet someone worthy of you who will be faithful & loving. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Keep your head up and look to the good times ahead. Maggie:wink2:
  2. Maggies


    I think talking to her face to face would help. It seems she would know how much this means to you and it only takes a minute to fax the info to Tricare. If you are face to face with you it will harder for her to make excuses why she can't do it, and if she does, offer to take it to Kinkos or somewhere yourself to fax it. Hope you get good news today. Maggie:confused2:
  3. Maggies


    karin, hopefully it is good that they are asking for more info. There are so many hoops to jump thru to get this surgery but it will be all worth it when we are on the losing side. I have spent the last two weeks trying to get my mental health evaluation from the base hospital so I should have everything I need next Thursday. Good luck to you and hope you get good news real soon. Maggie:thumbup:
  4. Maggies

    At home and resting

    Congrats on your new band. You are on your way to a healthier life. Maggie:thumbup:
  5. JWRN, Hope you get your approval soon. I have my first appt. with the surgeon on the 21st. Hopefully he will get the paperwork in to Tricare and I will here something by the end of August. Let us know when you get your APPROVAL and date. Maggie:cool2:
  6. Maggies


    Stephanie, welcome and it sounds like you are doing a great job. And I'm sure your kids are going to benefit from this surgery as much as you. They will have a new mom that can keep up with them. Keep up the good work. Maggie:cool2:
  7. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    pj txlady, good luck on your surgery tomorrow and may you have a quick recovery. Did you have to do a pre diet of any kind? Maggie:thumbup:
  8. Maggies


    Ineedalapband, How long did it take you for the approval once you see the surgeon? I wish I would have decided on Lapband from the beginning of this process, but oh well all in good time. Thanks for the info. Maggie:shades_smile:
  9. Maggies


    Hi Everybody, I have Tricare/west and have my approval to see the surgeon. After I see him and he takes me as a patient and submits to Tricare for the actual surgery. How long is that process? I thought once you received the approval to see the surgeon, that was also the approval for the surgery. I have done all the tests required for the RNY (gastric bypass) but have changed my mind and decided on the band. I was going to have the RNY at a military hospital and they do not do the band. So as you can see I have been working on this for almost a year. Any insight into the Tricare approval would be appreciated. Thanks Maggie:mellow:
  10. Maggies

    I Can't Believe It...

    Congrats on your approval. I am with Tricare also. I have my approval to see the surgeon and hope to get the approval for the surgery then. Are you schedluled yet for the surgery. Maggie:wink2:
  11. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Kathy JB, Congrats on your band. How long were you sore from the surgery? Have you lost any weight yet? I am hopeing to have mine in the next month or so. I am getting so tired of overeating but it seems I can't stop. Hope to join you all soon. Maggie:wink2:
  12. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Wow, 2 years with the band. How fast did you lose the weight? I think I will probably be a slow loser due to age and manopause. But that is OK, this turtle will win the race. I have two grandsons, and I will be babysitting the new one who is just two weeks old when my daughter goes back to work, so I need more energy to keep up with a little one. will let you know when I get may date. CAN"T WAIT!!! Maggie:thumbup:
  13. Maggies

    Hey 50 & over gang We have a new spot

    Hi 50s and over. I would love to join you all. I am still waiting for my banding. I should be getting my appt. with the surgeon today, and the surgery in the next month or so. I was actually going to have the gastric bypass and changed my mind because it is to invasive. Any of you have problems with the band? Maggie:cool2:
  14. I would try to get it changed to the Sacramento area. That would make it a lot easier on you. What a journey this has been so far. Hopefully I will be banded by September. Maggie:rolleyes2:
  15. Maggies

    My first posted progress pics

    Congratulations on the 40lbs. You are lookin great and feeling so much better, I am sure. Congrats again Maggie:thumbup:
  16. Are we allowed to have SF popsicles after we are banded. I am addicted to them since I started this whole process and in hot weather they are great? Maggie:shades_smile:
  17. Maggies

    Can I just say....

    I agree this site is great. I just found it yesterday and I already know so much more than I did. My X husband was in the AF for 25 years so I can relate with you. Heres to great support and great weight loss. Maggie:cool2::thumbup:
  18. Maggies

    NSV (Non Scale Victory)!!!

    You all give me such hope, to think someday I could walk into a store and not go to the plus sizes. I have clothes in my closet in every size there is. Probably a lot of them are way out of style. Bellbottoms anyone???? Congratulations Maggie:thumbup:
  19. Maggies

    8/18/08 is the date!!

    Congratulations on getting your date. Hopefully I will be joining you in August. Maggie:thumbup:
  20. Hi everybody, just started posting on here today and trying to find my way around. I have done all pre op tests required for gastric bypass but have decided on lapband instead. My doctor put my referral in yesterday and I was wondering how long it will take for Tricare to either approve it or not. My sleep study showed that I do have slight sleep apnea and they said losing weight would cure that. Any insight into the Tricare process would be helpful. I need to lose 110 pounds. Thanks in advance for your help. Maggie:rolleyes2:
  21. Maggies

    Tricare referral/need advice

    Talked to the doctor's office and they had me call Tricare to have the referral faxed to them, also wanted my medical file. She said I will be one of the faster ones because of everything I already have done. She is going to call me later today hopefully with an appt. I know it is not good to be in such a rush, but I have been working on the RNY surgery for a year, so it seems like forever. Any added advice is appreciated. Maggie:rolleyes2:
  22. Maggies

    Tricare referral/need advice

    I was already approved to have the gastric bypass done at a Travis AFB Hospital but felt that it was to invasive. I also have had all pre op tests done at Travis. So, I wonder if that will make a difference. I am calling the doctors office at 8:00am this morning to see how soon I can get an appt. with them. Will let you know. Maggie:rolleyes2:
  23. Maggies

    Tricare referral/need advice

    Sherry, That is great. I am calling the doctor tomorrow and making an appointment. I have spent the last hour researching him and it is all good. Will let you know when I get my appt. Maggie:rolleyes2:
  24. Maggies

    Tricare referral/need advice

    Hi Scared, I was going to gastric bypass and finally decided that was to drastic so am going to have the lapband. I'm not nervous yet, but maybe after I get my date. I'm tired of saying I will start my diet on Monday and it never comes so hopefully this is the answer. Good luck on your surgery and a fast recovery. Maggie:rolleyes2:
  25. Maggies

    Tricare referral/need advice

    Sherry, Is the referral approval and ins. approval the same thing????? What will happen once I have my appt. with the surgeon? I know 2 many questions, I'm just very excited......Thanks for all your help. Maggie:thumbup:

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