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  1. Doesn’t anyone follow helpful support pages or people on Instagram covering their weight loss surgery journey? I had a sleeve to rny revision 3 weeks ago and would love to follow some folks on Instagram since I don’t have Facebook and don’t want to create an account. If you’re active on Instagram please feel free to share your @ and any suggested Instagram accounts you follow/find helpful. Thanks!
  2. @MAQ You brought up a great point. I’m on low carb/600 calories, 7 weeks out from revision vsg to rny, and my weight loss has been sooooo slow! Only 5 pounds lost in January! I don’t know what to do and my surgeon’s office has been less than helpful. Since I’m in ketosis, I thought the weight would fall off. I didn’t wanna eat too much fat that’s why I didn’t do Keto and figured I have more than enough stored body fat to use. May I ask what your daily macros are How many grams of fat, carbs, protein do you eat daily?
  3. Thanks so much Sleeve_Me_Alone. I’ll follow @Bari.Nation now!
  4. Thanks so much Sleeve_Me_Alone. I’ll follow @Bari.Nation now!
  5. I say join! So far I just look up hashtags like #wlscommunity #rny #wls etc. I want to connect with people for support. Single during a pandemic can fell isolating. I mostly work, workout and meal prep my 2 ounce containers.
  6. MelanatedQueen

    Am I really gonna lose weight?

    Thanks @lizonaplane I’m in week 3 and couldn’t figure out why the scale stopped moving. It even went up two pounds and I’m only getting 500 calories a day. Glad to know it’s happens to others.
  7. MelanatedQueen

    Do You loose weight slower

    I’ve heard the same thing. My surgeon said because our body has gone thru a weight loss surgery before, so it knows what to expect. I’m trying to remain positive and force myself to be more active in hopes it won’t be true. I’m almost two weeks post op and lost 16 lbs since surgery. I’m sure it’s mostly water weight since I’m still on liquids.

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