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  1. Thank you all so much for advice and your input, I do follow a low carb diet due to insulin resistance with PCOS. I think that unfortunately I may be kinda stuck here, I’ll keep following the plan and hope and pray for some movement in the right direction but I think for my mental health it’s not helping to beat myself up every week that the scale has stopped moving.. cause it hasn’t moved in 5 months…. I’m happier now at my 220lbs than I was at the 289 lbs before surgery so I think to give myself a little mental break I need to figure out how to be more positive about the small success I have had over the last 10 months. Focusing on the “not good enough” mindset has really triggered my depression and sense of self hate again and I definitely don’t want to get back to that where I need medications to get out of bed daily because those depression meds made me gain a ton. Gotta try and find some positivity somewhere right? Thanks!
  2. I had VSG on 1/18/2022 SW 281 LW 219 CW 224 I am feeling so defeated, I feel like by now I should have lost more… I eat right, workout 3-4 days a week, I work full time as an RN in a busy emergency department 3-4 nights a week so my job is pretty active as well… I’m just pretty lost on why I’m such a slow loser. I haven’t lost anything since May, actually gained 5 lbs. I have met with my doctor and they referred me to a nutritionist which said to track everything and told me food wise I’m doing what I need to be doing and really didn’t offer much more advice. I do have PCOS and that’s always been a struggle with my weight but I have seen so many have success with PCOS post op as well. Has anyone hit a wall like this and has been able to get over it without having additional surgeries like bypass? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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