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    Zerofuckstogive70 got a reaction from kcuster83 in Only 22lbs lost 2 months post op - what is happening?   
    Ok so I’m down 30 lbs since surgery. Dietitian and surgeon said I’m doing well on the higher end of their expectations. I’m really happy to hear this!!
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to Donna Suz in Only 22lbs lost 2 months post op - what is happening?   
    You are working out 1-3 hours? That’s incredible! You’re probably gaining muscle weight, even if your attention is in mostly cardio. Keep up what you’re doing and I bet one day soon you’ll see a huge drop all of a sudden.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 got a reaction from FarfelDiego in Only 22lbs lost 2 months post op - what is happening?   
    Thank you everyone for your feedback. Though I’m following the instructions I wasn’t sure if I’m on track or not because 1. I’m 51 - peri menopausal- so I’m sure my harmones are everywhere 2. I know as you get older your metabolism slows down. I really appreciate the kind words and feedback. I will stay steady on my path.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 got a reaction from fourmonthspreop in Post op constipation…   
    Omg thank you! This is crazy it becomes a plug and very painful to pass but once it passes it’s better the it happens again. I’m going to take your advice and continue to take the miralax and Metamucil fiber wafers on a daily basis. Thank you all…this part of post surgery sucks ass
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to Arabesque in Post op constipation…   
    Oh, yeah, constipation is very common. Took a good 18 months before I got back into a pretty regular routine which was 12 months into maintenance.
    Add a soluble fibre to your diet like Benefibre (avoid the ones that swell in your tummy). Keep your Water up. Add a few more vegetables, a little fruit or some whole or multi grains to your diet as allowed. And establish your own routine of treatments to ease the constipation. Take Miralax every day as @catwoman7 suggested. I’d take a stool softener on day 3 if I had no movement. The longer you let it go the harder & more compact it becomes making it very painful to pass.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to ShoppGirl in Post op constipation…   
    I struggled with this at first too. I had to take milk of magnesia to get me to go and start on soluable Fiber which I took every morning until I got Back to a normal serving size.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to summerseeker in Post op constipation…   
    Oh boy I have this problem too. I went a whole 7 days without going last week and in the end I didn't dare go out in case I had a accident. I hope I can eat more soon and then eat more vegetables.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to catwoman7 in Post op constipation…   
    welcome to the club. Chronic constipation is pretty common after WLS - or at least sleeve and bypass. It's due to the high Protein diet plus some of the supplements (namely, Calcium and iron). A lot of us take a capful of Miralax every day. I've been doing it since I had surgery (almost) seven years ago.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to DaisyAndSunshine in Only 22lbs lost 2 months post op - what is happening?   
    Vegetables also have carbs, so do dairy and lentils/beans. So it really depends. Plus, like few others mentioned, even my program isn't restrictive on carbs or fats or calories. My Protein and carbs content more or less align in numbers. So you shouldn't get too bogged down with numbers unless you're eating heavy load of calories.
    I feel your workout sessions are heavy 1-3 hrs starting in about 5 weeks in. Though your program recommendation may be different. With such heavy workout, you also have to take into account muscle mass which may be replacing your fat loss. Hence slower weight loss. Personally speaking, such exhausting workout, only a month after surgery, sounds a bit too much for me. But if it's working out for you, might as well.
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    Zerofuckstogive70 reacted to liveaboard15 in Only 22lbs lost 2 months post op - what is happening?   
    you are doing great. Everyone looses weight differently. and everyone goes thru stalls or multiple stalls. Just stick to the program.

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