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  1. Hi all I am 4 months post gastric bypass and so far so good. The first couple of weeks were hard but I’ve got into the grove now. I don’t seem to have any kind of issues with meat, fruit, fat etc. but I haven’t really tried anything with sugar yet apart from the occasional spoon in a cup of tea now and then. Does anyone find it’s sugar that causes dumping? Not that I intend to go on a sugar binge but the occasional sweet thing would be nice, just scared of dumping!
  2. Doodle41

    Just Obese!

    Congratulations. Well done x
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    Congratulations x
  4. Hi Im a bit worried I am able to eat too much. I have had very little guidance from the dietician since my gastric bypass but have just emailed them for advice. Im concerned that I am able to eat too much for 8 weeks post bypass. Tonight I have had a 2 egg omelette with cheese and ham and plum tomatoes. I ate maybe 1/2 -3/4 of the omelette and 2 tomatoes. Is this too much do you think? I feel full but not uncomfortable.
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    Am I eating too much?

    I’m 8 weeks out. Maybe I am pushing it a bit and should cut back a little. Hopefully my dietitian will give me some guidance if they ever get back to me.
  6. Doodle41

    Am I eating too much?

    I haven’t been given a plan, that why I’m asking. I’m in the uk so not sure if it is different here but they haven’t given me any set amounts of food to eat apart from 65g of protein a day.
  7. Doodle41

    Am I eating too much?

    Hi. Thanks for replying. No didn’t stink for half an hour before or after. It took me about 10 minutes to eat but I’m still working on eating slower.
  8. Hi I am 8 weeks post bypass and I am wondering which soft drinks I can have when I go out to a pub/bar/out for a meal (I live in the UK). I literally can’t think of anything that isn’t fizzy or full of sugar apart from water. Any ideas would be appreciated 😊
  9. Doodle41

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I had very little energy last week, my gastric bypass was 4th January. I have a little more energy this week but have awful hives which are making me miserable and seem to keep getting reflux which is also making me grumpy. Trying to figure out this purée diet now. Hope your energy picks up soon x
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    Hi I am almost two weeks post op for a gastric bypass and have woken up with awful hives all over me. So irritating. I think I was allergic to the dressings but wonder if anyone else has had this? I also have woken up with I lump like feeling in my chest, a bit like when you have eaten too much but I obviously haven’t as I’m still on liquids and it started before I have even drunk anything. Any ideas? Thanks 😀
  11. Sorry about the unpleasant topic but was wondering if anyone experienced diarrhoea and lots of gas from the bowel 2 days post op? I’m literally going to the toilet every half an hour with either wind or upset tummy. Is this normal?
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    Waiting to go down

    Hi. No I wasn’t allowed any visitors at all. My husband just had to drop me off and pick me up outside the main door. To be honest I would have been too out of it the first day for visitors and the next day I was concentrating on waking and sipping and then went home that evening so it wasn’t the end of the world. The staff were amazing and couldn’t have been more supportive as well xx
  13. Hiya Well it’s the day of my surgery today. I’m in my gown ready to go down to the operating theatre. A bit nervous and excited at the same time. Eek 😬
  14. Thanks guys for the advice. It’s slowed down a lot today so I think it was just my bodies way of getting rid of gas and and anything left in my bowel. That’s for reassuring me though x
  15. Doodle41

    Waiting to go down

    Thanks guys Was in a bit of pain over night and felt sick, but this is much better now. All my drips are off and I am doing 2 laps of the corridors at a time. Only issue I’m having now is reflux! Hoping to go home this evening
  16. Doodle41

    Waiting to go down

    Hi i had my surgery at about 11:45 and was back in the ward at 3. Have had to sit up all afternoon to help with the wind. I’m hoping to get in to bed in a bit just for a change of scenery! The pain it bearable but uncomfortable and I have dry heaved a few times but finger crossed no sick yet. I managed a glass of water so far but I am on a drip and and antibiotics so not pushing it. I have been on 3 walks up and down that corridor and am managing to pee ok. keeping fingers crossed for an ok night
  17. Hi all I am due to have my bypass surgery on 4th January and am ready to start my liver reducing diet. I was due to see the dietician tomorrow but she cancelled due to illness. So far all I have had is one zoom call with the surgeon and two letters, one confirming op date and one for the now cancelled dietician appointment with some info on the pre op diet. I have read through this forum and notice that people have had pre op bloods, had to lose weight to have the surgery, had to see the psychiatrist, anaesthetist etc. but I have literally seen nobody and my op is in 3 weeks! I am paying privately for the op, so not on the nhs, and it with a reputable company but I’m just finding it odd. Is this normal for such a huge operation when you pay privately? Feels strange to me

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