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    Hello everybody, In March of this year I was scheduled to get my gastric bypass, well long story short I chickened out, and that was a horrible decision for me to do. Because now I have arthritis in my left hip along with my other issues, so I called my coordinator and she said my insurance would still cover my surgery, I'm super stoked this time, and I am never ever going to put my health at risk again, this time it's different I have a goal, my goal is to have a baby by the time I'm 31, my wonderful boyfriend and I were talking about having a baby and at that moment I knew I was making the right decision, plus I'm tired of being unhealthy. So LETSGOOOOOOOOOO. :)
  2. pcoswarrior1994


    Hey again, I was just wondering what are some great exercises after surgery also, what are some great glute exercises I suffer from a square bum aka H shape butt so I was just wondering what are some great booty exercises to make my bum rounder and fuller and, what are some other great exercises after surgery?
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    Hello again, I was just wondering mainly people with PCOS did you guys have any luck with fertility? I also have one ovary and I wondering something else, how did you guys prevent pregnancies. For me, I had a severe reaction to the milli pill aka norethindrone-e.estradiol-iron (JUNEL FE 1/20) 1 mg-20 mcg (21)/75 mg And I was just wondering did anyone use the arm implant or depicote shot if so did it prevent any pregnancies?

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