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    Before and After Pics

    Surgery date: 11/8/2021 Initial Weight: 280 lbs Current Weight: 175 lbs Net Loss: 105 lbs so happy with my progress and did my first 5k (Donut Dash) on 4/3/2022. No donut for me though but it was so much fun.
  2. I read about this before my surgery back in November 2021. Gallstone formation is a known complication due to fast weight loss. Sending you lots of healing energy. Let us know if you are doing the cholecystectomy. I will have my 3 mo follow-up soon and I will discuss this cos you can take something to prevent the gallstone formation.
  3. Hi all! I had my surgery done on 11/8 and on my day 21 post op. I started the soft food state on Monday, 11/22. Per the program I’m following, I can add finely chopped or ground meat starting tomorrow 11/29 as part of stage 4. I have always liked well seasoned dishes. So, when I started Stage 3 I was seasoning my food with salt and pepper without knowing I can’t taste the saltiness of the salt. In my head, yeah season that creamy scrambled egg and that puréed egg or chicken salad. I also noticed that everything that has sugar taste sweeter. My question is, is there a day that my tastebuds will comeback to normalcy Or this is my new normal?
  4. Omg I wished you posted this before my surgery on 11/8. I did a week of liver shrinking diet and loss 15 lbs. Completed all the necessary procedures too and went to my surgery appointment. However….. I was on time but have been having second thoughts the night before and I even had a consultation with my therapist friend (free counseling session 😂) I spent at least 2 hours with my friend and talked about my reservations. She even advised me to cancel or reschedule because of my reservations. I had my consultation with my surgeon on 10/11 and the surgery date on 11/8 was offered. Off course I took it cos I’m overwhelmed but in reality I should have waited for more time but what’s my excuse? Food relationship and the holiday parties and meals. However, after getting my behavioral health evaluation and preop, I was ready. I was so happy with the result of the liver shrinking diet cos in my head look, I can do it without the surgery but I only did the diet because I have a goal date which is the surgery date. I even chatted with my parents about my decision. My dad didn’t want me to get the surgery but my mom was encouraging since she knows how many times I failed doing different diet and exercise program after program. So, day of surgery came. I checked in 30 minutes earlier and I was sent to pre-surgery department. My check in appointment was at 9:00 and surgery at 11:00. I changed to my hospital gown and got comfortable. It’s funny that every commercial was Taco Bell. However, each time I checked the clock I was panicking inside. My surgeon and his team was late and my surgery was pushed until 1:00 PM. In my head, it’s my chance to cancel it and the universe was telling me to cancel it. I wished I listened to the voice inside me but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I did the surgery because I don’t trust myself and if I canceled, I will probably go back to my unhealthy lifestyle. Today is my day 21 post opt and I lose another 20 lbs. It’s totally life changing and tracking my intakes help. I found myself now drinking more water a day to stay hydrated and planning more my meals. I don’t see my surgery as an excuse for weight loss but a tool to help me get back to the healthy side.
  5. Charotera303

    This surgery is bullshit...

    I had a chat with my preop team about the LSG I had on 11/8. My preop provider says if patients are using the surgery as an excuse to lose weight faster, they will fail. It’s a process, a tool to help with weight loss. Even with my behavioral health evaluation for the surgery, I expressed that this is a tool for me and not a magic wand to lose weight in a blink of an eye. So far, I’m 20 lbs lighter after 21 days. My post opt week 4 starts tomorrow and it’s a learning process. I don’t count my calorie intake but I record all my intakes including water and clear liquids. I wish you the best of luck and maybe get a weight loss therapist.
  6. Thank you for this. I have been reading about carbs I can eat and I’m so scared about rice, bread, and pasta. I understand that it will take up to 18 months for the pouch to stretch again. In the meantime, sashimi is my new sushi order.
  7. Charotera303

    Post op day 2

    I had a chat with my dietitian about hair loss after my 1 week post op. She said that if your protein intake is low, regardless if you are taking biotin, it will not work. I’m finishing the liquid stage and I am relying to protein shakes and paleo/keto broths for my protein intake. Idk how will I force myself to eat puréed meat. Maybe holding my nose while chewing it. Eekkkk.
  8. I’m post op day 11 and I’m in the process of divorcing food. I’m Filipino and grew up eating rice 3 times a day and that’s the first thing I’m divorcing. I can’t wait to see my relationship with eggs and meat. Hope it’s not that drastic.
  9. Charotera303

    I’m nervous

    I had my surgery on 11/8 and had regrets before and after the surgery but positive thinking only! Onwards and forwards only. It’s definitely a lifestyle change and I’m coping day by day. I also learned that journaling your intake and following a schedule helps to keep me hydrated. Congratulations in advance but if you have thoughts now, talk to a behavioral therapist. You still have time. Best wishes!
  10. Charotera303

    Gastric sleeve

    I’m on day 10 post op. I had the sleeve too and I got the hunger feeling started yesterday but I noticed I didn’t have enough protein intake. I guess I have a mindset of 40-48g of protein but my dietitian advised me today that I can take more proteins. I was counting the bone broth as my protein intake which made me hungry a bit although I’m using the Paleo/Keto friendly broth with 10g of protein. I changed it today and I’m not hungry. Can’t wait for the soft/puréed stage next week. I started watching videos on YouTube and it’s interesting and I found them helpful for our next stage.
  11. Charotera303

    Sandwiches and chips

    I’m on day 10 post op and I’m following the manual I received from my surgeon like a Bible lol. Can’t wait to have eggs and other puréed foods by Monday (11/22). I ditched the medicine cup though but not rushing when drinking my liquid. I took me at least 3-4 hours to finish an entire bottle but my ending the day with 80 oz. Journaling my intakes and not rushing are working for me. I’m scared of the dumping syndrome also but can be prevented. I have to be mindful and watch my intake.
  12. Charotera303

    Trying to sleep in pain!

    Hi, I had the sleeve done on 11/8 I documented my pain levels and intake. I was given dilaudid for 15 days and Tylenol 650mg every 6-8 hours. I took the dilaudid every 4 hours for the first few days and made sure I’m taking one before bedtime. It helped me get comfortable at night. You may want to elevate your back too by adding extra pillows. As for the gas pains, I made it a point to ache a walk every 4 hours for 5 mins. I’m using my treadmill and using the lowest speed. Hope this help.
  13. Charotera303

    Hives? Possible food allergies?

    I had the gastronomic sleeve done on 11/8 and developed hives on my hands 4 days later. Hydrocortisone cream helps with the itch but it didn’t resolved it. I had a virtual visit with my provider and we talked about possible causes such as new medications, blocked bile duct and vitamin deficiency. I didn’t have any symptoms to consider blocked bile duct and I was advised that it’s too soon to have vitamin deficiency. So, she took me off the protonix and aspirin. I hope it works cos this itchiness is getting crazy.

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