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  1. I will be 2 years post op VSG in 1 month. About how much of this should I be able to eat? 3oz of cod, 2 pierogies(2.3 oz total), and mixed veggies(1.4 oz total, mushroom, peppers, broccoli, Brussel sprouts). I didn't eat all of it, but I did eat most of it. I feel like I shouldn't be able to eat this much food? But I'm not really sure to be honest. I Def probably could have ate less of this meal as well.
  2. Did you gain any weight eating that many calories? Once I went from about 1,200/1,300 calories to 1,800/2,000 about 5 months ago I did start to gain some weight. Not a lot but still(7 pounds). I'm not sure if I should go back down to 1,200. I've been a lot happier at 1,800, but I also don't want to gain weight back you know. Currently I'm 5'1 131 lbs, but my lowest was 124 about 5 months ago.
  3. Thanks. When I look at it, it just seems like a lot of food so I wasn't sure if I've been overdoing it.
  4. Hello! This is my first post on a weight loss surgery forum. Just seeking advice for some developed bad habits. I am officially one year post op from my gastric sleeve. I am 5'1 and 133 pounds now and 10 pounds away from my goal weight. At this point, I've found it very difficult to loose more weight. I'm looking for advice on how to get back in gear. I've found that I'm eating through the entire day, and I'm constantly thinking about food. I didn't even do that before surgery. After my operation, I wasn't getting enough calories, at max 300-500 a day, even 6 months out. I just couldn't eat a lot during meals and never felt hungry. My nutritionist advised to snack(healthily of course) throughout the day, and I was able to increase my daily calories to 900 on average. About 9 months post op, I was able to eat enough calories without having to snack as frequently. But I find that now I can't stop snacking throughout the day. And I've gone to eating sweets and chips etc. Even if I'm not hungry. All my brain can think about is "what can I eat next". Because I had to force myself to eat more throughout the day, I feel like now my body has gotten in the habit of constantly wanting food, even when I don't need it. And I've been really craving junk food and snack food. What are some tips to help myself from getting out of this habit? I'm maintaining my weight now, and not gaining. But I feel like I will eventually gain if I keep this up, I don't want it to derail all my hard work. I still do want to get to my goal weight. I do a boot camp 3-4 days a week for 7 months now. But I haven't lost any weight in over 3 months. I know it's a mindset thing, but I would appreciate any tips. :( Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I really appreciate the advice, it was helpful. I typically keep how I feel to myself or I'm not 100% honest with myself, and I know I shouldn't. I'm just having a hard time distracting myself, or telling myself no When I get a craving. Or I'll tell myself no and just eventually give in. I think it's more out of boredom than anything. I do eat my feelings sometimes, but I feel lately I think about eating because I'm not doing anything, or just because I can. I feel I've just been more embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it. But I think maybe seeking out a bariatric therapist might help me. Maybe help develop ways to distract myself too.

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