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    Totally forgot about these blog entries.  Its been over a year since I did a little write up about my (body) plastics, so I feel compelled to do one now, since I am seriously contemplating moving forward with facial plastics (but this is a topic for another blog entry later).
    Sooooo....here we go:
    Tummy Tuck: Overall, I am very happy with the results.  My abdominal muscles are pretty visible at rest (more so when I'm low-carbing).  No muffin top when I'm wearing tight low-waisted stuff...well, at least from the front.  The area around my waistband from the back is not nearly as tight looking.  I suppose if I had a full lower body lift, this would have been addressed.  I kinda wish I did have a lower body lift, but then I look at my scars and think, nah, i'm cool.  My TT scar is still pretty dark. At least it's flat now, thanks to 2 rounds of steroid shots, but nowhere near as UN-noticeable as others on my same timeline.  I've said it before, I knew I would scar badly based on my history, but still.  The scar though is easily hidden even in my smallest bikini, so I'm good.  But if I wear a high cut one, you can see the ends of the scar on my hips...so, I just don't wear high cut ones.  The only people who see the scar in its full glory is me, Mr. and my doc.
    Now i'm going to nit pick here, but I'm allowed to since its my blog, LOL.  What I am a little bummed about (just a little) is that I my abdomen is actually not a flat as it was pre-plastics.  I have a visible roundess on my lower abdomen.  I attribute this to the fact that all the other places have been thinned out and it just looks more pronounced to me now.  Doc said this is normal because there are organs there, but still.  If I am wearing a fitted dress, you can see when I've eaten.  Its sorta fascinating sometimes, cuz I can actually see it get smaller as my body digests.
    Today my waist measurement is 26".  Which is weird because *I* think it looks smaller, but I was actually 25.5" pre-TT.
    Breast Lift: This is still by far the surprising winner of my procedures.  The difference (to me) is amazing.  And the fact that I can go bra-less for days on end and still be perky makes me happy. The scarring is at the same level as my TT, and if I wear a string bikini top you can see the scar ends at my sides, if I lift my arms up.  I LOVE that I have no "side boob" oozing.  There is no excess skin spilling out anymore near my armpits when I wear a fitted tank/bra/tube top.  There are times I wish I had a little bit more boob (and got some implants), but then I remember how much they annoyed me before, and it passes.
    Today my bust measurement is 33".  It was 32.5" pre-BL.
    Arm Lift: I also love the overall results of my arm lift.  I always hated my arms, even pre-WLS, and getting these done was my #1 wish.  While not as drastic an improvement as my breast lift (in terms of both looks AND quality of life), I am really happy with the shape and size.  My biceps are more noticeable at rest with all the skin gone, but I do have to say my triceps need to flexed to be seen....but this is likely because my triceps just need some more work (I HATE tricep work...dips and extensions SUCK.) The scars here are the worst of them all, and while the 2 rounds of steroid shots have greatly improved them, there is still along way to go before they go unnoticed.  I was always self conscious about the size of my arms when I was bigger (and actually even when i was "normal" sized", and then self conscious about thier flappiness when I got smaller after WLS.  Now I so totally fine with wearing sleeveless stuff even with the scars.  You can't see them unless I raise my arms, but I am a "Whoo"- girl, so people will see them regularly, LOL.
    Today my arm circumference is just a smidge over 10".  It was 10.5" pre-AL.
    Would I do it all again? HECKS YA.
    What would I do differently?:
    Listen to my doc about NOT doing to much too soon. My stupidity probably added 2-3 months to my total recovery time. NOT smoked. Did more self-massages as I was instructed to break up the scar tissue.  I know I did less than what I should have because it really hurt me to do it.  Had I done it as prescribed, I probably wouldn't have had to have 2 sections of my scar on my right arm cut due to reduced mobility.  Now these two sections where he made incisions are darker than the rest of my scar. Asked for a V-shaped TT incision vs a straight one (so it would be hidden if I wore high cut bikinis) Did my rounds of steroid shots earlier.  I was scheduled to have it done 3-4 months post op, but then Covid happened, and I ended up getting them done 13 & 15 months post op. Asked for some lipo on my lower back while I was on the table. Really though, I am super happy with getting the plastics, thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested, and the minor annoyances of the process and 1 year results are completely overshadowed by how awesome I think my bod looks now.
    I am not interested in doing any more body plastics work now (or ever, we'll see).  I can live with the rest of my perceived imperfections (i'm looking at you ass, and inner  thighs, and lower back).
    Next UP: doing something about my face!

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