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  1. onlygo

    pbing to much?

    How much is to much. I am pbing around 1 or 2 times a week. It is always about the 5th bite ,i can tell it is not going down and if it does not come up ,i will slime then pb. Some times i also have pain with this. Now i blame myself for this, know it is because i got something stuck due to not chewing good enough or taking too big of a bite. It's like i cant remember that sometimes untill it is to late. I have never pb after eating too much, i stop eating when i feel full. I know i need to chew better and i try to and i have many meals that go down fine. I am only losing about 1 lb a week so i dont think i am to tight. i was banded on aug 24 2006 and have lost 34lbs so far. Do you think i am pbing to much what should i do about it?
  2. onlygo

    DR. Hahn????

    DR. Stanley Hahn in Port Neches, Texas. Does anybody know him I am thinking about changing Drs from Dr Schmidt to Dr Hahn Any comments????? Any body?????
  3. onlygo

    Any suggestions?

    There are many medical test that reguire liquid diets. Just say you are having a colonoscopy in the morning and you must be on liquids (Even though it would be very hard for me not to eat)so I just wouldnt go "Call in sick"
  4. onlygo

    Burning in chest

    Has anyone had this before , I have been banded about 7 months. I have started waking up with a bubbling burning feeling in my chest. It dose not hurt but i can only describe it as a burning sensation. Then i feel gassy all day, small little burps. I also feel like i have a sore scratchy or tight feeling throat all day. This sounds like acid reflux but i dont know how that is possible with a band. I still have restriction. Soooo any ideas?
  5. onlygo

    Psych Consultation

    My psy was as crazy as the people he treats . He did not ask me any thing about the surgery or why i was getting it . He had stock questions like" have you ever tried to commit suicide" "Does any one in your family have a mental illness" and he only wanted one word answers. If i asked him to repeat a ? he became irratated (He had a strong Indian accent). My whole visit lasted 15 min. I was sent there by a doctor i ended up not using but since my insurance had already approved it my new dr didnt make me go to anyone eles. This pshy was only in it for the money:cool:
  6. onlygo

    MRI After Banded ?????

    My dr gave me a card to put in my purse regarding the band to show to drs and hospitals and it says "The device is MRI compatible":)
  7. onlygo

    This is odd ( well to me anyway )

    I also find it easier to eat crunchy foods. Popcorn is easy, nachos great Meat and veg not so easy. Ironic Isnt it!!!
  8. onlygo

    First Muslim Congressman

    I agree! All christians are not bigots and i did not say that. I just meant if someone is a christian or a muslim,that is thier right in the USA and no one eles has a right to put them down for it.
  9. onlygo

    First Muslim Congressman

    I do believe we have freedom of religion in America, not just freedom to be christian.
  10. onlygo

    What's in a Name

    Love this thread!!! My name is Ginger and my last name starts with an O, but both of my kids and my husband's name start with an A, So Their initals are AO amd i am the only GO in the house! PS dragonfly we share a birthday!!!!
  11. onlygo


    I just had my second fill. I was banded on 8/24/06 and have lost 25lbs. I had not lost any weight in several weeks so i went for a 2nd fill. I could eat any thing before this fill, though less than before. Every once and a while i would feel some pain as something went down but most of the time i felt ok. Now with my 1st bite i feel a pain, i can feel the food going down Like it has to squeeze down. This pain continues throughout the meal . Its not unbareable but uncomfortable. I feel like i am frowning all during the meal. When i drink i can feel it in my chest, slowly going down. Sometimes it gurgles. It feels like it is in the back of my throat for a little while. This is with every sip. I have to admit that i was able to eat a whole grilled cheese sandwich slowly so I'm asking? do you think this sounds right? Am I to tight . If so ,should i just tough it out untill I lose some and the fill will loosen up. any advise would be helpful ....Thanks
  12. onlygo


    Hello everyone I did wait things out and they are some better. I kinda got use to the feeling of restriction and am much more careful what and how i eat. I am still learning to take it slow and chew. Also learning what and how much to eat. Some times i still get that pain but not all the time ,so i make note of what and how I am eating when i get it. I did pb one time this week but it is all part of the learning process. Good news is I did lose 2lbs in 6 days so that makes me happy . "On the losing road again" (sung to the tune of Willie Nelsons "ON the raod again" THanks for yalls concern !!!
  13. onlygo


    Ya'll(yes Im from Texas) are so sweet!!!! Thank you for all the advise. I do want good restriction Thats what i got the band for. I will go on liquids for a few days and give it a chance to "cool' down. I dont drink when i eat and wait 30 min after meals to drink. Thank yall so much oxoxoxoxox
  14. onlygo


    i got it yesterday, but he didnt put me on liquids . Even liquids gurgle down.
  15. Banded 8-24-06 Dr. Hahn Port Neches, Texas -17
  16. onlygo

    Specialist won't give me a note!

    You have a right to your medical records. You may have to pay for copies and sign a release, but the DR. has to give them to you. Do this and his office notes or labs should prove you have this disorder.
  17. onlygo

    English Teachers: Please Help Me!!

    Last year for thanksgiving my daughter and I decided to cook and give my mom a break . WE wanted to cook the turkey and dressing just like hers . My daughter called her to get the recipe. WE made the dressing just to her instructiions but it didnt taste right. My mother said it had too much poultry seasoning, but my daughter cried" You said you cant put to much poultry seasoning,so we put a lot." MY mom said "I meant you CANT put TOO MUCH POULTRY SEASONING."
  18. onlygo

    unfilled blues

    Ok I know that I am not going to lose unfilled. I was banded on aug 24 and lost 15lbs in the 1st weeks and NOTHING since! I read this web site every day so I know I must get a fill. I have an appt on Oct 10th for one ,but I cant help but be disappointed. Dag gum it I had surgery and I should be skinny by now!!!!!! I have been fat all my life but 6 weeks after surgery I SHOULD BE SKINNY!!!! Just joking I know I have to be patient, the one thing iIam NOT good at!
  19. onlygo

    Misunderstood song lyrics.

    my son was 4 years old and was singing the garth brooks song "I'm shamless" as "I'm Shaveless" I laughed and thought Yes, you are
  20. onlygo

    unfilled blues

    I can eat anything and almost as much as i want. Though, less than before the band . So I am living for the fill now ,Just like pre banding I lived for the surgery. I sorta feel like everyone is thinking " Why did she get surgery? We dont see any changes" But they will!!!!! They Will!!!! ( i dont really let what other people think bother me so "they" is really just a metaphor for me.
  21. onlygo

    English Teachers: Please Help Me!!

    HEE HEE i really am from Texas and can turn up the southern draw at will .
  22. onlygo

    English Teachers: Please Help Me!!

    I am from Texas and yall just need to calm down bout this here language thang. I live on the border of louisiana and i am fixing to go over ther on get me som that gumbo, Yeeha good times Sher!!!!!!! I speak two languages , Texan and Cajun
  23. onlygo

    English Teachers: Please Help Me!!

    Be loving me some Tired Old Man.
  24. onlygo

    English Teachers: Please Help Me!!

    Tired Old Man I Love Him....I am Loving him....I be loving him
  25. Hey ginger My name is Ginger also and i was just banded 4 days ago !!!! Hope you are doing as good as i am Besides being sore and a little tired at times I FEEL GREAT and am excited about the future

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