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  1. I am once again considering how to fix my health without surgery. I am self pay and was planning to go to Mexico to Endobariatric. I’ve decided that the potential need for revision due to GERD is going to hold me back. I would not be able to afford a revision and my health insurance would not cover any part of it. Part of me feels let down by this, but I know GERD is no fun. I have it from medication and a handful of times before not medication related. I did notice that Dr. Alvarez mentions the sleeve surgery can potentially heal GERD in those that have it. I do find that interesting since so many end up with revisions. It makes me wonder if I would get lucky and not end up with it. That’s a big roll of the dice though as I would be stuck if I did. This forum has been incredibly helpful to me. Most people here are really kind, which is so nice to see these days. Perhaps if my insurance changes I will reconsider this option. I just wanted to share where I am with it and thank you all for sharing your stories and hopes and struggles and successes.
  2. I am self pay and hesitant about rny in Mexico. My insurance has a bariatric exclusion and won’t cover complications. In fact, I am pretty sure United Healthcare is so terrible that they would find a way to link any future issues to the surgery just to deny me. They stopped paying for a medication I was on for five years with other insurance. I am alone and have zero family and the sleeve seems like a simpler option. I know that I am not ready to consider rny at this time. I will wait until I can get more testing in the states. An endoscopy with my insurance is $1000. Eventually I will find the right answer. Many thanks.
  3. I very much want to feel better. I am planning to reach out to Dr. Alvarez. I did lots of research and while I could have self-pay surgery in Florida, I just have a gut feeling that tells me to choose him if I go forward. I have photos of a healthy version of me from 2017 and I miss that version of myself. My fear is complications like Gerd once I get back to the states. Maybe he will have some helpful thoughts on this.
  4. I think I will reach out to ask him about this. I have not had an endoscopy, but I did have a barium swallow a few years back. Honestly, I would want to go to him over an American surgeon. I am not sure why. Just a feeling. I hope your recovery is off to a great start!
  5. This is what is holding me back from surgery. I am self pay and would have the surgery in Mexico. If I ended up needing a revision, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.
  6. I am hoping to have the money for a gastric sleeve surgery this year. I have been reading and watching videos and trying to take it all in. If I have failed at low carb and other diets, how will the sleeve be different? It is a tool, but it ultimately requires lifetime compliance to food and lifestyle changes. So far I have a lifetime of failure at compliance. I am sure I need to spend some time on my mindset in general. If bariatric surgery resets the set point and helps change the metabolism, how do people end up gaining all of the weight back? Will this exacerbate depression? Will it help or hurt low self worth? I see that some people end up very depressed and others feel so much better. I am pretty sure I can't take being more sad about life and my weight than I am. I will be doing this totally alone. I have no friends and no family in the place I moved to. I am hoping that feeling more confident physically will let me feel better about joining art classes. I am also planning a move to a more populated area this year. Many thanks.
  7. I have not had surgery yet, but from what I am learning, the focus for long term success should be protein first. If eating four slices of pizza was something you did once it’s probably isn’t the end of the world, but it is also not going to provide you with the nutrients you need. Is it a slippery slope for you? If you pull the meat off two chicken thighs, it doesn’t seem like it would be to much. That may be a better option. What plan did your surgeon give you? If the surgery is a tool, the work lies in sticking to the plan. Eating whatever I want has ultimately got me thinking about having surgery. if you are eating what you want, are you tracking calories? What do you need to be eating to maintain?
  8. Thank you all for the in depth and very helpful responses. I think my biggest hurdle is my current state of loneliness and lack of self worth. The fear that if I can’t stick to no sugar now, how can I trust myself not to slip and use slider foods. I think I have to find some faith in myself. I am also exhausted all the time. I think I can handle the alone part as I am excellent at handling things that most people think they can’t do alone, probably because they have people in their lives. I do see how it would be very helpful for the first year post op. My friends are supportive, but visits to family are another story. My mom encourages overeating. I actually have to pay for the surgery myself. I work for a great company and have great insurance with a Bariatric surgery exclusion. Since it is private insurance, there is no getting around it. I can contribute to my FSA and confirmed that I can use that to help pay, even if I have surgery in Mexico. A little pre-tax help at least. This is definitely a big financial commitment for me. I actually have a before picture from 2017. I was a different person. I don’t recognize me now. I have to find the me that is hiding inside of me. I am actually afraid to post pictures online of what I look like. I am so physically uncomfortable. I remember the girl that had energy and laughed and did things. It feels so far away. I am going to keep reading and start coming up with ideas for my post-op care box if I make the decision to go forward.
  9. I love that analogy so very much. It’s like a form of self parenting. I am going to journal about this and make a little sign for my surgery /weight loss success self care box. 💜
  10. Thank you so much for the reply. I have been in therapy for a year and I luckily have a great relationship with my therapist. It really helps to hear a story like yours. I think my fear is normal. I have failed so many times before. My health is bad. I’m 5’2” and 235 lbs and I can feel the heart attack coming. I can’t live like this anymore. I’m not really living. I’m submitting the forms for Dr.Alvarez at Endobariatric. I moved from Florida to Asheville and then to Morganton. I am planning to sell my house and go back towards Asheville. I miss it there. A bit more vibrant and much better social opportunities.
  11. Hello! I am new to the forums and currently planning my gastric sleeve journey. Right now I am considering surgery in Mexico at Endobariatric with Dr. Alvarez or possibly another self-pay program in Florida. Self-pay programs don’t have the pre-op therapy (or dietician meetings, etc) or post op support groups. From what I can tell, most surgery centers only allow their own patients to attend any monthly support meetings. Since the mental component is so important, how have others that did not use insurance address this? I want to make sure I have a plan in place to address my own mental health - especially since I live alone and have just moved to a new state by myself. Would this be better in the post-op forum for people that have already gone through it? Thanks for reading.

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