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    mamapanda727 got a reaction from summerseeker in Dysphagia   
    Hey all I'm about a week post op things are finally feeling better except for when I swallow...anything....liquid, Protein, Jello, popsicle it hurts and then I burp...is this normal?
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    mamapanda727 reacted to Arabesque in Sleeping on incisions   
    I was sleeping on my side straight away too & I’m do almost a 3/4 body turn so almost sleeping on my tummy. I did only have stitches for the laparoscopic wounds but have had staples in my head from another surgery which I slept on with minimal discomfort.
    But we all heal & experience pain/discomfort differently. If you can sleep on your side early on that’s great. If you can’t that’s ok too.
    All the best with your recovery.
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    mamapanda727 reacted to Queen ApisM in Sleeping on incisions   
    I was sleeping on my side right away, with a hugging pillow, but I also didn't have staples.
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    mamapanda727 reacted to ardelia in Sleeping on incisions   
    I had no staples and I was sleeping on my side the very first night.
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    mamapanda727 got a reaction from lizonaplane in Surgery approval   
    I just want to post in here I've been approved for surgery what all can I expect
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    mamapanda727 reacted to Tony B - NJ in Gastric sleeve   
    You have to understand that they are giving your worst case scenarios because some people simply do not motivate themselves and stick to the program. You have the potential to lose a lot more depending on YOU. If you follow the program to the T, exercise more than you ever have, count your calories and eat the right foods, you can lose a LOT more. If they say you can lose 200 pounds and you do not follow the guidelines, then you are angry at them. There is a touch of reality here that you have to understand. The extent of the weight loss depends more on YOU and YOUR actions to use the tool they created for you and use it properly. Remember, your surgery is a tool and you have to do other things to make the tool work more efficiently for you. If you do not properly use the tool you will not get the most out of it. They are just trying to keep your expectations realistic.
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    mamapanda727 reacted to Queen ApisM in Gastric sleeve   
    Some really great responses on this thread. At the end of the day, the sleeve is a tool. It is possible to lose all your excess weight (plus more) and it is possible to lose very little, or even regain. It is all about how the tool is used, and the person who has control over that is you. Some people lose fast, some people lose slow, but again, we have lots of slow losers on this board who have hit goal, but they had to persevere in using the tool and staying focused on their goal.
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    mamapanda727 reacted to catwoman7 in Gastric sleeve   
    they usually quote you the statistical average, because *statistically*, that's where most people end up. And as with any statistic, you'll always find people who lose more or less than the average. Some people end up losing 90% or 100% of their excess weight, and some people only lose 30 or 40 lbs and/or gain all their weight back. Like some others have said, WLS is just a tool - and your success depends on how you use it. If you're really committed and follow your program to a "T", you're likely to lose a lot more than what you were quoted. You'll find lots of examples of that here on this site.

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