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  1. Hi guys, I’m 9 days post op and doing great. I keep down most things. I’m struggling with eggs and getting fluids in. I’m wondering if I will ever be able to eat fries again? I’m a sandwich lover too so what about bread? Is there Bariatric friendly bread? also, I’ve gone from 117kg to 101kg in a month but how do I actually lose weight after the bypass? I’m still struggling to walk long distances without feeling dizzy and exhausted
  2. Hi, im 13 weeks post op and having severe back,coccyx and stomach pain. I’ve tried meds etc and checking what I’m eating but it won’t go. The stomach pain is uncomfortable and painful where I can’t even stand. Has anyone else had this at all? a
  3. Went to A&E they took bloods and urine and all is fine other than low iron and calcium. My stomach feels fine to them and they suspect it’s mild gastritis. They’re given me lanzoprazole and paracetamol
  4. Yes I’m a student. It takes hours in the ER and the pain isn’t as bad right now but I’m going to get my mom to take me later
  5. She said to take her pain killers but I can’t. I want to go to the er but I’ve got classes all day
  6. I just called, they can’t fit me in
  7. Last night was excruciating I almost fainted. I am booked in with my surgeon in early February but the pain is too intense
  8. Aymen

    Sandwiches and chips

    Hi ok that’s fine. I know I’m not supposed to have greggs pasties etc ever but what about the filling? Is melted cheese and onion filling not suitable either. I’m struggling because I genuinely don’t know what I can eat. By Christmas I will be 9 weeks post op- what can I eat at Christmas?
  9. Aymen

    Sandwiches and chips

    Hi guys feeling much better but want to know if I can have rusks in tea and eat them (they’ll be completely mush)
  10. Aymen

    Sandwiches and chips

    I sipped water and it made it worse. I resorted to sticking my fingers down my throat and everything immediately came out and I felt instantly better. The cramping stopped immediately thank goodness. I’m thirsty but scared to drink water
  11. Aymen

    Sandwiches and chips

    Guys HELP I am having severe dumping. I ate something I wasn’t meant to and now I have severe unbearable stomach cramping that won’t go. How do I help this omg I need a hospital
  12. Hi guys I’m five days post op and I caved and ate half a cookie. I feel horrible but I’ve kept it down fine and not had any dumping or pain. What does this mean? I can take Water a d yogurt and the cookie went down fine.
  13. I’m a week post op and feel fine. It worries me because I can eat a whole weetabix without problem. The craving for real food is so bad, my binge disorder is in agony. not caved yet and really hope I don’t. On one hand I regret it because I just want to eat food but on the other hand i don’t. I wish I was already like 1 year post op so I could eat bread
  14. Hi guys, I did it. I’m one day post op bypass and still in hospital. I have severe stomach and back pain (cramps in the back) I can’t walk without behind hunched over or lie on my side. Whenever I talk medicine or food or water the pain gets worse and my stomach gurgles making me feel like I’m about to have explosive diahorrea. How was everyone else’s experience post op one day? What shall I do?
  15. Guys, im 4 days post op and feel good in terms of stomach pain. I’m keeping liquid and yogurt down. But I’ve got left shoulder and neck pain today. I don’t know where it’s come from- it’s not severe- just bad enough to make me feel unwell. im hating the liquid stage and regretting it too a little. Someone please tell me it gets better and it’s worth it.
  16. Hi, On day three post op and the pain is excruciating. I can’t drink or eat or even take my medicines without the pain becoming unbearable. This morning I can’t sit or stand or lie down because it hurts so much. They have me paracetamol but taking it makes the pain worse. I’m really scared and In pain- what’s gone wrong?
  17. Hi my surgery is tomorrow abs I’m terrified my liver hasn’t shrunk. I started the 1/10/21 for the 20th but my date got cancelled so I went of the diet fir one day. I also had a few slips ups before. They gave me a new date the 25th and I’ve been on the diet as strict as possible although I did have another slip up. Since starting the diet I have gone from 117kg to 109/110kg and I’ve been eating according to the diet recently but I’m still terrified it’s not shrunk. What shall I do
  18. Still at hospital. Nurses just gave me more pain meds that’s it
  19. Hi guys I am one day post op and in a lot of pain. Drinking of any kind causes stomach pain and like I’ve got diahorrea. didn’t sleep well last night and back pain is through the roof.

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