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  1. I've only lost around 40lbs and it reversed my type 2 and has bettered my hypertension. I'm thrilled with the diabetes result because I wasn't taking anything for it; it was pretty much the final straw that pushed me to get surgery because I already have enough health issues to deal with. I was just controlling my diabetes via diet and that resolved in the first two months after surgery. I also was able to get off one of my hypertension meds, but I've had that over a decade and I'm not surprised it hasn't gone away. I'm not expecting it to improve my joint pain because that's due to a childhood disease and it hasn't lessened any. I think if any of your problems are more recently diagnosed, you'll see a quicker bounce back from those issues. I'm not sure why they'd expect weight loss to resolve your idiopathic intercranial hypertension or migraine. That doesn't even seem optimistic, they aren't really related. I don't expect it to cure my macular degeneration; we don't store fat in our eyeballs, so it's not going to impact that problem. Push your doctor to try new meds for the migraines since you still have them. Are you on ajovy? It has helped my mom with hers but nothing has gotten rid of them entirely.
  2. Mz D

    Topical NSAIDS?

    My doctor told me I can keep using diclofenac gel too. You can buy it over the counter now. It's great for arthritis joint pain.
  3. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hope you're feeling better after your emergency surgeries! Are you tracking your food? I use the Baritastic app and I notice I stall if I don't track and hit my protein goal. I had my surgery on October 11, and I'm a slow loser because I have a disability and don't get in much physical activity. So long as you're not eating over your calories and getting enough protein though you're on the right track.
  4. Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt or something else with high protein low sugar. Chicken salad. Egg salad. Tuna Salad. Refried beans! i never knew those beans could taste so heavenly.
  5. All the fricking time! My fingers, nose, and toes are permanent icicles now! I live on the Gulf of Mexico, lol, it's been in the 70s this week and I'm dressed like I'm about to trek through the arctic.
  6. Idk about the what Green Tealael used but we really enjoy the sweet & spicy bbq sauce from G. Hughes.
  7. Just got around to trying the new Genepro gen 3. Not for me! I tried to hide it in my some sugar-free oatmeal and it clumped so bad I tossed it after just taking a few bites. Terrible!
  8. Mz D

    SO much pain 2 days out

    Yes, I spent my entire first week wondering why I had decided to torture myself like this. If it's unbearable, call the doctor and ask they prescribe you something. I was sent home with liquid tylenol with codeine, but it was so nasty that I preferred not to take it. Walk as much as you can, it'll help with the gas pain.
  9. Mz D

    This surgery is bullshit...

    Sounds super disheartening! I have only lost 30lbs so far too, but that isn't cause to give up. I had my A1C done last week, and in just 30lbs of loss I'm no longer diabetic, not even pre-diabetic. Any loss is good loss. If you are feeling angry and frustrated, acknowledge it, then ask what you need to do to get things moving in a positive direction again. More water? Different macros? Physical activity? Everyone's journey is different, so don't compare yours to anyone else's and think you've failed. You've only failed once you quit trying. I hope it gets better, goodmanje!
  10. Made the mistake of thinking I could chew rice down enough to tolerate it once I moved to solids. Nope, never again, and it was always my favorite starch. We make gumbo for the holidays and that was fine but I left the rice out because I don't think I ever want to be spend a day spitting that up again. 🤢
  11. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    50 pounds is freaking amazing!! Way to go!
  12. Mz D


    Mistakes happen, don't be so hard on yourself. Do better from here on out and try to put the temptations where you won't see them.
  13. Mz D

    October surgery friends??

    Anyone still struggling with getting their water in? I'm just so full always that I'm falling short. I do good to get halfway thru it.
  14. Reach out to your surgeon. Mine told me that there's always a chance bariatric surgery could induce a severe reflux that my pcp would not be able to help, and he was adamant I call him even if it's several years down the road when it starts. I already had gerd and reflux but he was sure surgery would cure those; he really drove home that I had to call asap if i developed any again.
  15. Are you taking Gas-X or another gas medicine? My sternum still bothers me a month out if I gulp or get gassy. Since you're just a couple days out, it's probably from the surgery, so walk as much as you can and take something to help relieve it.
  16. Mz D

    I’m nervous

    You're making a HUGE change, so it's okay to be nervous about it! Don't be surprised if you struggle, and don't feel bad when you inevitably do. Look at this amazing community you found that you can reach out to when you need an understanding friend! This is going to be an amazing change your body will thank you for later.
  17. Mz D

    I’m nervous

    You're making a HUGE change, so it's okay to be nervous about it! Don't be surprised if you struggle, and don't feel bad when you inevitably do. Look at this amazing community you found that you can reach out to when you need an understanding friend! This is going to be an amazing change your body will thank you for later.
  18. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    No problem with decaf thankfully!
  19. Don't be embarrassed to ask for something stronger. You're the only one who knows your level of pain. I also found that pressing a pillow to my belly helped when I was trying to get up from the bed or a chair. I had a huge improvement between weeks 2 and 3, and now I don't have the incision pain any longer.
  20. I'm not there yet since I just had surgery last month, but my restriction post surgery is so high I won't be surprised if I can only graze. I get maybe an ounce down and I'm too full for anything else. Spreading your calories out is smart and better for your blood sugar anyway.
  21. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I honestly don't know if I'd have survived the day of my surgery if my mom hadn't come with me. Between the phenergan and the versed, my O2 kept dipping down into the 80s because I was so snowed under that I wasn't breathing regularly even when they brought me back to my room, and no alarm had been set on my pulse ox. My mom being a nurse watched my sats closely and kept rousing me to take deep breaths. The day of the surgery is mostly a blur but I'm super glad I had support when I needed it. I hope your experience is getting better now that you're home and recovering from the anemia!
  22. Mz D

    October surgery friends??

    I'm in the 3 week slump post surgery. Not losing but not eating or drinking much either. The struggle is real trying to hit that water goal right now.
  23. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I've hit that 3 week stall too. Just have to push through it. I'm working on meeting my water goals and moving more.
  24. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I didn't. Did you have a canula or something that would have irritated your nasal passage?
  25. Mz D

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I did a week clear liquid, a week full liquids with protein, and now I'm finishing my week of soft foods and proteins. Sweet anything is straight out. I find myself struggling on protein shakes and yogurt.

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