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  1. On 10/21/2021 at 17:17, Sunnyway said:

    You can carry ready-made or powdered Protein Drinks on ship and in Italy. Individual envelopes of mix are available from several companies; Bariatric Advantage and ProtiDiet come to mind. Or you could fill single portion baggies to keep in your luggage. The Water onboard is safe to drink, but in Italy you may want bottled Water if you are unsure. You may no lonhrt be drinking Protein drinks by the time your trip rolls around.

    On the ship there are plenty of things you can eat both in the dining room and buffet. You can order just Soup and/or starters and not the main course. They usually have sugar-free Desserts. Be careful! It's so easy to eat, eat, eat on a cruise. It's so good. Avoid the bread: It's SO good! Avoid alcohol. Save some room for lobster tail, escargot, and prawns--seafood usually goes down well at 6-7 months out.

    I couldn't eat steak for a year or more post-RNY, Pasta got stuck, and Pizza Crust is too much carbohydrate. Italian pizzas are not loaded with sauce, meat, or cheese like US pizza. They get a swipe of Tomato sauce, and you may find things like artichokes or a fried egg on the pizza. Pizzas are personal-sized. I would say to taste your husband's pizza, but don't order one for yourself. Seafood is a good choice in Italy as well as on the ship.

    Thank you. If I am still on Protein Shakes I am going to order some Protein envelopes to take with me. Yes with the buffet is so easy to eat. I will make sure I save room for seafood.

  2. On 10/21/2021 at 17:10, GreenTealael said:

    I went to Italy 4 months post op too, twins! I had a lot of coffee, salads, nuts, cheese, yogurt, fruit with some pizza, gelato and pastries thrown in (surgeon said I could although I assumed I couldn’t) because… it was Italy.

    Pharmacies did have ready made and powder Protein for shakes. I shopped at local markets a few times and made a meal of my own at a cooking class.

    I was limited by capacity so that was nice. I did try to be balanced but still have fun. Surprisingly food was not the fun I ultimately had.

    Good Luck and have fun ❤️

    Thank you so much I am so glad to hear this. I will for sure look for pharmacies.

  3. On 10/21/2021 at 10:23, MistySkye said:

    I have not been to Italy since pre-surgery, but I was just at Walt Disney World for two weeks, and I was 4 months out from surgery. I focused on my Protein, and I did have carbs, but it was not a lot at one time because I was full from the Protein. I passed on bread, I attempted to eat some Naan, but I probably only ate 2-3 bites, and that was more than enough. One Breakfast was Stuffed French Toast with Turkey Sausage ... I ate the Turkey Sausage, and the cream cheese, apple bits in the french toast. It was decimated when I was done. I haven't really introduced bread to my regular diet (it was not allowed the first 3 months on my program). For pizza - focus on the toppings :) Although pizza in Italy is certainly different than America. I only eat Poultry, so I have not had steak. But I will say, any food I did try while on vacation, I fortunately had no issues with (including the sweet stuff). I just couldn't eat much of it.

    ..and don't be scared of the scale, I lost no weight while on vacation, then dropped 5.2 lbs the week after I returned.

    Thank you. I am hoping by 4 months I am able to eat what I used to but of course not the quantity.

  4. On 10/21/2021 at 07:41, MandoGetsSleeved said:

    Perfect timing! I’m not in Italy, but I am on a cruise ship! If meals onboard are an option, My husband and I have just been sharing everything and I’m able to eat anything/everything without issue (except maybe too much once or twice). Lots of Protein options in the morning and at lunch. I have found dinner a bit more challenging because of the number of courses. Our solution has been to order room service so there’s no pressure, I can take my time, and not feel like the odd man out at a table.

    Thank you. Yes since now I take much longer to eat that was my worry for dinner also the pressure of having to hurry. I will definitely check with the cruise is they can do room service. Enjoy your cruise :)

  5. On 10/20/2021 at 22:52, Arabesque said:

    You won’t be restricted to just having to eat Pasta & pizza when in Italy. Italian’s also eat a wide range of meats & seafood without Pasta or rice. If you are limited by menu choices try to eat the Protein in the dish before the pasta & opt for Tomato based sauces not creamy ones. Pop into grocery stores & purchase tubs of yoghurt & any other available food stuffs which would keep up your Protein levels. I love the card idea to explain your eating situation.

    By four months I was easily eating steak (thick cuts cooked to medium rare so still very juicy) but yes some can’t tolerate it yet.

    I’d contact the cruise ship line & ask them what foods you could take with you. Would think powdered Protein Shakes would be ok.

    Hope you have a wonderful time.

    Thank you I will make sure I ask for Tomato based when I order and if the cruise does not have the Proteins I need, I will make sure to stop at stores. I hope I can pass seafood good by that time. I would sure love to try that.

  6. On 10/20/2021 at 20:40, vikingbeast said:

    From my experiences in Italy, it's not a problem to share if you explain. (Mi hanno operato allo stomaco e non posso mangiare molto... andrebbe bene se io con mio marito condividessimo il piatto principale, se ognuno de noi ordinasse un antipasto?)

    However, you might have some trouble with Protein in the morning. It depends where you are staying.

    If you are in a rented apartment where you must shop for your own food, of course, no problem, you can just buy the Proteins you want and cook in the apartment.

    If you are in a tourist hotel, no problem, Germans travel to Italy in huge flocks and they tend to eat Brötchen (rolls), cold cuts, and cheese, you can just skip the rolls.

    The problem will be if you are in a little pensione or a hotel that caters to Italians, breakfast is likely to be cappuccino (never ordered after about 10 a.m.) with either bread and jam, or with a cornetto (like a sugary croissant, but either filled [ripieno] with sweet almond paste, cinnamon paste, fruit paste, or Nutella, or not filled [vuoto]). If this is where you are staying you might ask if they have any yoghurt for breakfast. Italians don't eat eggs, bacon, sausage, or ham for breakfast... US breakfasts confuse them.

    Thank you so much I am for sure taking a card with me. I will be on a cruise so I will be trying to have my Proteins in the morning before going sightseeing:)

  7. On 10/20/2021 at 19:12, cellbell said:

    I'm going to Italy late next month and I'll be about 3.5 months out. My plan is to have Protein at the hotel Breakfast as much as possible and then a lot of shareable meals and Snacks so that my husband can eat most of it. My understanding is that it's okay to not order all three courses but it's also a little rude to order only an antipasto, so I'm hoping that ordering three courses between the two of us will be fine.

    You could also stay at an Airbnb and cook for yourself; this wasn't feasible for my situation but could work for you. Whoops, just noticed that you might be on a cruise!

    My nutritionist is totally on board with me trying a little pizza, Pasta, and gelato--it is vacation after all--but to also focus on Protein where possible, drink lots of Water, and get right back on track when back home.

    If you want to remind me in mid December, I'll be happy to share my experiences!

    That’s a great idea doing shareable’s and i hope you have a great time and yes it would be great if you could share your experience. Thank you :)

  8. 1 hour ago, vikingbeast said:

    You'll know a lot closer to then what you can and can't eat. Some people can't eat steak, because it's too dry. Some people can't eat Pasta or bread because it expands too much in their pouch. Everyone is different.

    I will say this, though... you're likely not to be able to come anywhere close to eating an entire three-course Italian meal. If you don't speak Italian, you might want to take a little card with you that says something like Mi hanno operato allo stomaco e non posso mangiare molto. Per favore, mi serva piccole porzioni.

    Thank you so much I will make sure I have a little card on me :)

  9. Hi everyone,

    New here.I had my sleeve on 10/5/21. I am just starting on mushy foods. I have a big concern with what I can eat after 4 months. I am going to Italy in may and I already pushed this vacation back. It was originally in January. My question is at what month did everyone start eating, Pasta, bread, pizza, steak, sweet stuff and did you have to wait to get approval from your doctor for it? I am a little worried about what I can and can’t eat on this trip. Also has anyone traveled by cruise lately, Do they allow you to take powder for your shakes?

    Thank you :)

  10. 17 hours ago, Christina Phillips said:

    Nope, if you go through it you just go through it....and it is not fun! Lol just try really hard not to go through it lol don't eat too much sugar or fatty foods.

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    Thank you so much for your response. Trying to prepare myself in ase it happens. :)

  11. On 10/19/2021 at 12:02, Meganator said:

    How is my October sleeve crew doing? I'm recovering well. Tomorrow I'll hit the one week mark. The only pain I have is incision pain at the stomach extraction point. Hit 64oz yesterday, so I'm proud of that! It's also looking like I may be under 300 at my first post op appointment on Friday. Still on clears until then and then I'll move to all liquids for two weeks.

    Nice I am on week 2. I have my post op tomorrow hoping everything goes well. I am having trouble with the Water intakes so that is the only thing that is worrying me. My incision look ok except I have 1 that bleeds a little everyday after I shower.

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