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    Woken up in the night with intense pain

    Not to be scary here, but those are symptoms of a heart attack. http://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/heart-attack/warning-signs-of-a-heart-attack/heart-attack-symptoms-in-women -EQ
  2. ElusiveQuality

    No more favorite foods?

    Without a common point of reference, it's impossible to understand what it's like six months on the other side of banding. Your eating habits and tastes will change. I haven't had a McD anything in 8 months and don't miss it a bit. Doesn't even smell good. I eat at least two cups of fruit per day and love it. I still find myself putting too much food my my dinner plate and tossing half of it. You'll get strange looks from your friends when you only order an appetizer at a restaurant and not be able to finish it because you're full. Noboby really understands it until they've lived with the band. Cal
  3. ElusiveQuality

    Why do women have anal sex?

    Go for it. Just make sure you're ready for the any answer you might get.:bananalama:
  4. ElusiveQuality

    risky......anyone ever have a threesome?

    But I'm so tired of doing it by myself to myself. That's why I'm here looking for a threesome. This side is so much more entertaining than the men's.
  5. ElusiveQuality

    I think I'm in trouble

    It mattered in my case. No CPAP, no surgery.
  6. It's easier said than done, but ignore it. Most people that know I've been banded are supportive but I've come to learn in recovery that other opinions don't matter. I'm sure of my motivations and actions and I can live and be happy with it. If you keep looking for other people's approval, you're doing what's in their best interest, not yours. Go forward, be happy. Good Luck, Cal
  7. ElusiveQuality

    Confused and scared about first fill

    Your stomach is most likely irritated after the first large fill. It too me about 8 to 10 days before everything came back to normal. Fish is pure Protein and any solid protein source after a fill tends to clump up and give me some pain when it goes through the opening. You will likely not be feeling full after one fill. Unless you're in a lot of pain, ride it out for a few more days and see where you are.
  8. I don't know about divorcing my family, but I have cut bad influences out of my life so I could live better. From what you say these people feel better about themselves but cutting down others. You don't need that in your life, especially now. You're getting the band and will lose weight. From what you've said, you're probably right in that they will find new things to criticize you with (the band, why didn't you lose sooner, etc). Whether you tell them or not is your call, but if you go around living a lie it's another burden for you to bear. Don't be caught in the trap of thinking "they're family and I have to...". Screw that attitude because you're husband's family is not treating you like family. Just because they share some DNA with your husband doesn't mean that either of you have any obligation to them. You'll have enough lifestyle changes coming up to occupy your thoughts and efforts. You won't need more things on your mind. Dump the negative people. Good Luck.
  9. Food gets stuck at the narrow opening the band creates becauses the food particles are too big to pass or the particles clump together to make a mass that's too big to pass. The type of food differs from person to person but typically it's dry meat, tough stringy food or white bread. You'll know immediately when it happens and it's painful enough that it will cause you to take steps to not let it happen again. Cal
  10. ElusiveQuality

    Turkey Day - at my house?!?!

    Jaime, Sorry if it bugged you, but a big difficulty of addictive behaviour is being honest with ourselves. Whether it's food or alcohol and food (in my case) addicts tend to torture themselves and put themselves in unpleasant situations for other peoples pleasures. Everything I said to you applies to me. I've had the surgery, I've had to let family know, I've had to explain why I do and don't do things. You're right, I don't know your in-laws. All I know is you're scared to death of them. I think that's the problem, because you're willing to knock yourself out cooking dinner and then try to hide your surgery by eating a Thanksgiving dinner in front of them. Just curious, why do you want to wait until the results show before telling them? Are you afraid the lapband surgery won't be successful? There's tons of folks here who'll hold your hand and tell you to submit to other people's demands, be timid, be afraid to confront a problem. I'm from the other school. Stand up, be honest and I think a lot of those projected future worries you have will go away. Cal
  11. The pain in your neck isn't from gas, it's referred pain from the trauma to your stomache. It will go away gradually and figure it to be gone once you're ready to transition to solids. Tylenol is probably the best solution.
  12. ElusiveQuality

    Pre-op diet started

    The only pre-op diet instructions I had was clear liquids the day before the surger and nothing the day of. Pretty quick transitions back to solids too. Allowed to have soft meats the third week after surgery.
  13. ElusiveQuality

    Brother dying from alcoholism

    Julie, Can you and your parents visit some Al-Anon meetings to learn about enabling alcholics? If he's un-employed, where is he getting the money to buy booze? Your parents are probably living in as much fear as your brother but don't know what to do. In Al-Anon, there are parents that have lived through the same problem and can work with your parents to learn how to better handle the situation. Welcome to Al-Anon and Alateen Please PM if you'd like to chat. Good Luck.
  14. ElusiveQuality

    clear liquids?

    Well, since you're already banded I'll happily buy you a coke as long as I get to watch you pound it down.:embaressed_smile: Anyhow, I've been sampling the liquid Proteins for about a week now prior to surgery and the nasty after-taste doesn't affect me anymore. I don't really notice it as much as before. I used to have to fire a shot down and then hit a chaser of black coffee. Now, I just dilute the milkshake drinks a little and can handle the isopure with no problem. I bought a case of the Mango-Peach isopure and plan to be hitting them hard after the surgery. Like Fenton said, 20oz Fluid and 40g Protein. Good combo.
  15. ElusiveQuality

    clear liquids?

    ISO-PURE drinks are good if you find the right flavor. You need to drink one or two to get used to the finish, but after a while it became just like a Gatorade to me.
  16. ElusiveQuality

    July 08 Bansters Day by Day line up list

    Updated the list for my surgery on the 18th. 1 wsw27 1 tillydog 1 doedoe1961 1 staylucid 1 mygirlayanna 1 Rdk211 1 kiwifruit_77511 2 minidriver 2 slim2be 2 BethO 2 mrsgriffin2u 2 trudeip 2 Barbiek 2 annabella 2 SanDiegoSusan 2 anita reyna 2 jjenkins2411 3 BigBander 3 scoutmama 3 2GoodDogs 3 kimlam 4 joiful 7 slim1 7 ginnyc 7 AmyWA 7 Redheada 8 blaze 21 8 Louisville Lesa 8 zeama 8 cinda 8 flowers 8 JaJeanne 8 Booklady 8 IntoLess 9 Ailie 9 Sarv 9 MarylandMommy 9 siouxsie Sioux 9 Rivieramaya05 9 lalaredd 9 missrach 9 aliNSanDiego 10 sallen21 10 Goobe 10 2Blite4life 10 melmel 10 Fancy Nancy 10 vannie 11 Applebottom 11 vra123456 11 wstone 11 falloons 11 melallot 13 OvrLvl 14 MaidMarion 14 Chellets 14 pbpunisher 15 Fearless55 15 Flowerpurr 15 lynlynkr 15 pschmolle 15 perfectforme 15 PENTURN 15 mellimel71 15 Melody2006 16 eyespy 16 lisainbohemia 16 lotzasunshine 16 SciTeach 16 lynlynkr 16 michkor 16 jomomma 16 Charlene K 16 nanaislosingit 16 moez02 16 aclubb 17 OCBreeze4U 17 3m’smom 17 tnag86 17 Long2bFree 18 PDXBandster 18 toogoode4u 18 CapitolChick 18 ElusiveQuality 21 clayverde 21 just1more 22 Moocatschade 22 zillyanne 22 TeriVA 22 kimaly 22 lleighton5 22 Choromom 22 annesan 22 thatDEgirl 22 Laniev00 23 BABOOMER 23 shellbell99 24 daniml 24 nyllrap 24 linksmom 24 lisadental 24 Frypan 24 Diva21 25 NewJEM 25 Kiki220 25 Nachtigall 28 ann71 28 splfrd 28 mamanmidwife 29 Cherub 29 Chellets 30 orea15

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