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  1. ElusiveQuality

    GERD but want to have sleeve

    Didn't have it before surgery. Was sleeved 10 days ago and I had gerd last night for the first time. Probably has to do with the sugar free popsicles I had a half hour before bedtime. Omeprozal works for me. -EQ
  2. ElusiveQuality

    CO-Workers knowing you business

    It all depends upon your relationship with your co-workers. They WILL notice your weight loss. Do you want them to know you had surgery, suspect you had surgery, or, are really sick with some kind of cancer. -EQ
  3. ElusiveQuality

    Woken up in the night with intense pain

    Not to be scary here, but those are symptoms of a heart attack. http://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/heart-attack/warning-signs-of-a-heart-attack/heart-attack-symptoms-in-women -EQ
  4. Try to be mindful on what you're doing before the pain starts. I've found that if I sit a certain way I can cause the pain to start after a while. Also, try stretching your back when you have the pain to see if that alleviates it.
  5. Go to an orthopedic and get checked out for referred back pain. If you have compressed, bulged, or herniated discs, they vertebrae could be pinching the nerve and it feels like pain coming from the area of the body that nerve serves. I have sciatica on my right side and I have pain in my buttocks and down my right leg. They'll start off with a poke and prod test and likely take an xray of an area of your spine. -EQ
  6. ElusiveQuality

    Feeling discouraged.

    Leah, If we look at the biology of pregnancy, we'll find a lot of weight gain is from evolution to help human mothers survive the stress. The baby weigh only a few pounds but the mothers weight goes up 3x the baby's weight. The mother builds up another half gallon or so of blood to help her not bleed out during birth, she'll hold more water to help keep nutrients flowing, growing and thickening uterus adds a couple pounds, breast tissue swells, etc. You're getting some things that will probably not go away quickly. Welcome to one of a thousand headaches of parenthood. Don't freak out. Kids are stressful enough. Eat healthy and as much as you need to stay sharp. At 3.5 weeks your hormones will still mess with your weight. Worry about losing the weight when you feel good. -EQ
  7. ElusiveQuality

    That was quick

    Had band revision to sleeve yesterday morning and 7:30. Went home today at 2:30. Would have been noon if the internist were in the building. Surprisingly, I've been starving all day. Anyone else experience this? -EQ
  8. ElusiveQuality

    Back to Work

    Everyone is different. I'm less than 36 hours out of surgery. Been home for six hours and had a 20 minute walk. Feel like I could eat a whole meal, but I know that's not possible. When I had my band back in 2009, I was wiped out for a week. Go figure... -EQ
  9. ElusiveQuality

    Wearing cpap after surgery?

    I also need to be compliant for surgery. Not a problem for me because my new CPAP is my buddy. So much better than the old models. Only problem is they won't accept an evaluation from my current pulmonologist, I have to use one associated with their hospital. Pushes my surgery date back two week. -EQ
  10. No judgements on anybody here, OK? I can think of two reasons. First, they are empty calories that slide through effortlessly. Second, if you're under the influence, you're more likely to make poor choices. Combine #1 & #2 and there's a non-trivial chance for a slippery slope. -EQ
  11. I'll second the recommendation on syrups. Also, water enhancers like the Hawaiian Punch flavoring work great in yogurt. For cottage cheese, cinnamon and stevia work well. For savory, I'd suggest garlic salt. -EQ
  12. ElusiveQuality


    It also depends upon your age and other risk factors. Since I'm pushing 60, I'll be required to run through the entire gamut of tests. -EQ
  13. No, I still have plenty of smaller stuff still lying around.
  14. ElusiveQuality

    Gallbladder being removed after sleeve

    Back in 2008 when I had the band, I developed gallstones after 2.5 months. It was incredibly painful and got surgery scheduled. Before the surgery, the gallstones passed. What came out the other end was an anal birth of the toxic avenger. Still better than surgery.
  15. ElusiveQuality

    Victim of Office Politics

    Human Resources. This is waaaaaaay out of line. You're health is NOT a public matter and is not open for debate. If you're getting any grief or think you're being discriminated against, go to HR.
  16. ElusiveQuality

    Any Chicago sleeve parients here?

    NW burbs. In the process of getting band removed and VSG put in.
  17. ElusiveQuality

    girl knocking on the door, please!

    Not sure what age has to do with it but asking is fine. Have fun.
  18. ElusiveQuality

    Protein Shakes

    Isopure orange colored stuff. Just like Gatorade (taste, not texture).
  19. ElusiveQuality

    No more favorite foods?

    Without a common point of reference, it's impossible to understand what it's like six months on the other side of banding. Your eating habits and tastes will change. I haven't had a McD anything in 8 months and don't miss it a bit. Doesn't even smell good. I eat at least two cups of fruit per day and love it. I still find myself putting too much food my my dinner plate and tossing half of it. You'll get strange looks from your friends when you only order an appetizer at a restaurant and not be able to finish it because you're full. Noboby really understands it until they've lived with the band. Cal
  20. ElusiveQuality

    Female Invasion of the Mens Room

    Let's see if I got this straight... Is someone acutally complaining that we have a bunch of rapidly slimming women with a burning desire to learn about anal sex? :party: Sounds like a recurring fantasy of mine... :hurray: Cal
  21. ElusiveQuality

    Why do women have anal sex?

    Go for it. Just make sure you're ready for the any answer you might get.:bananalama:
  22. ElusiveQuality

    Why do women have anal sex?

    You want to ask the men on their forum why women have anal sex? Go for it. Probably won't get much of a response because those of us that know won't share and those that don't know are too embarrassed to ask.
  23. ElusiveQuality

    anal sex

    Yes, there is some sort of clitoral stimulation happening.

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