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  1. On 10/4/2021 at 4:04 PM, ms.sss said:

    Tonite's dinner: Mango salad w/ cashews, mint and ginger Syrup AND a teacup filled with Massaman chicken Curry: ate all 430 calories worth of it.


    How long did it take your stomach to be able to handle this? I just made one scrambled egg and even eating half of it feels like a task :( - struggling to get my Protein in unless I do shakes (which I am so tired of)

  2. 16 hours ago, ♡MyCurves said:

    Had my surgery a few days ago. Am having a REALLY hard time consuming the liquids I need. I mostly have Water or watered down minute made zero juice. Since my surgery. I've only hit an average of 15 oz of Water each day!

    Anyone else having this issue?

    Tomorrow is my full liquid diet transition, since it'll be my 4th day post op, so, I'm hoping things will be better. I do have an issue with drinking my oz of water, but it being pretty uncomfortable for me. Feels like there's a little ball there that burns a little...kinda makes me scared to drink.

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    This was me for the first week - to a T. I ended up improving a lot.... I am now 19 days post op and feeling awesome. The 2nd week is when I really started to improve honestly. Just do what you can and rest!

  3. 12 hours ago, RickM said:

    You're just fine, better even, without the sugary drinks - at least you don't have that addiction to get over! You have gotten a good clue with the banana, and it doesn't have to be fruit or juice, any kind of complex carb will do, and it doesn't have to be much. As with everything, a bit of moderation is often the key. From what I have seen, those who are the most adamantly low carb, counting them out, not exceeding some magic number, etc. are the most affected.

    Sometimes we hear responses to your problem such as "isn't it wonderful -that's the smell of burning fat!" More accurately it is the smell of not eating your vegetables. We will drop ketones as long as we are burning our fat stores, irrespective what kind of diet is being used, but we don't need to take things to extremes. When I had labs pulled, I was dropping ketones as expected, so I guess one could say that I was "in ketosis", but I never had those type of symptoms as I never kept my carbs all that low - it wasn't sugary stuff, just vegetables, legumes, some berries in the yogurt, etc., yet my weight loss was still very rapid as my caloric deficit was fairly high. So, there is a balance one can achieve in this. It sounds like you have decent habits to begin with, but adapting things to work with the radically reduced intake that we have for a while can be tricky.

    Good luck with it....

    Thank you - this response was very helpful!

  4. 19 minutes ago, RickM said:

    I wouldn't either necessarily, particularly with a bypass that can be more prone to dumping, but some plans do permit it, usually in dilute form. I had a juice box in the hospital (but our diet was somewhat more "advanced" than most, being on soft and puree foods as well at that time.)

    There are many foods that may not be the greatest thing for weight loss intermediate to longer term that can be useful in small amounts in the shorter term transitional period - mashed potatoes are another common soft food item that has value at this time that we may rather stay away from later on (or maybe not - lots of potassium in there...)

    It's a big YMMV thing, and there is no definitive right or wrong answer, and sometimes specific problems, such as the OP's can have solutions that seem counterintuitive to some.

    I am a pretty low carb/low sugar eater anyway (years of paleo). I tend to dislike sugary drinks and always Water them down. However - I've never been into juice :(. I tried making a smoothie with half a banana yesterday and my breath does seem to smell less so I think you're right about ketosis!

  5. Even pre-op and most of my life for the last 2 years (thanks to paleo low carb eating) I avoid bananas like the plague but I think in small increments they're nutritionally dense and easy on the tummy. I know people love them so I figured this would be a great recipe to share. This felt awesome on my Day 13 post op tummy.

    :980_small_blue_diamond:1/2 banana

    :980_small_blue_diamond:1/2 C. vanilla GREEK YOGURT (I used 2 Good)

    :980_small_blue_diamond:A dash of nutmeg

    :980_small_blue_diamond:A dash of cinnamon

    :980_small_blue_diamond:1/3 C. Fair Life Fat Free Milk

    :980_small_blue_diamond:1/3 C. Filtered Water

    :980_small_blue_diamond: 1 Scoop whey Protein (I use MyProgressMD - in Vanilla recommended by my surgery program)

    🍌Nutrition Facts:357_banana:


    21g carb (normally I'd consider this high but while I am recovering I'm good with it) I aim for under 50g per day

    4g fat

    41g protein 🎉

    2g fiber

    11g sugar

    87mg sodium

    Blend until everything is smooth! I am ending my full liquids soon but was getting really tired of chocolate. I think PB2 would probably also taste great in this recipe but I didn't feel like Peanut Butter today. You could also add cocoa, etc or any other flavors you like!

  6. Hi -

    Protein Shakes were driving me NUTS. I am at the very end of full liquids and beginning to introduce pureed food. However my purees are on the liquidier side because it is what I can handle. You can add less liquid to this recipe if your tummy can handle thicker stuff. I was so wanting something savory. I've been basically living off Premier Protein chocolate shakes and broth based Soups with flavorless Protein added (for awhile this was truly all I could handle otherwise I would feel quite ill) but - now I am trying more things gradually.

    Note - this serves probably like 6-8 servings? Maybe more? I haven't measured. I just eat a few spoonfuls and don't over-do it.


    🔸4 hard boiled eggs

    🔸1.5 tbsp mayo (I used chosen foods - because it's paleo and doesn't have inflammatory oils - I was paleo before surgery and before pre-op even to help manage my PCOS symptoms)

    🔸1 stalk celery chopped

    🔸A dash of Himalayan Pink Salt

    🔸A dash of Onion Salt (I used Trader Joe's brand)

    🔸1/4C Pickle Juice (this is the liquidy element that helped me)


    🔹 Throw everything into the blender and blend until completely smooth.

    🔹 Store and refrigerate. I tend to eat 2 oz servings at a time.

    Additional notes - you can probably add more seasoning to this if you're able to tolerate. Since I am so early on I wanted to keep it very simple and easy to digest. I loved loved loved this meal. Hope yours turn out great 👍

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