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  1. So I have been doing a lot of research and food and drink elimination. Also portion sizes. I have taken those down to 1 1/2 ounces. Very careful to follow the 30/30 rule. It is definitely not as bad as it was last week but the diarrhea and horrible bubbling in my stomach is a constant melody, with pretty painful lower abdomen gas pain. I have discovered that semi solid foods like yogurt, pretty thick protein shakes, cottage cheese seems to stay inside longer. I found this interesting article from a couple of Dr’s from a medical website, Gastroentonolgy and Hepatology, Millennium Medical Publishing. It had a lot about uncommon sleeve problems in the early stages. This is the snippet I found interesting. “A recent prospective study suggested that dumping syndrome also occurs after VSG. It is hypothesized that VSG increases gastric mobility due to increased intraluminal pressure within the remnant stomach, ultimately causing rapid emptying to occur in addition to the know restrictive properties of this procedure.” well…. Ah…. That might be it, it might not lol. I took a cancellation appointment for the gastroenterologist I see her next Thursday. That seems a million years away. I can tell I was way more upbeat at the beginning of this post now I can tell I’m getting kinda worn down by the constant worry about running to the bathroom then having to get in the shower and wear a diaper!!!!!!! Thanks again to everyone who’s commented it has been very helpful and encouraging.
  2. Thanks Star618, unfortunately I am still having pretty severe gastrointestinal issues. And visiting the bathroom A LOT. It almost doesn’t matter what I try to eat. Clear liquids, semi clear, yogurt, cottage cheese. This Wednesday I am supposed to be moving into the semi solid stage but am still stuck between phase 1-2. I know there is NO WAY I am getting adequate nutrition because it just goes right through me. I have patch vitamins which have been great. I tried taking a bariatric vitamin yesterday and for the first time I got slightly nauseous and had to run to the bathroom. My appointment with a gastroenterologist isn’t until Nov 6th. That’s a long time to wait in this state. My regular surgeon again won’t see me and just said to modify my diet. I have done so much research on uncommon side effects of the sleeve but nothing jumps out that is similar to what I’m experiencing.
  3. Thanks Starwarsandcupcakes, interesting that I am attempting to eat my first yogurt right now. I tried a bariatric shake with fat free Lactaid free milk and nope not good. Hope this yogurt settles nicely. Please accept this yogurt o sleeve of mine, and pass to your friend the small intestine slowly!
  4. Thanks Sunnyway, I think that might be a bit hefty for the intestines at the moment but it sounds absolutely delicious and once I am recovered from what ever this fast moving intestinal thing is I will try that. I tried some vegetable broth last night and this morning it’s back to where I began on Sunday. I was so angry this morning I called my doctors office and said “ look this is not a gastrointestinal infection, I went to the doctor this is surgery related” I need to see the doctor. They said they would call me back.. I don’t know what is up with this office they have blowing people off down to a science. I’m trying not to take the Loperamide which slows everything down but if I don’t everything just passes through almost immediately. I’m starting to get rather sad. I’ve lost so much weight in 8 days it’s insane. I know that is the goal but this is not healthy. I went from 225 last Wednesday surgery day, to 205 today. I’m gonna do some more research and see if I can find out anything about what is happening, although I’m not completely sure what is happening!!!! Thanks again everyone, much appreciated.
  5. Thanks, Sunnyway what do I use for the homemade protein shake, liquid, water? Do you put whole fruit and blend or fruit juice? Sorry for being so food incompetent but I got no nutrition counseling from them. It’s weird that they don’t have one. One guy I went to as part of the selection process I had to do mandatory nutrition classes for a month before he would even consider me, even as a self payer, which I was. I found a bariatric nutritionist on my own who I will start seeing next week. I am so afraid of eating anything that isn’t clear nasty broth and water but I have to start getting more nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Hi everyone thank you for the advice. Woke up this morning without running to the bathroom, yeah! I thought I would since the medication only lasts for 6 hours. I feel very bloated with some abdominal pain thou. But maybe that’s normal since the meds put the brakes on my intestines. I am so weak since I haven’t been eating and I appreciate the suggestion of bone broth from Arabesque and am sipping it as I type with fingers crossed. I think it is definitely surgery related, and not a bug. From the reaction to the meds to slow things down it sounds like everything was just going through my sleeve into my intestines at freight train speed. I am cautiously optimistic today that I will be able to consume more than just water today. If anyone has any suggestions for other clear liquids to try it would be most welcome! Thanks.
  7. Thank you to everyone who offered advice and best wishes! Back from urgent care and as suspected doc was kinda at a loss. Super nice guy thou. He doesn’t think it’s a bug since I have no nausea and I’m not displaying other “bug like factors”. He did give me some medication to stop going to give my poor bum time to heal. Not sure if that’s the right course of action but just need a day to heal. The artificial sweetener thing might be aggravating things. So I will stop that too. I guess that leaves plain ole water! Yeah! If this keeps going on and on my surgery doc is gonna have to see me wether he likes it or not! Thanks again everyone. This has been so helpful it’s like talking to experts!
  8. Thanks for the reply much appreciated! Yeah my surgeon is not very nice and rather condescending. But he is good at what he does I guess. I wanted to get a general idea from the community who have been through dumping if this was normal or not. I have read forum topics about people who have gone in their pants (which is awful) so trying to figure out is it a bug, that came on after a classic dumping episode or a straight up bug??. I had all the classic symptoms of dumping on Sunday, heart palpitations, tired, etc. thanks again!!!
  9. I am 1 week today post sleeve and hernia repair. Everything was great until Sunday. I had a few sips of a chocolate protein shake and OMG the stomach noise could be heard 3,000 miles away!! And 10 mins later running to the bathroom. So ok I had a dumping episode no biggie. But it has been going on for 4 days! I have literally had 2 jello cups since Sunday and a lot of water and propel. I know TMI but this is so bad I have to sit in the tub for 15 min to be able to walk. My below parts are raw, bleeding, and very angry. I have ruined sheets, bath mats, and 8 pairs of undies. Today I’m loosing my mental ability. I called my doctor and they totally blew me off and said sleeve doesn’t get dumping and you probably have a stomach bug. Ok but could you maybe see me? Nope. I have an appointment at urgent care today but they will probably be like woah this is beyond us! Any suggestions please. Thanks!!!!

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