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  1. I'm almost 30 days shy of being 3 years post rny gastric bypass. I've recently started having right upper quadrant pain. It's not severe or acute, but it's uncomfortable and nearly constant. It is sort of under my ribs and it kind of wraps around to my back around my shoulder blade on the right side. I think it could be my gallbladder but food doesn't seem to make it worse. I'm wondering how common internal hernias are 3 years after surgery. Google is no help because everything I look up is geared towards licensed, well educated medical professionals, which I am not lol...and I should know better than to go to Google anyway. It's been going on for close to a week. Urgent care visit on Tuesday showed normal CBC, Urinalysis, and comprehensive metabolic panel. It's now Thursday and I don't see my primary care until Monday. Wondering if I should visit the ER if this far post op there's a real possibility of internal hernia? Or should I try to get in touch with my surgeon? Or just hold out until my PCP appointment on Monday afternoon and pray nothing else happens.

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