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  1. Allie bird

    Constant Nausea 8 weeks post-op!?!

    Nah I’ve been taking omeprazole since before surgery and have never had issues. Interesting. This may also be it for me as well. I do tend to wait too long to eat and it could very well be this same situation. I am excited to try the new one. Maybe it will help. You are so so kind. I didn’t anticipate anyone even responding and am overwhelmed with everyone’s support. Thank you and everyone!
  2. Hello all, I waited a while to post this and just left the doctors (and I’m a little frustrated) so I finally decided to reach out via the forums. I am eight weeks postop and I have been dealing with constant but random bouts of nausea for three weeks now. They do not coincide with eating. They happen before I’ve even eaten anything and sometimes even directly after eating things. The best I can describe it as is a hunger pang. I am on omeprazole and have been for the entire time and that fact alone made my doctor almost completely rule out an ulcer or anything like that in my actual stomach. They thought it was gall stones maybe, but the ultrasounds came back negative and I’m not having sharp shooting pains, I’m just having radiating hunger pangs - The kind of nausea that you get when you haven’t eaten anything. I feel these randomly throughout the day including just plain nausea, gas and have had light color stools sometimes. The doctor put me on a stronger PPI but told me we can do an endoscopy if it doesn’t work so I am just waiting. Has anyone else experienced something like this? It is really putting a damper on my life, I am constantly interrupted with any good mood by queasiness. My next instinct is to assume that maybe I am just very dehydrated? I have been struggling since the beginning to get enough water in, so maybe that is it. I am scheduled for a appointment with my primary doctor on Tuesday, but any help or tips would be appreciated while I wait for the doctors to figure it out.

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