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  1. Edge13

    Foods that made me gag

    I'm just over 16 months out from bypass, and I still can't eat white meat chicken, or any dryer meats like pork chops, or steak, without hurling. The great thing is I still don't miss them. I can eat bacon though, but it can't be crisp.
  2. People have been mostly supportive, but they definitely do treat me differently since the surgery. A lot of stuff gets said behind your back that doesn't match up to the smiles to your face. It is what it is🤷🏾‍♂️. I did this for my health, not other people's approval. I'm happy. The weight loss shrink they make you see was pretty spot on about this. Just as an aside, I think it's totally different for guys vs. girls. If I fire back at shade thrown my way, it's seen a lot differently than if a woman fired back. Stupid societal norms. The way I see it, it's not normal to let some guy a few years out from losing at beer pong in his fraternity, cut me open and redo my stomach. So, if I can break THAT norm, to heck with the rest of them. I'll just enjoy the new lease on life.
  3. Congrats bro! I still couldn't get into running. For my cardio, I fell in love with the rowing machine. It's my moment of Zen (almost) every day.
  4. Diabetes. Saw how that story ended a few times. Didn't want to live it. Day after surgery they told me to stop all diabetes medication. Been good since. No heartburn, and no CPAP, are great bonuses.
  5. Edge13

    Meats Post Surgery

    I'm 13 months out, and still can't do white meat chicken, or pork too good. Processed meat is just fine. Eggs were tricky. Early on after liquid diet, they made me sick, unless I scrambled them a certain way. Now they're staple, and in one day I may have them scrambled, omelette, and boiled, at different times.
  6. Edge13

    Carbs yes or no

    I'm a guy, 13 months post bypass, and honestly I only count calories, and protein. I try to keep it under 1500 cals, and always try to hit the 90g of protein the dietician wants me at. Carbs work themselves out, because I may want that muffin, but if it's 300 calories of pure carbs, that's a fifth of my daily count, and it does nothing for actually feeling full, so I may eat half, or less, and add a protein.🤷🏾‍♂️
  7. Edge13

    Food intolerance after wls

    Almost a year out, and I still can't eat white meat chicken. At all. Or turkey. It will not go down. Eggs were weird... initially they were ok, then they weren't, and now they're good again. Hopefully they stay good, because it's an easy, versatile protein. Rice... two spoons, ok. Two spoons and one grain, 🤢. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  8. Edge13

    Hidden triggers

    I deleted all of those apps from my phone after surgery. Every single one. Now, almost a year out, I've got one of them back, because it's for coffee. Good observation. I tell people about this all the time.
  9. Absolutely. It's still worth it, imo. I've seen seen 3 unique cases all go through this process, from unbelievably healthy aside from weight, to scooter bound. By the time the one year check in came around, all were living a better life. Write your concerns down. Ask your doctor. I asked sooo many questions. Ask to sit in on a post op recheck for another group, if they'll allow it. I suggest the 6 month one. Listen to their experience. It's the most honest info you'll get. Good luck.
  10. Yes! Faith No More shirt with Jim still in the picture lol. All the weird one offs, like Ugly Kid Joe and Faster Pussycat. Plus clothes just looked different back then. I have a denim hoodie from the 90's, and the younger crowd I work with are always asking where to get Bugle Boy 😂 Honestly, new clothes hasn't been too exciting. Seeing all the old stuff that I barely used is where the fun is. Glad I tossed them in the attic... OH! NSV! I can use the pull down stairs for the attic again!
  11. Edge13


    Thank you, that was aces👍🏾
  12. If your last paragraph there was reworded as follows, does it ring true to you? "This is a very long post to ask myself; I’m doing the right thing, right? I am being rational and making sense. I know I can lose the weight, but keeping it off is constantly clawing and if I slip now just a little, the lose/gain cycle could catch up, and I'm so tired of it." If it does ring true, you pretty much answered yourself. If there's any doubt, you absolutely need to deal with that.
  13. Edge13

    Over eating

    It's the snacks that will get ya. Calorie wise, the other stuff doesn't seem bad at all.
  14. Edge13

    What to Pack for hospital?

    I took my glasses, my phone, my Kindle to read (I read all night lol), a charger for both, my CPAP machine, deodorant, toothpaste/brush, and bluetooth earbuds. I wore slip on shoes, light sweatpants, and a button up shirt, because I knew they'd have me walking the halls that night. The hospital did end up providing toiletries, so I took those for nothing.
  15. Edge13


    Under my account, it lists me as pre-op. I am very post-op, but see no way to change it. Is there a way? Thanks.

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