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  1. Such a weird question, but I’m super bothered by this! I’m 6 weeks post op RNY. From immediately after surgery I have one armpit especially, sometimes both with horrible body odor!! I had switched off heavy deodorant probably 5 or so years ago and only use natural. I could do CrossFit and no worries. Now I can’t even sleep through the night without waking up smelling like I’ve ran a marathon! What’s the deal??? Anyone else with this? Is it anesthesia, burning fat off or what? I want it to go away and be not smelly like before…but I’ll take the lost pounds and just reapply for every few hours if I have to lol
  2. mrsjo

    May Surgery Buddies

    I’m day 1 post op RNY and doing good! Feeling pretty strong, I’m crediting that to CrossFit for the last year. Not nauseated and tolerating 4oz every hour. Hoping everyone is doing well!
  3. mrsjo

    Any CrossFit peeps?

    This is a good tip for me. I’m scheduled for surgery next week and I’m so bummed about not being able to go to my “box” during recovery. I keep thinking I’m going to lose so much ground, never gonna be able to stand on hands again, won’t be able to build muscle yadda yadda. The list in my head goes on and on so maybe if I write stuff down I won’t get so bummed. How long did you stay out?
  4. mrsjo

    One Year Ago Today

    Awesome work! You’ve done great!
  5. I’m up for whatever my surgeon has the most proficiency in. They are the experts. If they have done more one way or the other or have better skill (not as if they would say that) with one way or the other I would be most comfortable with that. My surgeon does all other surgeries robotically, however the RNY and sleeve he does laparoscopically. He says they’ve fine tuned it down to a very short operating time and having no issues and at this point aren’t switching that because he says “anytime you start changing technique you always have some issues”. Sounds like he isn’t willing to risk the “test patients”. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me and the previous surgeon I switched from decides on the last preop appointment which one she will do. I never found out what made her lean one way or the other. I’m guessing it has to do with size?
  6. I absolutely love that tiny bowl!!! I’ve been trying to eat off small plates in this preop phase but I really need to find something that I know only holds “x” amount of food, or at least close estimation.
  7. I looked and looked for actual studies on one time frame vs the other and as all of you all have said seems like there’s not a real rhyme or reason. I’ll stick to 7 and be happy :-)
  8. mrsjo

    Frustrated - Canceled Surgery: Advice?

    I understand your feelings completely and I’m in the same situation which gives me a little peace of mind. Similar situation happened with me. I was at the end of my 6 months, had done all the preop etc. I got covid so I had to reschedule. My husband took off because my program requires you bring binder and support person to last appointment. They even threaten if you don’t “the doctor may not see you!” I waited for over 3 1/2 hours in the office and MD still didn’t show up and no one told us why. I left because I had to go back to work. My whole time in the program I never met my surgeon and I knew that I had to to have peace of mind. There were, like you said, little red flags along the way. I think I ignored them thinking I was being too critical, I’m a nurse and tend to be very picky about healthcare situations. But I think we should trust our gut, maybe it’s a way to avoid a bad issue. We never know the what if’s but we do need peace of mind when someone is operating on us. Mental is half of it anyway. I’m starting a new program, new doctor with first appointment tomorrow. Good luck to you too in starting with someone new.
  9. No I’ve not even had virtual meetings. I asked for that but they don’t do that with her.
  10. So I’m still preop, surgery 1/11/2022. I’m starting to wonder about what to do with artificial sweeteners. I’ve found that they are a huge trigger for craving actual seeets and have tried to eliminate all from my diet. I know that once I’m on the liquid phase pre and post op they are unavoidable but I’m sure someone out there has minimized using them so I thought I’d ask. I’d like to not if I could possibly avoid them. Thanks for any advice
  11. mrsjo

    Baristatic App?

    I was a long time MFP user, free version. Their database seems endless and most of the time much easier to enter foods. I have had to manually enter things and doing a recipe is slightly less user friendly on Baritastic. That being said I’ve now made the switch. I found that the icons with the macro goals, etc are easier to see at a glance. With MFP if I want to see total protein etc it’s several clicks to find that. I need something that’s in my face and easy to see so I can stay on track. So that’s my rationale for switching. There is my macros app too that I know people use but the database is slim and it was not as user friendly
  12. Thanks so much for all the advice. Good to know there are work arounds and successes avoiding it . It is a trigger food for me and I know I’m a food/sugar addict and need to abstain.
  13. I live in a very rural area too in Virginia. I too had both vaccinations just hadn’t got the booster yet. I’m hoping the time between covid and surgery is enough to be fully well first.
  14. 1/11 for RNY. Rescheduled from December because I got covid :-(
  15. mrsjo

    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Hello all! I was scheduled for 12/13 but had to be moved to 1/11/22 because I just got diagnosed with covid :-( anyway, joining the group now! Excited for January. A little extra nervous because of the covid. I hope my doc isn’t rushing it post covid
  16. I literally feel like I’m going to do this very thing! I’m 34 days out and feel in sheer panic and need to cancel. I’ve finally done so well with CrossFit and my diet and I am losing at a steady pace. Im terrified at times of the same things you mentioned. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know we will get to the place we need to be, surgery or not with whatever we decide to make peace with .
  17. Thank you for your responses! My doctors info says it is reserved for patients with BMI 50 or greater, I’m in the low 40s. I also have reflux so I guess that part would make me not so suited for the switch??? I am interested though because just like you all have said, it gives you better weight gain resistance for the long haul. It also, I’m sure, does come with more risk/complications maybe.
  18. Thank you all so much for replying!!!! I feel so much better about my decision to switch. This is so hard to talk to anyone about because I don’t know many people or doctors and my family just wants me to do what is best. So thankful to have a place to ask and talk about these types of things. I’m not on Facebook where I think there are probably more support groups so this is very helpful! Thank you all again!

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