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  1. SleeverSk

    Nuclear Stress Test

    Way to hijack someone's post. The poor OP will be getting notifications with comments that have nothing to do with there question. Maybe you guys should take it to PM's
  2. SleeverSk

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    You're not out of the woods yet sorry to say mine started at the 4 month mark and a friend at the 6 month mark
  3. SleeverSk

    Regret and Depression

    Oh Carpeediem I went through the same thing and nothing anyone tells you will help you feel any different right now. If you go to my profile and read my early posts and think I even posted early on in this thread, you will see what I mean I think I even have a post almost exactly the same as this I even went on a huge rant on a sleeve Facebook pages saying the surgery should be banned for all except those with life threatening conditions 😳. Be kind to yourself these feelings don't last and soon you will be able get back to " normal" it will be a different normal but not how you are now. Go see a therapist that will help understand your relationship with food and how to cope with the feelings you have now. I am now almost 8 months out and feel much better about having the surgery however it did take me until the 4 to 5 month mark to even start feeling better. If you want to pm me please feel free to do so. Big hugs 🫂 it does get better
  4. SleeverSk


    Go to the ED it's not something you should put off especially if you are in pain
  5. SleeverSk

    Need a Sleeve Buddy!

    Hi Peter Feel free to pm me.
  6. Sounds like bile reflux, where your stomach bile comes up into your mouth .go to your Dr asap
  7. SleeverSk

    WLS (sleeve) schedule for 4/26th 😁

    It's still falling more than I would consider normal BUT I have lots of new growth. I don't think it something you can avoid if your hair is going to thin out it will. Everyone is different in how their body reacts to surgery I had a really rough time mentally and I guess physically as I just didn't have to strength or motivation to do anything I ended up having 9 weeks off work. So I had a deep seated regret after the surgery which lasted about 4 months but I am ok now 8 months out.
  8. Yes my surgeon said it is because sometimes when the body "releases" fat the liver gets a bit overloaded and cholesterol goes up but it should be temporary but can take 12 months or so to start coming down
  9. SleeverSk

    WLS (sleeve) schedule for 4/26th 😁

    I had silent reflux before surgery and had the sleeve. like you I didn't take meds daily but sometimes I needed to up my dosage and take Gaviscon, now I take 20mg nexium daily (only because I am to scared to come off them yet) and haven't had any reflux symptoms. I was the same the first 4 months were the worst then at 6 months i started to feel happy about the whole thing. the hardest thing I am coping with is hair loss mainly because my hair was a prominent feature of mine.
  10. My cholesterol is higher now than before surgery...........surgeon said that can sometimes happen and can take over 12 months to resolve, I live alone so not sure if my sleep apnoea has resolved, I don't get the head splitting headaches I use to get I didn't get a headache at all for the first 6 months but have had a couple in the last month or so I get a lot more back pain now than I ever did before . SO I am a little disappointed like yourself But hopeful as time goes by things get better
  11. SleeverSk

    I failed

    How are you going now ?
  12. SleeverSk

    Hair Loss!

    Mine too!! I have lost over 50% but thankfully I had a lot to start with. It was down to the top of my butt and i have had half the length cut off now and it feels so weird and as you describe Fairy Floss ( Cotton Candy) and so "fly away" just wondering how yours is now. I can see lots of new growth but I don't know if that's from breakage from my last hair appointment (Foiling) or if its real re-growth. Has the texture of your hair improved ?
  13. Its a good thing don't knock it !! there could be many reasons for it 1 that comes to mind is that you are meeting the nutrients your body needs. Maybe you are more hydrated now, what ever the reason its a good thing it will make your pre op diet much easier thats for sure
  14. SleeverSk

    Nuclear Stress Test

    I have had this done. it was really weird because you body feels like you have just run a marathon but your brain is saying wait you haven't done anything why do I feel like this. But other than that its fine they will have a Dr present "just in case" so you will be in good hands. good luck hope all goes well
  15. I use the app on my tablet and can see the sidebar info
  16. It took me quite awhile to actually work out how to add the info and how to keep my progress up to date, so maybe other people are having the same issue they just don't know how to
  17. I think because soda is usually drunk with junk food and vice versa. I drink coke and soda water sometimes i get a bit of a pain if i drink to fast or too soon after eating. If i am honest i guess it could have contributed to the slowing of my weight loss.people who drink soda/ssoft drink tend to have poor diets and people with poor diets tend to be fat so i guess that is the reason. I dont have it everyday but certainly more often that i should as i am not a fan of plain water and i cant stand anything with artifical sweetners.
  18. SleeverSk

    Post op day 4 complications

    Hope you get it s orted and feel better soon
  19. That's a hard one yes it reduces your hunger to start with, does it stop you thinking about food? no it doesn't I find I am thinking about food so much more. It has reduced a bit now 7 months out. But oh gee I remember thoughts of food and what to eat driving me crazy 🤪. In saying that though I always hard trouble deciding what I wanted to eat unless I craved something. You will feel "not hungry" faster after eating and I say not hungry because personally I haven't experienced that "oh my God I ate to much" full feeling since surgery. I have discovered that if I don't drink enough when I do eat I get an empty pit feeling my surgery buddy experienced the same but once I worked out it was thirst not hunger I sorted it out by having a small drink 10 minutes before eating. Everyone is different this has been my experiences. My best advice is to find something you can fully emerse yourself in that will take your mind off food it will help you in the early days.
  20. SleeverSk

    Night Sweats

    Those "hormone " test the dr's do to test to see if you are menopausal are not very good indicators as in the early stages hormones can fluctuate daily . You could very well be peri-menopausal. Keep an eye on your cycle that will be your best indicator.
  21. SleeverSk

    Night Sweats

  22. SleeverSk

    Recovery time

    I think the time you need is really unpredictable. I had decided to take 6 weeks off so I could get through the liquid and puree stages on a normal eating schedule as I do shift work and 12 hours shifts as well. But I ended up taking nearly 10 weeks as mentally the surgery knocked me around but going back to work gave me some of my old routine back and helped me get out of my funk but I certainly wasn't expecting what I went through to happen. We have also seen people post about being back at work going to the gym etc after a week 😳 I don't know that exercise other than walking is a good idea so soon after surgery but anyway I think 2 weeks depending on how physically demanding your job is. Is about average.
  23. You should only be on liquids at 1 week out
  24. Hi, Dont worry it gets better I am 7 months out now and feel better about having the surgery I have come to the realization that without it i would still be fat, I still think about food alot but no where near as much as i did in the early days. I think you will be fine
  25. I thought the same but it is much easier than I thought. I think you do have to allow yourself to have what you crave every now and then other wise you will drive yourself crazy and binge. For example I allow myself a coke and chocolate every other day (small portions) and last week I wanted it everyday but this week I have have only fleeting thoughts about consuming those foods/drinks and not had any. once you get into the habit of making better choices it gets easier.

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