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  1. Meganator

    October surgery friends??

    How is my October sleeve crew doing? I'm recovering well. Tomorrow I'll hit the one week mark. The only pain I have is incision pain at the stomach extraction point. Hit 64oz yesterday, so I'm proud of that! It's also looking like I may be under 300 at my first post op appointment on Friday. Still on clears until then and then I'll move to all liquids for two weeks.
  2. Meganator

    October surgery friends??

    Tomorrow is the big day! Yesssss! Looking forward to counting down the days to purees.
  3. Tomorrow is the big day! Getting sleeved in the morning and possibly spending a dark and stormy night in the hospital after. I'm actually excited about that because rain on wedding days and birthdays is considered a sign of good luck- so wouldn't a commitment of re-birth qualify as well?

    Can't wait to see y'all on the other side!

  4. Meganator

    October surgery friends??

    Doing the sleeve NEXT WEEK! On the 13th with Dr. Sashi Ganta in Austin, TX. Currently on day 2 of 28 of liquids only (pre op 1 week & post op - 1w clear, 2w all liquids) and trying my best not to be hangry or cranky about it. But I am kind of hungry and cranky about it right now- not going to sugarcoat it. But I am otherwise super excited about everything!
  5. I'm a week out from go-time! Today starts the all-liquids phase of my pre-op and about a month of being liquidy total. This afternoon is my last appointment with my surgeon before the main event. Looking forward to it!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Hope mine goes similarly. My surgeon specializes in single-incision laproscopic surgery (belly button), so I'm kind of hoping he'll decide to do that- but will ask at the last pre-op appointment. This makes me a bit hopeful. My recovery for gallbladder was fairly simple and I wasn't on meds very long to help control pain. Fingers crossed!
  7. Just deleted all of my food delivery/ordering apps and unsubscribed from several restaurant emails. I start my pre-op diet next week- unsure what that will look like until I meet with my dietician on Monday, but I want to be prepared for success. Let's go!

    1. Cruzntx


      That’s the 1st thing I did on my pre-op diet as well. Eliminate all temptations

    2. TravelerBabe


      This is such a smart idea! Doing this right now!

  8. Meganator

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    My date was set yesterday - 10/13/21 - for the Sleeve. I'm self-pay, so everything is moving pretty quickly. I had to cancel a few sets of plans, but it'll be worth it!
  9. Hi all! Did anyone have their gallbladder removed prior to their weight loss surgery? Prior to considering weight loss surgery, I was doing Jenny Craig for a bit in 2020, but dropped it after about 6 months for a number of reasons. Prior to that, I never had any issues with my digestive tract. Over the last year, about once a month, I was getting what I found out were gallstone attacks. It got really bad the week of Labor Day and I went in for emergency surgery by the end of the week (Sept 10). Also over the last year, I was researching options for weight loss surgery. My insurance does not cover any weight loss anything, but I found out that the options out there were actually affordable for me self-pay. Once my gallbladder came out (baby's first surgery), I knew it was time. I'm already having to change the way I eat- why not go all in? My surgeons from both sides agreed they could be done fairly close together. I had virtually no real pain in recovery for the gallbladder removal and both surgeons have told me VSG will be a similar pain level, up a notch, for post-op recovery. Since my last surgery was pretty much forced upon me, I didn't have time to consider options or worry for weeks about surgery... I'm finding myself now post-consult with a surgery date in-hand (October 13th) and feeling pretty confident about getting the procedure itself. I know gallbladder removal is pretty common post-op, but did anyone have it done pre-op? How did the pain compare to your WLS? How long were you between surgeries? What are some things that got easier or more difficult pairing the two removals? I look forward to hearing about your experiences!
  10. Meganator

    Pre-Op Photos

    Unlike many "Before" photos, I'm comfortable mostly with how I look in these photos. I've learned to love myself over the years and accept myself as I am. What makes this journey special for me is the internal health benefits plus the way I will fit into the outside world. A big life change is daunting, but I am excited to see what my body can do.

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