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  1. kerrik54304

    Internal Hernia / Bowel Obstruction

    Just came to search this. I had internal hernia repair today. I think I might have caught mine before you or it was different. I was on the ER a few months back with severe abdominal pain and had pain again on Monday. Had a CT scan yesterday and the DR called last night and wanted me in for surgery today because I had a twisted bowel, no obstruction yet. The surgery was outpatient today. Definitely a scary experience. I am 18 months out from surgery. The Dr said it is not uncommon in patients who are successful with weight loss surgery and have lost a lot of weight, especially in a short amount of time.
  2. kerrik54304

    Before and After Pics

    18 months post op.
  3. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    You will do great! It is so worth it. This last year has flown by so fast and I am so grateful. It’s tough at first, but gets easier every day.
  4. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Are you eating enough calories? Enough protein? I guess that would be my advice. Make sure you are getting 60-80 grams of protein everyday and making sure you are eating enough. I eat approximately 1300 calories a day and seem to still be losing a pound or two a month.
  5. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    It will be 1 year for me on October 18th and I feel great. SW 215 CW 128. I can tolerate most foods. Feel so thankful.
  6. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Happy anniversary. How is everyone doing?
  7. kerrik54304

    Denied by insurance

    Sigh. So many hoops they make you jump through. I’m sorry they are doing this to you.
  8. kerrik54304

    Denied by insurance

    I think most insurance companies want you to go through a doctor approved weight loss program. I had to meet with a dietician every month for 6 months.
  9. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Same! 10/18/21
  10. kerrik54304

    Denied by insurance

    It was not the criteria for my insurance.
  11. Hey fellow Wisconsinite! I just had to say I can relate to many things you are saying. I had my band removed 3 years ago after 10 years. I was amazing to to eat a cheeseburger with a bun! I couldn’t have a revision at the time because my BMI was too low, but after too many cheeseburgers I am scheduled for RNY in October. I also had/have issues with acid reflux. If I could have done it 3 years ago I would have and not had to go through all of the weight gain.
  12. kerrik54304

    Denied by insurance

    I have never heard of anything like this. That is insane. I have just been approved and my BMI is around 39. I had my Lapband removed 3 years ago and my BMI was around 32 and I have steadily gained weight since then.
  13. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hi Tamika! Your story sounds very familiar. My dr. has recommended gastric bypass for me since I struggle so much with acid reflux. I am excited to get back on track and feel healthy.
  14. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Nice to meet you, too. Lab band is horrible. It makes me sad to see that drs are still putting them in patients in some parts of the country. You can’t find any dr around here who will do it. I think it gives people a false sense of safety because it is less evasive, but that is not necessarily true. Not to mention the quality of life. Anyway, on to better things! We will both be successful. 🙂
  15. kerrik54304

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I am 46, live in WI. I also originally had the lapband and actually lost a lot of weight. I was down to 135 at one point. I had to have it removed almost 3 years ago due to complications and have almost gained all of my weight back. I will say, having it removed felt really great after having it for over 10 years.

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