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    Quiche recipe!!!!

    Hello all, I have been banded 4 weeks now, to those who haven't met me yet on here.........this is the best site, and has helped me so much , I couldn't have done it without all you guys and thank u so much! My question today is, my mom is coming to my new house for dinner tomorrow nite and I am just starting to eat normal food again.........want a low fat recipe for quiche, other ingredients I have are perhaps artichokes, smoked salmon and feta cheese , any suggestions please as I wanna impress my mum, as she made all this happen for me and was my big support!!!!!! Hi to you all Fiona aka amourette:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  2. HI there, just wanted to say a quick hi, I was banded 2006 but currently not using my band much as a losing weight tool, I have just found out I am pregnant, can I ask if it gets too uncomfortable with the port the bigger you get? I will watch this thread too, hope you get some answers, good luck and congrats of course!
  3. Hello everyone, Fiona here! I had my surgery last Tuesday and everything has been going pretty great until a nasty bout of vomiting and retching Saturday nite. It just came on suddenly, I hadn't done anything different, had my soup around 6.30 and at 9pm started to feel funny. Began vomiting in 20 min intervals although nothing was coming up. Phoned doctor 2 hours later at home and he said it could be a touch of 'gastro' sorry don/'t know the full word here, and to try some anti-nausea or travel sickness pills...........which I didn't have. Fast forward 2 hours and I am leaning over the toilet retching non-stop, I was so scared, we had to call a doctor out to the house ($$$$$$) cause I was too ill to get into the car to go to the 24 hour clinic 30mins away. The doctor who isn't my surgeon but just a general doctor gave me an anti-nausea injection and I finally managed to lie back into bed after 45 mins. This was the worst ex[perience of my life...............much worse than the surgery, I never wish to experience this again, I thought I was dying! Any thoughts on why this could happen, or anyone experienced anything similar. Like I say, up till then I was feeling great, and the next day after I felt normal again...............!!! Much appreciated for any insight! Happy band journeys Regards Amourette!!:nervous :omg:
  4. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Wow, this thread is pretty much dying, where are you all, hahaha...........wow, it is nearly Xmas, can't believe it, I am even going to stick up the Xmas tree next week. Well last time I talked to you all I was going thru' problems with fills etc............still struggling, I am not dealing well with the band and am seriously considering taking out the saline for now..........I am constantly PB'ing and it is very stressful and embarassing, I want to be able to eat a sandwich and be full, but I am regurgitating EVERYTHING.........does anyone else find their band is unpredictable in the morning and only settles at night??? Cheers to you all XX Amourette:smile:
  5. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Hi All, I just wanted to reintroduce myself, I haven't been into this site for a while and was pleased to see how the NZ thread had grown, there wasn't one when I first joined but I loved this site and it has got me thru so much! MY STORY- I was banded April 2006 by Dr Fris, 106 kg on surgery day, got down to 80kg, it was a long, hard road with a lot of PB'ing and frustration........a bit due to having to adjust to my new life-style. I was single at the time and got very nervous in social situation having to eat in front of people or on dates. Then in April this year after meeting a wonderful man I got even more frustrated that we couldn't eat much together and finally told him, the first guy I had ever told about my surgery, he is a wonderful, supportive man and coincidentally we became engaged 2 days ago, 1st of September......yipeee!!!! But back to story....so I had a big deflate as I wanted to share cooking meals with him etc, enjoy romantic dinners.....and enjoy my overseas holiday with him and my family without embarrassing trips to the toilet.....understandably, I put back on a lot of weight but was ok until I realised I was obsessing too much about food again and stuffing myself silly. I couldn't fit my work uniform again and realised I wanted to have a family soon and didn't want to be this size but more healthy and happy, a side effect of the weight gain was I started to get depressed about the extra weight and it affected my love life and I wasn't about to lose this wonderful man who has entered my life. 5 weeks ago I reinflated the band, went ok at first, but didn't really lose, and was eating too large portion sizes, went 2 days ago to get a small fill..........geez what a drama, had to go back to docs twice (luckily I only live 10 mins away from Dr Fris and get unfilled, still a bit wary at moment, have finally managed to get some food down but gurgling a little still, hoping it will settle in next couple of days or else it is back to Dr on Monday, so now ironically back to fill size from 5 weeks ago..... Anyway sorry for long story, just wanted to give my details....... I think I am going to have to adjust to eating more band friendly but I am so blessed to have finally found someone to support me in all this and who understands. Hope to hear from you all soon Kind regards Fiona
  6. amourette

    Hello from Georgia.

    Hello also..............am a bander from New Zealand and visit my sister who lives in Atlanta twice a year...............was banded 2006, just wanted to say hi.................!
  7. amourette

    Flying with the band

    HI there, I have been banded since April 2006 and work as an international flight attendant. In my experience my band tightens during the flight, especially as they are 13+ hour duties, and can take a few hours after landing to right itself.......I have protein shakes and soup on board to keep up my energy. I have regurgitated a lot of food over the years while flying so just stick to liquids and hummous, hope this helps and have a great flight! XX:teeth_smile:
  8. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Fiona here, so how about a catch up in city centre Auckland next week..........I would love to meet some of you, sorry for those not in Auckland, I am 18 months banded, I am quite happy to answer any questions you want to ask........ get back to me about next week Love Amourette Be Strong!
  9. amourette

    Traveling Abroad on Mushies - Tips?

    Congratulations on your band, and how exciting to be going to France. I personally would get a doctors note for your meds, they are so funny at the airports these days........wow, it is hard when u have just been banded getting used to different mushies and learning what you can and can't eat. Hopefully you won't have an appetite at the moment so won't be tempted by those yummy French delicacies............I don't know much about particular foods in France but am flight attendant for work and always have to look for mushies in certain countries.........here are some things I eat........guacamole, hoummus and baba gounush, soups, cottage cheese, maybe you could stomach some of those yummy soft cheeses up there, put on a cracker but don't eat the cracker..........I carry miso soups with me to keep up my protein, maybe you should take some protein powder with you in your suitcase just in case........... Don;t know if this helps but let us know how you get on, also you should be able to easily have a fine French wine.... Cheers Fi!!!
  10. amourette


    Hi Jetti, good luck with your banding, I don't think you should have any problems flying a couple of days after your op. But it is true about the band swelling I am a flight attendant and can only drink watery soups and protein drinks on board, if it is only a couple of days after op, I would try and sip apple juice and water only, during the flight! Cheers Fiona
  11. amourette

    diet soda

    But I have no problems with champagne or beer, depending on the time of day...........It seems to be that everyone is different on here........I was devsted at not drinking beer/wine or being able to guzzle but no probs for me, maybe I am one of the luckier ones Good Luck Amourette
  12. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Guys we really need to get this thread moving...........I have been pretty slack also, but would love to get a group meeting going in Auckland. Have you guys checked out those fills in Akl and Wellington, Robert Fris is the one to talk to in Aucklnad, I wanna tell you the ph number but do't have a reference regarding phone number right now.............there is no way they would turn you away from a fill, you just move your files, maybe as someone said before , maybe you have free fills or something included, wish I did, hahahaha..............but if not you have no reason to travel out of major towns for fills. Well after that, I am well and hoping to get this group moving a bit more...............I am well into the journey after Easter banding last year, I do have hard times as I know there are things I can eat around the band, need to pick up the exercise also, I don't wanna be a fat aunty, just to remind to you all who I am, Fiona, 36 yrs, 110kg at banding, not sure what at now I think it is 72kg, enjoy the first joys of weight loss 'cos I do think you reach a plateau a bit, would be interested to hear other opinions.................I haven't told a lot of friends, find it hard to explain the sudden weight loss, at moment surviving, but very tight in the morings and I kinda have to ease into eating, does anyone else have this......... Ok will chase you guys up if don't hear in next couple of days......Beka I know it is hard, but if you don't lose it now it is always harder later............. Ciao all, waiting for your replies XX Amourette:clap2:
  13. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    So who exatly lives in auckland and should we organise a get together........................Amourette XX
  14. If you have an accident or something, your situation and surgery may be a big factor against you, and it isn't hard checking your 'blind spot' and twisting in the seat to do so.................please don't do it...........!:cry
  15. amourette

    How Long??

    But live in nZ, and doc is 10 mins up road plus I was self pay! Cheers Amourette:D
  16. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    I got nothing from Southern cross, although I was headed or crisis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so how are you all doing.............sometimes I hate the band, dont forget I am single, can't eat much, very embarrassing in a restaurant as I am just starting dating again.................. XXX Love to you all, keep the faith it is the best thing I have ever done!:confused:
  17. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Hiya all, how much was self paid, I appied for Southere Cross but they didn'tdo anythin.......
  18. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Just remember this is a hard trip, with tears and hopelessness sometimes, so please come on here for support or ring me.....................I don't want to ruin the party, it is the best decision I ever made, but it isn't a walk in the park...........Wow good on you guys for the support group it just doesn't seem to work up here.................remember we are always here.............. Anyone going with Dr Fris soon? Love Amourette XXXX
  19. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    HIya good luck with the Optifast, this was the hardest part of the whole journey for me, especially no alcohol as I love a chardonnay I stuck firmly to it as I was too scared not too, but I am sure if you had a little fruit it would be ok, how about 1/2 banana with the shake blended together.............out of interest, I lost 6 kgs in 2 weeks on this, but it was damn hard, hehehe, call in here for support if u need it........where again are you having your op? XX Amourette
  20. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    Just do be careful, becos even if you are able to drive, if you had an accident they may look at stuff like that............you will hurt for a few weeks, nothing big though, just like muscle ache!!! I heard Rob Cable is one of the biggy guys in NZ for this so I wouldn't be worried at all..........
  21. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    I don't think any of you should obsess about weight loss.......it will happen no matter what...............it is the least of your worries, hehehe!!!!
  22. amourette

    *April* Bandits June Challenge

    Sorry haven't been checking in lately, too busy chasing boys, hehehe only joking, there is a nz thread on here now for me too which is nice, but i am trying to stay off the internet less than before. I am doing ok, been eating around the band also, probably too many chardonnays also, very naughty, reading the thread will get me on the treadmill tomorrow though, I really miss it..........but otherwise life is just the same, working, paying the mortgage, trying internet dating ( well THAT is a whole other topic) hehehe!!!!! Oh and I am getting a new nephew in November in Atlanta, yipeeeee! Love to you all Fi aka amourette!!!!
  23. amourette

    help - New Zealand

    Where abouts are you...........exactly, I am sure there are some in the South Island, why are you going all the way to Mexico, isn't that a bit extreme..............? Cheers Fiona
  24. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    I think it would be perfectly fine, I think I was driving after a week, just take it slowly! Can you not fly, there are some great deals on Airnz website under Grab-a-seat!
  25. amourette

    How Bout New Zealand

    My computer has been out over two weeks, but we are reunited again, I am soooooo happy, hehehe!!!! I was on the lower scale of weight loss and only just got approved by Dr Fris weighing 106kg, didn't think he would honestly take me on............I went into surgery at 110kg, hey the last supper syndrome, hehhee, I am 1.72 mtrs and went now down to 78kg weigh in, that was about 4 weeks ago,, I am looking at having an unfill, as I want my social life back, I am single and unfortunately in life eating is a big social part of our lives..........everyday is hard though, I have to think about smaller bites, and chewing heaps all the time, not easy! Unfortunately PB's and sliming have been too common for me lately so it is a sign I am too tight!!!! Wow, I wish I had been approved by Southern Cross, it stinks, I didn't hae any bad symptoms but was on my way and have saved SC a fortune by taking my future into my own hands.............. so where is everyone else on this site, do I have to PM you all again. Just to remind you, Fiona,36 Auckland, 476-3567, I am always here to answer your questions if I can Love to you all Fiona:biggrin1:

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