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  1. Crystal CW

    What do non-cooks eat in the 4th month?

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I’m 9 weeks post op and I think I need to stop trying to incorporate different foods and stick to the more simple suggestions that are here. At Whole Foods, I’ve found a brand called Tribal Foods and the have lots of flavorful protein/meat options, like Thai Chicken Patties, Asian meatballs and Chipotle chicken Patties. Just that and a little veg should be enough.
  2. A new NSV for me at 9 weeks post-op is getting out of the tub is much easier and I can push myself up with arm strength alone.
  3. Crystal CW

    Little struggles

    Sugar free popsicles helped me get through the dry mouth stage early after surgery.
  4. No study done, In the largest incision, there was a pucker that it now gone. The NP determined this based on the location of my pain and when the pain increased. This was all done over the phone. I did have a follow up appt with her a week after we spoke on the phone and by then the pain was gone.
  5. Yes, it resolved in about 4 days and I'm feeling great now. I talked to the nurse practitioner from my clinic and she said it was an internal popped stitch. It can be common if you do too much too soon.
  6. Crystal CW

    3 weeks post op - static weight

    My 3 week stall happens to coincide with my menstrual cycle - oh joy 😕
  7. What did it turn out to be? I’m 3 weeks post op and having new pain and soreness that I didn’t have before. I’m on 5th day of soft foods.
  8. Crystal CW

    Breakfast ideas?

    I search Pinterest for some ideas for soft food and beyond and found some great soup recipes and such a variety of thing made in muffin cups, so just the right size. I’m only 9 days post op, so still full liquids, but looking forward to different flavors next week.
  9. Crystal CW

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Just made a BariatricPal Cream of chicken soup (15gm protein) and it’s delicious! I needed something savory as I’m 7 days post op VSG and tired of the sweet flavors. I bought the variety pack of their soups so I have 6 others flavors to try. I think it’s so satisfying because it also has 2gm fat. I haven’t tried the Unjury chicken soup, but it is highly rated (no fat and 21gm protein) Anyone tried both and can give a recommendation? I added some unflavored protein powder to get it to 20+ gm of protein. I know others are tired of the sweet flavors so wanted to share my experience. Feeling really good and pain is mostly gone. I have energy and plan to go back to work tomorrow - I work at home, so I can rest as needed.
  10. I’m 4 days post op and my incisions itched on day 2 and continue. My surgeon used surgical glue, but I think it’s normal itching and not a reaction. My prescribed promethazine helps and once the glue comes off, I plan to use a medical grade silicon bandage to help with scarring. I’ve use it before on incisions and it works great for me.
  11. Crystal CW

    Hot or cold?

    Oh! Great idea to warm the chocolate protein shake…thanks!
  12. Crystal CW

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Day 11 of my pre-op diet and VSG on Monday 10/11. I’ve actually been really good and have enjoyed the Premier protein shakes and have added the vanilla flavor of Premier protein to my coffee. I should have done that years ago! I’m down several pounds so I’m sure this liver shrinking diet will lead to a successful surgery. I’m stocked up on broths, Isopure protein unflavored, sf popsicles, jello and cases of Premier. Let’s do this! 😆
  13. Crystal CW

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Me too! One week from tomorrow….getting excited!
  14. Crystal CW

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    That’s wonderful! I hope to recover as quickly.
  15. Crystal CW

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Do you feel like you have enough energy to go back to work? My sleeve is 10/11 and I’m just planning on taking a week off and then half days the 2nd week - also work from home. I’m worried that I won’t have enough energy. Good luck with going back next week. Let me know
  16. Crystal CW

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    My sleeve is scheduled for 10/11. This is my first surgery and I’m doing an early pre-op diet before I start a real pre-op diet on Monday. I’m in the Dallas area
  17. I’ll start mine on the 27th with surgery on 10/11. Getting excited and nervous.
  18. My mother is 79 and does water aerobics 4 days a week. There are lots of options for seniors.

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