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  1. Yes 100%! I’m 5 weeks today post op and I discussed the same thing with my nutritionist. She said it might be sensitivity to the temperature of the drink. I’ve noticed that cold drinks seem to make my tummy cramp. Hot and room temp have been fine. Maybe pay attention to that and see if you can tolerate Water at room temp. Good luck and let the journey begin!

  2. I’m 5 weeks post op and I’m losing weight at a fairly good clip. Question: when the doctor says you should expect to lose 75% of the total amount you need to lose (or whatever the percentage is) from the surgery, should you expect that to happen continuously? Or will should I expect to hit a plateau before the 75%? Does that make any sense?

  3. On 9/1/2021 at 9:38 AM, ppilch said:

    i am one week into my liquid diet and by this time next week i should be in surgery.
    Day 3 & 4 of liquid was tough but i came through it. Thankfully
    i am going home to Celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday this labor day weekend. I know this will be tough
    first dealing with everyone in the family asking me about it and being around all the food.
    i choose to keep my journey private to everyone except my immediate family.
    It will be hard with my mom she will be asking me what am i eating and how much weight i have lost daily.
    i dont want to become just about my surgery-
    then there is the comparison to other people that have had wls amd gained weight back…
    i know i am rambling but these thoughts were going through my head today

    I had my surgery at Vandy in Lebanon on Sept 7th. We’re in the same program!

  4. 11 hours ago, Jinxavier said:

    So my surgery was supposed to be in August but got postponed because of a spike in COVID cases. So now it’s tomorrow. And suddenly I am second guessing myself. I’ve gone too far to back out now, but I am so worried I am making a mistake. I’m self pay and I keep worrying about complications. I guess this is probably normal but I am freaking out a bit.

    I had the same exact thing happen. I’m a cash pay as well and I was postponed from Aug to Sept. I had all the same thoughts too. My surgery was last week and I’m so happy I did it and it’s over. The waiting and the liquid diet is really the hardest part. Breathe and go to your happy place.

  5. On 9/1/2021 at 2:13 PM, FutureSylph said:

    I thought I was near the home stretch, but my clinic has come to a screeching halt with the hospital postponing all non-emergent surgeries again due to the past month's pandemic spike. (sigh)

    I had the same thing happen. I was postponed a month. It’s so disappointing and really hard to deal with emotionally. You get your nerve up to do it and then it’s instantly taken away.

  6. 2 hours ago, vikingbeast said:

    This. SO MUCH THIS. My surgery is 48 hours from now and I am going through ALL of the emotions REAL fast. I calmed myself down a bit by sitting and typing out my meds list (my doctors colluded to make this super complex for the first week) and what I'm allowed to eat for each of the phases, even though I have a perfectly cromulent pre-typed list from my centre.

    Hang in there. The other side is ☀️

  7. I’m 5 days post op. I’ve had a very difficult day 3 with severe constipation and cramps. That finally subsided and I’m starting to feel better. I’m still suffering from gas from the surgery but even that’s better now. I was doubting my decision a few days ago and I even asked my doctor “what the hell have I done” but I’m back feeling good about it.

    I didn’t do a ton of research and support groups prior to making my decision because I didn’t want to read negative comments. My Mom died two years ago and I saw myself going down the same road so I knew I had to make a change regardless of which direction I went.

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