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  1. The patches don’t work and the people with normal blood lab levels may just simply have normal lab values because sometimes it takes a while for your vitamin levels to decrease. Almost vitamin deficiencies occur slowly over years. I do liquid d3 +k2, biotin, b complex and silica, they are just drops you take under your tongue once a day. I also take bariatric vitamin CAPSULES and have had no adverse symptoms like nausea, plus they are affordable
  2. elp93

    My husband doesn't want me to have surgery

    My relationship got better because I feel better about myself. I have more energy and feel more sexy =boyfriend gets more sex lol. It’s scary for partners when big changes happen but tell your husband he can’t threaten to divorce you to get his way, that’s cruel. Ask to sit down for an uninterrupted hour and talk about his reasons he doesn’t want to get your surgery and why you want to get your surgery. Maybe even a therapist could help, they are experts at relationship barriers
  3. Get a good lunchbox that you can put in the freezer then it’s frozen so it keeps your food cold. If I’m too busy to eat my lunch I just finish what I haven’t eaten on the car ride home and my lunch box keeps it cold all day :)
  4. Not an operating room nurse but a final semester nursing school student, I had my surgery September 15 and I can do a lot of work with just minimal discomfort. I would however take at least 3-4 weeks off. Longer if you are required to lift people
  5. Our school allows for zoom classes only for covid. I’m going to wear a mask as always as well I am vaccinated. However, they are making a big deal about me wanting to go to class online via zoom versus in person. I have my surgery next Wednesday, when do you think I could realistically ride in a car for 30 minutes each way and sit in a 1 hr 45 minute class? My surgery is a laparoscopic revision
  6. elp93

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    I live near you! I’m having my surgery in TJ though since it’s not covered by my insurance. My surgery is 9/15. I start my pre op diet tomorrow. We can have 3 protein shakes a day and one piece of lean meat if we are starving to death which I know I will probably be lol

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