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  1. My surgeon gave my different information than my dietitian on the stages of progressing diet (I.e liquid, full liquid, soft food). I was wondering your timeline was. I am one week post op and still on clear liquids
  2. I am having surgery next Wednesday and researched him a lot but still nervous, I would love to hear some experiences with him or the hospital
  3. The patches don’t work and the people with normal blood lab levels may just simply have normal lab values because sometimes it takes a while for your vitamin levels to decrease. Almost vitamin deficiencies occur slowly over years. I do liquid d3 +k2, biotin, b complex and silica, they are just drops you take under your tongue once a day. I also take bariatric vitamin CAPSULES and have had no adverse symptoms like nausea, plus they are affordable
  4. Your body is in shock. I am 5 month post op a revision for ulcers and weight gain with my pregnancy (totally my fault). After both surgeries I didn’t really lose more than a few pounds the first month and then it just falls off. I am down 72 pounds at 5 months post op. didn’t get the not caring about food effect I did the first surgery which I like more actually because I can still eat within my diet and still lose weight. I’ve been through several stalls and I just put the scale away for a week or two, do what I am supposed too and keep losing weight :)
  5. It was like a bad breakup for me. I missed the socialization of going out to eat, the snacks, the binging on pizza. I was so depressed my first 6 months BUT I was not taking my vitamins, getting my water or protein. You will get your relationship with food back but in a healthier way. I’ll go out to eat and get a yummy salad or soup. Now I am 5 months post op I eat a small steak or chicken with potato and veg and still have a ton left for leftovers but I get my socialization and my tasty food
  6. No, I always recommend the bypass over the sleeve because there is less gastric reflux. Also, if you follow the surgeons/dietitians instructions you will do great. I get nauseous if I eat meat without chewing thoroughly or eat too much. Or if I eat too much sugar/fat I’ll get an upset tummy. But the meat thing goes away the longer you are post surgery. I had a revision (weight gain totally my fault) and I am 5 months post op and can eat tender chicken, steak, and feel great. Just even as you can eat more don’t try to eat past being full and comfortable :)
  7. elp93

    RNY to RNY revision.

    I did an RNY revision to distal rny. I am 2.5 months out and was 266 two week before my surgery and today I was 216.4 (weight in the afternoon after eating). I have a toddler so not picking at her leftovers was an issue but the longer you stick with it the better it is! Also, you learn from your previous mistakes with your last surgery. I felt terrible after my first surgery but I’m taking my vitamins diligently and eating good and I’m so glad I did it! I’m going to start going to the gym soon too 🙂
  8. elp93

    Little struggles

    I’m doing better but was having a hard time noticing and stopping when I just became full and not overly full and nauseous. Proud of myself yesterday for not eating to much on national binge eating day
  9. They could have used a intubation tube that was a little too big for your throat which could cause soreness or edema in your airway. If you feel like it’s getting harder to breathe or swallow go to the ER :) I also got phlegm. It’s a normal side effect of sedation
  10. elp93

    My husband doesn't want me to have surgery

    My relationship got better because I feel better about myself. I have more energy and feel more sexy =boyfriend gets more sex lol. It’s scary for partners when big changes happen but tell your husband he can’t threaten to divorce you to get his way, that’s cruel. Ask to sit down for an uninterrupted hour and talk about his reasons he doesn’t want to get your surgery and why you want to get your surgery. Maybe even a therapist could help, they are experts at relationship barriers
  11. elp93


    Yes the 3 week, 3 month stall curse lol. It’s totally normal. I am 1.5 months post op and I am down to 225 from 256lbs surgery and I had a 3 week stall that lasted about two weeks. Best thing to do is put a way the scale for one to two weeks. :) your body is just in panic mode but if you are doing what you are supposed to do you will lose the weight whether you look at your scale or not ❤️
  12. Rny for sure. The malabsorption will be what helps the most. The uninterested in food typically only occurs with your primary surgery. Plus no reflux is great and the dumping syndrome is a great motivator to not eat too much sugar
  13. Get a good lunchbox that you can put in the freezer then it’s frozen so it keeps your food cold. If I’m too busy to eat my lunch I just finish what I haven’t eaten on the car ride home and my lunch box keeps it cold all day :)
  14. Not an operating room nurse but a final semester nursing school student, I had my surgery September 15 and I can do a lot of work with just minimal discomfort. I would however take at least 3-4 weeks off. Longer if you are required to lift people
  15. Start of weighing your food, learn how to tare your scale and then after a while you can just eye ball it and know how much you are getting 🙂
  16. I was like that on liquids. Even still if I drink more than a cup of water without eating first in the morning it goes right through me
  17. I used to get dumping syndrome if I drank more than a cup of water in the morning without eating something first. It went away. Also check what type of sugar free sugar is used because some are sugar alcohols and cause diarrhea
  18. Do you eat fake sugars? All alternative sugars like stevia, monk fruit, sucralose all make me sick for a day After eating them. Also food seemed really unappealing at about 1 month to a year after my first surgery
  19. elp93

    Hospital Bag

    Laptop to watch movies on, menstrual products because of course your period will start lol, underwear, chap stick, brush, braid your hair to prevent matting if you feel sick or can’t brush it effectively. Also don’t be afraid to ask your nurse for help
  20. I had the same pain or in other weird spots on my abdomen spontaneously for a few weeeks. It was gas. Try taking gasx and talk to your surgery team about your concerns!
  21. I have a gastric bypass revision in the morning at hospital Angeles with Dr. Corvala due to some anatomical issues and I am so incredibly nervous. I feel terrible for leaving my toddler and partner. The hospital and surgeon are highly accredited and great reviews but I’m still terrified. Please say nice things to help me relax lol
  22. I’m nervous. I am one week post op. I have been passing gas but one I almost farted but at the last minute realized it was diarrhea and almost pooped myself. I had a distal gastric bypass which is similar to the duodenal switch with malabsorption. Will this get better? I’m really afraid of becoming incontinent
  23. Thank you Dave! That does make me feel a whole lot better. I can’t believe the surgery day is already here!
  24. Thank you Dave! That does make me feel a whole lot better. I can’t believe the surgery day is already here!
  25. elp93

    6 Months Post SADI Update

    Don’t worry about the hair! It grows back ! ❤️

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