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  1. Tony B - NJ

    Chickpea "Pasta"

    I agree with the lentil pasta. It is very good and the difference between that and actual pasta is hardly even noticeable. I will say that I have trouble with real pasta for some reason, it just sits very, very heavy on me but the lentil is so much better for me.
  2. You can’t go wrong with canned tuna, chicken or salmon to start with. Goes down nice with minimal chewing and is loaded with protein!
  3. Tony B - NJ

    Vsg 1st Feb

    Good luck. It really depends on what the insurance company says is an allowable charge which is usually way lower than the hospital says. If that is what they go off, it should not be very much money....I would say less than 5K in US dollars.
  4. Tony B - NJ

    3 months post op

    I am a little more than 4 months post surgery and I am seeing similar issues. I lost almost 80 pounds overall but find that I reach plateaus and sit there at that weight for a while. I am still under 1000 calories per day and walk around 4 miles a day, trying to keep active. I watch the protein, drink 80 ounces of water per day and try to do everything I am told to do. Right now I have been stuck at 216-217 for 2 weeks. This morning I dropped to 214 so I hope it is another stall broken and I drift down for a couple weeks. I want to get to under 200 pounds but it has become more and more difficult. Being cold outside is not helping because I would like to exercise more but at 20 degrees, it is hard to stay outside. I hope to drift down slowly then when spring comes, really go crazy riding my bike and walking and get down below 200 quickly after that.
  5. Tony B - NJ

    Return to work

    I had a very similar experience but I did go into the office around the same time as you did. I think it actually helped me recover because I was walking around and staying active. It is sometimes easy to settle in and get too comfortable at home.
  6. Tony B - NJ

    Return to work

    6 days then right back to work.
  7. good to know! I am also having pain from sleeping on my side. I guess it is a better problem to have than the extra weight. I do feel my bony butt pain getting a little better though as you said.
  8. Tony B - NJ

    Other protein intake advice

    I have been taking the UNJURY chicken broth protein powder. You mix it up in warm (not hot) water and drink it. It has 21 grams of protein in 8 ounces. 90 calories so it is really not bad to get the protein in. I got so sick of sweet protein shakes that I needed a change. If you need the full 30 grams of protein like a premeir protein shake, use a scoop and a half in 12 ounces...still much easier to get down than a protein shake and the calories are the same.
  9. Try the sugar free gatorade. I tried the blue Glacier Freeze sugar free gatorade and it made a huge difference and I can easily plow down a 24 ounce cup. I drink one in the morning and one at night. In the afternoon I get the remainder of my water from sipping regular water, drinking chicken or beef broth or from a protein shake.
  10. I also found it disgusting and asked for a refund from Bariatric Advantage. They gave me a refund and I ordered the capsuled from them which I use now. They are also bad tasting but you swallow them quickly and it is fine. I just could not chew that disgusting pill.
  11. I have the same issue with butt cushion except now I feel pain in my tailbone if I sit in the car too long.
  12. I have always worn shirts and sweaters that were a little big to cover up my being overweight (atleast that was what I thought was happening). This Christmas my wife bought me some sweaters. A year ago I was wearing 3X, probably could have done 2X. She bought me medium sweaters which I was ready to be embarrassed because I figured I was too heaving to fit in a medium. We damn...I fit in a medium. What a feeling.
  13. Tony B - NJ

    Water tricks

    I have a big 24 ounce cup that I fill in the morning and make sure I drink that no matter what before noon. Then the same after lunch until 5pm. Then after dinner sitting down to watch TV or read a book, I have another. That gets me to 72 ounces and any soups, teas, etc are a bonus.
  14. Tony B - NJ

    Ramen Noodles

    An option for a low cost, high protein low fat meal during your rough patch can be canned tuna, chicken or salmon. I put the tuna and chicken with a teaspoon of mayo and 2 teaspoons of greek yogurt with some onions, celery etc. It is really satisfying as a meal, very high protein, and only about 150 calories.
  15. Tony B - NJ

    This surgery is bullshit...

    I don't agree with your correlation between those who are successful with the tool could lose weight without the tool. I do not agree at all. The restriction is HUGE for me. When I feel the restriction I stop eating. I am getting better at stopping before restriction, but without that restriction, I do not think I would have been successful in the first 3 months after surgery. The restriction also prevents you from deciding....well it is "name a holiday or special day" and I am going to cheat this one time. You simply cannot without a lot of pain and getting sick. Once you start cheating for special occasions, you will find more occasions and you will gain weight. the sleeve restriction prevents those slip ups from happening.
  16. Tony B - NJ

    This surgery is bullshit...

    I tend to agree with your Doctor. It is scientifically impossible to consume 800 calories per day and not lose weight, especially if you are walking and/or exercising as recommended. It could be that you are not accurately recording your calories, not counting things like butter, oil, snacks, calories from sugary drinks etc, etc. Read about it...it is just not possible.
  17. Tony B - NJ

    This surgery is bullshit...

    I agree 100% with that. To be honest, I think there is more at play though. I think the people ranting and being negative are either those who were simply not able to follow directions and control their urges or someone who just flat out did not have the surgery or even knows a spouse who wants to and are trying to create negative content to change their minds. There are a lot of people who have partners or spouses that are dead set against the surgery.
  18. NSV recently was for the first time in many years I am able to shop in the regular sizes and not Big and Tall.
  19. Tony B - NJ

    Protein Supplements are gross, HELP!

    Go with the powdered version. By themselves, these are even a little off tasting....so...for the chocolate protein powders I add a little bit of peanut butter powder and/or a half a banana and it changes the taste a LOT. Small tweaks to improve it to your taste is all you need. I find it is also better when I blend it up with ice and it is like a real cold shake. It makes it more palatable. Final piece of advice...I picked up some chicken flavored UNJURY powder. 21 ounces of protein per scoop in 8 ounces. Use hot tap water, mix it up good and then microwave it another minute or so to make it hot. It will not clump if you mix it first in hot tap water. If you go right in with boiled water it will be a clumpy mess. It tastes like chicken broth and goes down nicely.
  20. Tony B - NJ

    Weight Loss Stall

    I think there is way too much not said here that could explain why you are not losing: 1. Are you exercising at all? 2. Are you drinking enough water 3. Are you tracking your calorie intake? If so, are you limiting yourself to less than 800-900 calories per day? 4. Are you getting the required protein in your diet? If you are doing 2, 3 these things you simply MUST be losing weight, atleast some. It is scientifically impossible to not lose weight with that much of a calorie deficit.
  21. Tony B - NJ

    Upcoming Surgery Advice

    You can drink alcohol again without a problem. Maybe not right away, but I am 3 months post op and drink alcohol when I want to without limits. As far as normal meals out, I go out to dinner a couple times a month. I do not get an appetizer like I did in the past because I will not be able to eat the main course. I usually just order the main and I am able to eat that. If you go to places that load on the food you won't finish, but many normal eating people cannot finish big giant portions either. I can eat most of a 6 ounce filet mignon and some of the veggies....or a piece of fish and veggies. I think you are going to be ok with what you can eat and drink.
  22. My pleasure....we all need a little help now and again.
  23. After the first 5 or 6 days you are going to feel significantly better all of a sudden. Hang in there, you will start to notice it soon. Make sure you are getting up and walking to keep things moving...
  24. Tony B - NJ

    Not losing weight

    It is only a phone call to reach out to your Surgical Team. It is literally impossible not to lose weight after a bypass unless you are just ignoring everything they are telling you to do. There is an explanation along the lines of what others have been saying here.
  25. Yes....it will get better for sure. There are a lot of feelings you are having that may even be related to gas, medication, bloating, swelling etc. You will start to feel a lot better very quickly. Stick to it and don't waiver. Make sure you are taking your protein shake in the morning which gives you a feeling of fullness and will get you through to lunch. If you are feeling hungry between meals, have some bone broth which helped me feel a little less hungry and it has protein as well...only 45 calories for a 10 ounce serving. You get your water AND you protein. Do not miss on your water. When you don't get enough water it can make you feel hungry as well.

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