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  1. Tony B - NJ

    Social eating after gastric sleeve

    I am almost 9 months post surgery. I do not see an issue with having dinner as far as social interaction goes. I usually do not order an appetizer and may just pick off my wife’s if anything at all. I usually order a piece of fish or chicken, ask to hold off any carbs or starches and get a veggie substitute. I eat slowly and have never been asked anything regarding my eating habit changes. I enjoy eating out STILL.
  2. After about 6 months you are going to be pretty much normal except for the volume of food you eat. I eat 3 meals a day, just smaller. As far as drinking, you will not have to keep drinking small amounts throughout the day because you will be able to drink more at a given time so as long as you get in enough water for the day, you do not have to keep drinking. I drink a 24 ounce of bottle of water in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening for a total of 72 oz. Then throughout the day I may have some tea, protein drink or additional liquids to add to the 72. It is really not hard at all.
  3. Tony B - NJ

    How long were you off work after surgery?

    I was back to work in just over a week. I was not full strength but I work a desk job so it was fine.
  4. Tony B - NJ

    Travel after surgery

    You will not have a problem flying 2 months after the surgery. I think I was restricted for 2-3 weeks. I flew about 6 weeks later and had no issues whatsoever.
  5. Tony B - NJ

    Over The Shaming

    All this stuff is true. I would however like to give a male point of view. Men who are obese are not "given a pass" as some like to say. I too thought it was more accepted until I lost 100 pounds and it is amazing how differently people treat me since I am now skinny. I am asked if I need help more quickly in department stores, I am addressed more quickly in car dealerships or whatever environment I show up to. I am treated more politely at the doctor/dentist office and the list goes on. The weight discrimination is there for men too.
  6. I am not sure if it is true or not, but I had the same thought about men's clothing and really wonder if the clothing manufacturers have not screwed around with the sizing to make people feel like they fit into smaller clothing. There are people out there who will not buy clothing just because they do not like the number of the size they fit in. It may be some of that psychological BS going around where a 10 years ago may be an 8 now based on the obsession with sizing and being smaller.
  7. Tony B - NJ

    Has anyone else...

    I did not have a long weight with Tricare Prime. I was 3-4 months from first consultation to surgery. The thing that takes the time is getting appointments for all the preliminary stuff from other doctors. If you stay on top of it and are flexible for appointment times and which doctors you use, you can get it done pretty quickly. Tricare Prime picked up all but 153 dollars of my surgery. It is worth the extra leg work to get it done.
  8. Tony B - NJ

    So impatient!!!

    If you are impatient and want to do more then my advice would be to walk, walk, walk. That is pretty much all I do is walk and ride bike. I am not big on the exercise bike, I find I get more out of actual road cycling and road walking than on the machines. As you lose weight, you are pulling around less weight with you so you either have to exercise a little more to get the same benefit or....as silly as it sounds, weigh yourself down while you are walking to get the same calorie burn as before. I have heard of people putting weights in backpacks and walking to achieve this. I just walk an extra half hour or so in the evening to get the additional calories.
  9. Personally I would really start to concentrate on specifically what you are taking into your body to make sure you are not over eating. Measure and track your intake to the recommended calorie levels. I would also increase exercise. Unless you simply cannot get in protein, I would try to get more of that. Your body could be craving protein and retaining weight because of that. That of course is a nutritionist/Doctor question.
  10. Tony B - NJ

    Fluid Intake

    By yourself a nice Yeti covered drink cup. Put about a third full of ice and the rest with water and it will stay cold for a long, long time. Same with coffee...keeps coffee hot for hours.
  11. Tony B - NJ


    I have taken melatonin from the week of my surgery with no issues. The tablets are so small and dissolve quickly so I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to take them. I have also been taking vitamin capsules and my normal meds (up until I no longer needed them after the weight loss). My doctor told me if I could get them down comfortably they are fine to take.
  12. All, I was attacked by another member for telling a poster what I think is the truth to try to give them some tough love and open their eyes to what is happening. When people post on here, it is not a stretch to assume that they have a real problem and are looking at real solutions. What good does it do to reassure people that they are just fine and they are doing the right thing just to make them feel good. They are on here because they have a problem they need help with. If they want to solve the problem, sometimes they are going to have to hear something that may not make them smile. Sometimes the truth hurts and in order to come to a solution, you have to look at everything realistically to make the corrections needed. I was accused of purposely being unhelpful and I take offense to that. I have posted many more encouraging posts to people than the opposite because most people here just need a little reassurance and they are doing the right things to be successful. Once in a while, people are not doing what their surgical team recommends or may be doing things counterproductive and I have said that point blank. Does that make me a "mean" person as this person accused me of? Maybe, but maybe, just maybe the original poster needed to hear the "mean" truth in order to understand what needs to be done. Bottom line is, if people post on here, I again assume they want people to be truthful and helpful, not just be a cheerleader and try to make them feel better. They will feel better when they are successful in their journey.
  13. For your size and BMI, the Sleeve is going to get you to where you need to be weight wise for sure if you stick to the plan and commit yourself to it. I think it is a little less radical than the bypass and a few less issues to worry about like dumping, absorption of nutrients etc. They say you can lose 60-70 percent of your excess weight on it which is I think on the conservative side because I am over 80 percent of excess weight lost and still going (slowly, but still losing). I am more than happy with the result.
  14. Tony B - NJ

    May Surgeries - check in!

    You look fantastic!!!! great job.
  15. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    I think I have a good sense of people and when it seems like they are not being completely truthful or are leaving out big portions of the story.
  16. Such a good question for a post. I have dieted many times, lost and regained. I think for me it is the psychological aspect of committing to do a major surgery to my body to lose the weight. I think it would be insanely stupid for me to put myself through the trauma of surgery and then piss away all the benefits by not committing to weight loss and changing my life style permanently. I am 8 months into this process and the momentum for me builds as I reach new milestones in my weight loss. I am committed to this as I have ever been to anything in my life. I have lost 105 pounds and I continue to lose although much more slowly now than in the beginning...but still losing. My goal is to get down to "normal" BMI....I am getting close to that goal now. Along the way, with the exercise I am doing, I am also as healthy as I have been in 20 plus years. My resting heart rate is down in the mid to high 40 range, my cholesterol is very, very good, my BP is fantastic and my glucose and A1C are perfect. I can run with my grand daughter better than most young people can and I look better than I did 25 years ago when I was in my late 30s. The more benefits I see the more motivated I am to continue this life style change and keep up doing what I am doing.
  17. Tony B - NJ

    Hydration and vitamin bar ? 🤔

    The only thing I feel these hydration bars are good for is if you went out and got totally fall down drunk and have a meeting to attend the next day. I used it on a work convention I went to once. I got really hammered and had to present that afternoon. I had the IV fluids and I felt much better and was able to function very well. Outside of that, I don't see it.
  18. Tony B - NJ

    The perfect size pan

    I have one of these pans as well. It has become the most used pan in our house. Why dirty a big pan when you don't have to. It also cleans up so quickly.
  19. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    Thank you. Let's move on and try to help others be successful like we have been to this point.
  20. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    No worries...for what it is worth. I may come off cold at times but I am truly trying to help. I truly believe that people can be successful in their journey if they get out of their own way and commit. Some people need a good boot in the ass at times to open their eyes and get serious.
  21. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    Thanks....as I said earlier. My intentions were good. I just don't think this person really wanted help.
  22. Tony B - NJ

    Please tell me I haven't failed.

    I was attacked for being honest with this person because I saw what you all saw recently right from the beginning. This person wanted the easy way out, would not weight food, would not give up Indian Food, wanted to have her desserts etc, etc. Case Rested. This was either a troll or someone who just does not want to do what it takes to be succesful and wants to blame it on the surgery, others, human nature etc.
  23. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    It was not just about your post. There have been several on here, one a couple weeks ago when the poster asked questions and many people answered and the person got very mean and attacked them. I truly just wanted to help. Good luck.
  24. Tony B - NJ

    So I learned something today

    I agree on the gatorade zero...it makes it so much easier to get the liquid down. Be careful not to overdue it because there is a ton of sodium in gatorade zero and unless you are working out and sweating a lot, the sodium may not be good for you. I try to keep it to one per day.
  25. Tony B - NJ

    Sometimes the truth hurts

    A huge difference between being berated and being told that you are making mistakes and pointing out improvement opportunities.

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