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    Hello everyone my name is Luna and this is my first time ever on this forum and website. I'll start by saying hello, and I hope all is well with everyone during these difficult times.

    I am a night shift nurse tech in a hospital.
    Almost 5 years ago I was 450 pounds. I had gastric bypass and I got down to 170 pounds, which was 20 pounds from my goal weight of 150. Three years post op I began working night shift and I have steadily, over the last three years, gained weight back until i was my highest weight since, of 244 pounds (Two weeks ago)
    I have since then begun eating better and drinking Water and am now down to 234-235ish(it changes from day to day) but I am having such a hard time staying motivated and keeping myself from slipping back into the emotional and stress eating that working night shift and my job brings.
    I have a short term weight loss goal of 10 more pounds which I have decided I am going to reward myself with a new piercing, and I would like to lose twenty more pounds total before my trip in October, and just be more fit in general, so that my back, feet and ankles dont hurt when i walk around disney as bad this year.

    Long story short, im pretty depressed about my situation which really causes me to, ya know, stress/emotionally eat things i know I shouldnt, and begin to slip back into my bad ways. Looking for penpals, real life pals, online people I can become friends with to keep me motivated, as my support group is small right now due to the amount of hours i work. Feel free to reach out if this hits home. Maybe we can help each other!

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