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    I found some protein oatmeal on Amazon. It's instant but you have to cook it a bit longer.
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    My husband doesn't want me to have surgery

    My husband wound up supporting me. He was really good for the first few days and was with me at the hospital, but now he is nagging me so badly about everything. I know what I'm supposed to eat and not eat and he is on me every time I even mention food. I'm in the pureed stage at the moment. I actually had my surgery on the 28th of February. I'm getting my water in and most of my protein. He is driving me crazy though. I must mention that he is overweight, has a health issue but still eats really bad things. Pizza, ice cream, chips and dip, sugary sodas and sweet tea...I'm sure he eats other stuff when he isn't home too. *sigh* I'm not trying to sabotage my tool.
  3. I have Sunshine Health medicaid and I have had to have a few tests done that they require, and am still in the process. An endoscopy, a chest X-ray, EKG, sleep study, that nasty swallow test, a stress test, and I have to see a hematologist because I have a bleeding disorder in my family so they want to make sure that the blood thinner won't make me bleed to death and that I also won't get blood clots. They have to figure out exactly how much they can or can't give me when it's time. I've had quite a few surgeries already and have been fine, but this one you get blood thinners after it. I already have the history of dieting, pills and exercise. I'm 53 and have gone from 350 to 245-250 on my own over the years. I also have to see the nutritionist two or three times so I can learn how to eat properly. I don't think my surgeon requires the liquid diet, but I do have to be on a portion control diet with high protein. I can lose weight but I'm stuck at this weight so I need a bit of help. I have already changed my way of eating. No fast food, no fried food, way less sugar, but no sweet treats at all. I mostly eat the way I'm supposed to, but I have cheated a bit with a few sodas. After surgery I'm never going to drink them again. Nobody needs that stuff in their body anyway. My surgeon said if all of my testing is finished and ok that I can have my surgery in November. I've already done some of the tests and Monday I will get my appointments for the rest of them. I'm so excited to be getting the testing overwith and getting started on a new journey. I'm 5'3 I am 250 approximately. Highest weight was 350 Type 2 diabetic but A1C is 5.8 down from 7.2 High blood pressure High cholesterol (should be lowered by now) I used to have sleep apnea but had my tonsils and uvula removed (when I was 50..talk about the pain) I have figured out that one of my new exercises is going to be hunting for pokemons or whatever they are called..lol I just started playing that darn game and now I'm addicted. I'll be going to the gym too of course.:)
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    Pain levels

    So not everyone gets a binder to wear? I thought I read somewhere that wearing a binder helps a lot with the pain.

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