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    Starfyre115 got a reaction from lizonaplane in Lost weight, but don't feel good.   
    Quick question since you mentioned being bipolar. Have you had to make any changes on your medication since your surgery? My surgery is scheduled for Jan 5th and I've wondered about that and worried.

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    Starfyre115 got a reaction from Princess86 in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Hi Buddies!! Mine is set for Jan 5th. I just completed pre-registration a couple days ago and had my last appointment before surgery with my Dr. I started my diabetic liquid diet yesterday. It will be strange not having Christmas dinner or really celebrating on New Year’s Eve but this too shall pass. Thankfully I have a very supportive family.
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    Starfyre115 reacted to ShoppGirl in Lost weight, but don't feel good.   
    I changed one of my medications about two months before surgery because I was on a medication (Latuda) that you had to eat 350 with it for it to properly absorb but there are very few medications that work that way so you should be fine. I haven’t had to make any other changes post surgery.
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    Starfyre115 reacted to vikingbeast in Surgery 9/15   
    I'm the day before you, though I'm a sleever, not a bypasser. I had my upper GI, EKG, chest x-ray, and bloodwork last week and I have my final appointment with my PCP on Thursday to clear me for surgery. Tomorrow is nearly-all-liquids diet for a week (my choice, not a requirement, but applauded by my surgeon). I am RIGHT THERE with you on the anxiety! It's been ramping up bigtime. That's why I've been posting like a caffeinated squirrel on here.
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    Starfyre115 reacted to Maisey in Any 45+ year old women on here with gastric bypass experience?   
    56 y/o. RNY 12/14/20. Down 115 lbs.
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    Starfyre115 reacted to JennyHIA in 8 day post op visit   
    I see a light at the end of the tunnel! I was moved to soft foods for a week and then advance to solids as tolerated and cleared to do cardio as tolerated. I can even golf if I'm up for it! Super pleased w my numbers.. Down 23.3 pounds. Lost 1.5 inches on waist. 1.5 inches arms. 2 inches thigh. 1/2 inch Calf. 2 inches neck. 2 inches hips!! I don't see it. But I guess I'm doing it! This is since my pre op diet 7/26... so those struggling..Hang in there! It's so worth it. I know I will still have ups and downs.. but for now I'm up and it feels GREAT. Good Luck to everyone!!
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    Starfyre115 reacted to Dave In Houston in June Surgeries   
    Surgery went fine, according to the doc. I am in a room for one or two nights. I’m typing on my iPad, which I hate.

    Much to my dismay, they seem to have developed an aversion to narcotics since my last surgery. Their first try for pain due to having your guts rearranged was two Lidocaine Patches.
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    Starfyre115 reacted to Morachia in June Surgeries   
    My pre-op diet starts on the 26th of this month. I'm so nervous but so excited. And truthfully, I'm trying not to eat all the things I feel like I won't be able to have for a long time. I did have a cornish pasty (which are my favorites) and that was wonderful but its going to be fine not having things afterwards. I had 30 years of doing what I wanted and I didn't do well with it, so now its time to try something new. Full steam ahead.
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    Starfyre115 reacted to TheAngryMeow in Approved and Anxious!   
    That was my biggest concern, also. What's gonna happen if I put in all this effort, only to regain my weight and then some? I'm roughly a year and a half post-op. Can't say that I've been perfect along the way, but I have certainly not given up and I am still losing weight. That being said, I think the regaining is the furthest thing from my mind right now. I still get sick eating the wrong foods...So I guess my new question/anxiety is- will I feel sick forever? The weight is gone, but that doesn't mean it went peacefully. Many, long nights, I spent over a trash can after eating something that "didn't agree with me". And still learning, to this day.
    As far as the pre-op diet goes, I figured that would be my downfall, too. While I can't recommend what I did (sneaking in some crackers here and there), I CAN tell you that it is best to keep it interesting. Think of ANYTHING liquid. My typical food was a Protein Shake from Glucerna (the hunger smart ones seem to be the best tasting IMO). I absolutely LOATHE Protein drinks. There is also one by shamrock farms that is under 200 calories and tastes like a melted shake to me. You could look into that as well. I found that I could palate campbells fat free broccoli cheddar Soup thinned with some fat free milk and then strained to get all the broccoli pieces out. It sucked the first week and a half, but by day 12, you really don't care. You are just so excited to get on that operating table (side note- I was f**king TERRIFIED the day of).
    Suffice to say, keep the diet simple and interesting. Change it up, as much as possible. Jell-o, Soups, drinks, etc etc. Don't start thinking about the failure now...That's a terrible mindset. This absolutely, 100%, needs to be a commitment of the heart, mind AND stomach. You aren't doing this for now. You are doing this for your future. When you think back to a miserable time (like when I couldn't buckle my seatbelt in a friends car), all of that "can I do this forever?" crap just fades away. Realize you made a huge decision that is going to be life-altering. Accept it and press forward and maintain a positive outlook that you will succeed and be healthy.
    Sending good vibes your way!

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