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    Mom of 2 (son almost 4, daughter 20 months), struggled with weight all my life, tried every diet and gained more weight back each time.
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    Cooking, baking, being with family and friends
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  1. Hi Footballmom92! I think the previous posters gave excellent advice in seeking support from a nutritionist, therapist, & your personal support (family, friends, etc.). Coming to the realization that you might need medical intervention to help you reach your weight loss goals is a big step & can seem overwhelming. For years I brushed off the idea of getting WLS as I thought I could do it without the surgery. Recently, I realized that it would be very difficult to lose a large amount of weight successfully. If I was successful, I then would most likely have difficulty maintaining the weightloss. Deciding to to this was scary, exciting, & finally brought me some hope at succeeding. My advice in addition to the previous posters is to research & find a doctor that you feel comfortable with. Also, try to keep your motivation up, as that can be a challenge. Remember your "whys". You may want to look into habit tracking or journaling, if those might help you make the changes you need to in order to get closer to where you want to be. I also found it motivating to watch YouTube videos of people who have gone through WLS. This forum is also a great motivator & outlet for seeking support or advice. I truly wish you much success in reaching your goals. Please keep us posted on your progress! 🤗🍀
  2. Candace76

    6 month post Op update

    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Sharing your honest experience, the challenges & the victories will be helpful or relatable to so many. I am so happy for you & hope to hear more from you as you continue this process. Lots of luck & congratulations! 👏🥳😁
  3. Candace76

    Weight loss

    Congratulations, you're in onderland & looking great! So happy for you!
  4. Congratulations on taking care of you & deciding to make this change for yourself. Wishing you lots of luck!
  5. Candace76

    Before vs. 30 Days After

    Wow, it is clear to see your progress! Congratulations on losing 25 pounds! You're doing great & I look forward to seeing your updates as you continue on your path on "your new life". 👏🥳
  6. I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time after the surgery. Thank you for sharing your story, as those who are also struggling will see that they are not alone, or can see if their complications are similar. It is also good to share your experience because there may be others that have had already gone through what you're going through, and can give you advice. Many people researching the surgery may also interested in hearing about possible complications they might experience. I hope that your complications improve & you are feeling better.
  7. Candace76

    Before and After Pics

    Congratulations on your surgery! Keep us posted! 🤗
  8. Candace76

    Almost 2 years post sleeve

    You went from 249 to 180's...you did not FAIL. Don't dismiss what you have achieved because of a setback. Maybe you didn't reach your doctor's expectations, but this is a process that may have many bumps in the road. Maybe your doctor or nutritionist can give you some ideas to help restart losing weight. If you are not already, maybe start tracking food, protein & water again to see if there are slight changes you can make there. There are also "pouch" reset plans that might help get the scale moving again. If you are carrying a lot of weight in your chest, maybe that isn't factored into your doctor's expected weight loss. I hope your 2 year appointment goes well & you are able to get to where you feel happy & comfortable with your weight. Don't forget how far you've come! 🤩
  9. That first week is tough! In fact, the first few weeks are a big adjustment. Having feelings like, "What did I do?"😱, came up a few times over those first few weeks. Recovery from the surgery was smooth for me, but drinking & eating weren't fun or easy. It gets easier & better as you move through the stages of the diet plan & can tolerate more foods & beverages. Seeing success on the scale or with NSVs will also help it all seem worth it. Right now, I am almost 2 months post op and slightly over 40 pounds down. My clothes are getting baggy. I am able to eat a variety of foods, but know when to stop. I feel like I am in control of my eating for the first time in my life. It is so much easier for me to make better choices & try to practice mindful eating. At this point, this seems to be effective for me & I would do it again. I hope it continues to be a helpful tool in successfully losing weight & maintaining it. I hope the surgery is successful in helping you achieve your weightloss goals & that you will be pleased with your decision. 😁
  10. Candace76

    First month weight loss

    I lost about 19 pounds in the first month after surgery date.i think I only lost 8 pounds the first week after surgery. I had a small stall around week 6, and now the scale is moving again. It sound like you lost a lot right after surgery, and I'm sure the scale will start moving again soon! 😁
  11. Candace76

    Tomorrow is my surgery

    Wishing you well on your surgery & recovery. I hope your doctor/medical team can help with the arthritis pain.
  12. Candace76

    Exactly One year today!!

    You look amazing! Congratulations on your progress! I'm very happy for you!
  13. Wow! Congratulations on achieving your weight loss goals! I can't believe you did it in a year. I'm so happy for you!
  14. Candace76

    My Story In Pictures

    You look fabulous! You're glowing & look so happy! I'm so happy for you!
  15. Candace76

    Hello and Thank You

    Congratulations on your surgery. Welcome. 😁 I have also found this forum to be informative, interesting, helpful & supportive. It is so nice & thoughtful of you to acknowledge & thank those that have contributed to making this place such a valuable resource while going through the WLS process. I also will join you in the thanks! (Thanks BP Community) Wishing you lots of luck with your weight loss goals. 😁🍀

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