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    It won't help in the long term, but sniffing rubbing alcohol will help nausea subside immediately. It is weird, but it works!
  2. FutureSkyDiver

    sabotaging visitor

    I would have tossed his butt the moment he returned from the store with that sh!t--not because of what he chooses to eat, but my house, my rules. If I ask you not to do something in my house, you better not do it, or you'll be out of my house. Plain and simple. Toss him and the food and don't feel bad about either for one second.
  3. FutureSkyDiver

    Food Before and After Photos

    Thank you ALL for your honest answers! I'm eight weeks out, so solid foods for four weeks, and really having trouble with the portioning. If I don't weigh everything out, I worry I'm over eating. Still struggling with the clean plate club, but working on it every day.
  4. FutureSkyDiver

    Is this accurate for weight loss?

    I workout regularly and my surgeon suggested 1000 calories a day.
  5. FutureSkyDiver

    Denied by insurance

    I say it all the time here, but in case you haven't seen it yet. Appeal, appeal, appeal. Insurance companies are very vested in denying coverage for whatever minuscule reason they can. It saves them tons of money. Heck, it is easier with less paperwork to deny a claim and hope the insured doesn't appeal than it is to approve a claim, even when there is coverage. Never accept the first denial from an insurance company...or the second or third if you are sure you should be covered under your plan. They make more money when you keep quiet.
  6. FutureSkyDiver

    Help needed

    Some people lose hair as a response to the trauma of surgery. It usually starts falling out about three months out and stops around 6 months (general timeline). It will grow back. Another hair-related thing that can happen is the de-pigmentation of your hair (i.e., it turns white). As catwoman7 said...it is your body. If you want to lose more weight, do so. A lot of times, once someone has reached a stable weight, what fat they have left will redistribute and make them look less gaunt/sickly/unbalanced. It takes time though.
  7. FutureSkyDiver

    Adding protein drinks

    Keep in mind the body can only absorb and utilize about 30g of protein at a time. I personally like Fairlife nutritional plan, which has 30g of protein. They have several flavors and are thicker than others like premier, which I find watery and overly sweet. I get mine at Sam’s.
  8. You’re still full of fluids from surgery.
  9. FutureSkyDiver

    What are you looking forward to ?

    I look forward to being able to get on a plane without the need to take Xanax to control my anxiety over how uncomfortable I am going to be for the duration of the flight (I do a lot of international flying, so we are talking 8+ hours sometimes). And no bruised hips from the arm rests!
  10. If you have some 30ml cups (the hospital sent me home with some), try pouring your liquids into that and taking 5-6 sips to drink that much fluid (TINY sips). If you don't have the 30ml cups from the hospital, you could use one from a liquid medicine or a shot glass.
  11. FutureSkyDiver

    study and test’s

    As an educator, I can promise you they didn't put anything on that test that they didn't provide in the informational material. As catwoman7 said, each surgeon/clinic/hospital has different philosophies and rules, so you should review the material again to find the "correct" answer for your particular situation. Good luck with your preparations! I've never heard of anyone having to take quizzes pre-surgery. It is a very interesting idea.
  12. FutureSkyDiver

    Stressing about a shut down

    Probably best not to worry about things you cannot control. Focus on you and making good choices in the pre-op period to prepare yourself for surgery, no matter how long the pre-op period is.
  13. FutureSkyDiver

    I think I messed up!!

    Smoothies seem like they would fit into the purée stage, not liquids. I’d be worried about those small bits getting trapped in the staple line.
  14. FutureSkyDiver


    If there is indeed pus coming from your incision, you need to get to a doctor ASAP! Pus means infection and infections can kill you. I would think after 4.5 weeks your incisions should be closed, if not completely healed on the outside. Good luck!
  15. FutureSkyDiver


    First, congratulations on the 25lbs! Great start toward your goal! One thing that has, in the past, always helped me kick start a weight loss is to add in (or increase) resistance training. Whether you are doing body weight exercises, lifting weights, or something else, anything you can do to increase your lean muscle mass will help with losing weight, because muscle burns more calories. You might try changing your cardio too--add intervals of increased speed, jog a little if possible, bike, swim, do an exercise class. Our bodies get used to certain activities and can adapt to the pressures of those activities so it doesn't have to burn as many calories to do them. Change things up a bit and it can start shifting weight too.
  16. FutureSkyDiver

    Nutritional facts

    I use SparkPeople website. They don’t have everything, but users are adding stuff all the time. They have a lot of restaurants and specific foods that may not be available to everyone, but it it is an awesome tool for tracking.
  17. FutureSkyDiver


    Are you pre- or post-op? Might make a difference in answers.

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