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  1. For some reason the last 2 days I have been super weak and shaking. I have been drinking Water and Protein Shakes and taking Vitamins. Idk why I'm so tired and feeling so shaky. I am going through some personal things so maybe it's just my depression kicking in? Idk but I didn't walk at all outside today or yesterday, and I was just getting good at doing it a few times a day too! default_sad.png&key=eede538cefacefd5b09bc3209f264a659ab0a07f9d0c9c28b43ddf136bc5059a my dr wants me to be walking 10 miles by the time I go for my 6week check up! I do notttt see how that's possible!default_sad.png&key=eede538cefacefd5b09bc3209f264a659ab0a07f9d0c9c28b43ddf136bc5059a I hurt everywhere and that's when I barely walk a whole mile! Let alone 10! Idk whats going on. Plus I have only lost 14lbs since surgery day so now I'm 277lbs but still feel so huge and bloated. I was feeling somewhat ok and somewhat energetic once the pain in my stomach started to go away but now I am so weak and don't want to move off the couch! Anyone else having any issues too.?
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    Maybe they mean 10 miles a week. 10 miles a day is WAY too much for someone who is not even eating maybe 500 calories. Don't over do it

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  2. I m 3 1/2 week out post -op and on puree to soft food I have been wanting cheese enchiladas you yall think it will be ok to eat
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    I am 9 weeks out and faced this issue a few weeks in, my solution was to put some of the shredded chicken in my food processor a.x use the enchilada sauce as a liquid just enough to make it the right consistency. You may try this and add a little cheese to curb your craving. [emoji6] Good luck

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  3. Hello I was seeing if anyone had any ideas for a purée food or soft food diet? I’m 2 weeks removed from surgery and am looking for ideas. Also would grilled pulled chicken be ok to eat vs purée meat? Thank you
    I have been on Purees going on my 7th week now and I am eating mostly Soups. I feel like it gives me the most variety. I also have tried the ricotta bake, seemingly carrots then running them through the food processor you can season them however you want. I recently bought some "black beam burgers" by Gardein and threw them in the food processor with some avocado oil and veg broth for moisture and they were pretty good, and different. [emoji16]

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  4. Hi All, I'm new here and a little late to this discussion, but wanted to comment because this was one subject I was searching online. I have and IUD and have had one for 2 years now. I have not had a period for about a year and a half, and now started getting them again 4 weeks after surgery. I only have the IUD so I do not have periods. Does anyone know how long this will last? Is it worth just having the IUD removed?

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