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  1. TaraFinely

    Post VSG Regrets?

    Yes, I regret it 100%. Sleeved 5/28/2021. As of today I am only down 18 pounds since surgery. When I tell people that, I always get a list of how it has to be my fault. Medical intervention that you can't really cheat, but it's my fault? I couldn't "cheat" if I wanted to. I don't think genetics, hormones, and age are talked about enough pre-op. My weight loss slowed way down in the years prior to surgery. I'd cut carbs and work out hard and only lose 5 lbs in a month. I thought this surgery would help, it hasn't. My biggest words of advice, IF YOU ARE NOT A BIG EATER DO NOT GET THIS SURGERY! Consider all factors first. My mother, sisters and aunts have been on "diets" since Tab and Jane Fonda workout were a thing and the smallest any have ever been is the 170's (all 5'3-5'5). We're just heavier and hormonal with slow metabolisms. Not horribly obese, but in the 200's with big arms, stomachs, and backs. Unless they've been hiding it for decades, they don't gorge on food. We typically gain 10lbs a year that we just can't lose. That's how we are and how I'll be. I'm getting ok with it. Primary is asking if I'd consider converting to bypass in the future. No thanks, what would be the point. I just never tell anyone I've done this to myself out of sheer embarrassment. Very expensive mistake.
  2. TaraFinely

    Worried, not losing 1 week post op

    I noticed lol. I'm the OP and am still at a stand still as far as weight. Yes, drinking 64 oz of water, walking 30-40mins a day, 800 calories in the form of boiled shrimp, soft boiled vegetables, and boost shakes. Dr says in doing everything right. Started the thread in hopes someone that has been through the same experience could have offered some insight. I've received some helpful DM's [emoji4]. Sent from my SM-A716U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. TaraFinely

    Worried, not losing 1 week post op

    Thank you for the replies! While I know that this surgery is a two way street, I just expected better results. I try not to look at the progress of others and compare, however the progress of others is what made me want to get the surgery. Perhaps getting rid of my scale and focusing on healing/ sticking to plan is in my best interest. Obviously I can't go back and not have the surgery lol. I have my dietician appointment on the 9th, but am scared to leave the liquid phase. My follow up with surgeon is the 18th and will be the next time I weigh in. I hope things improve and I can look back at this post and encourage others in the same situation.
  4. I'm really discouraged [emoji20]. My SW was 255, after 2 week liquid diet I only lost 5 pounds to 250lbs. Right then I told myself that the surgery isn't going to work if 2 weeks of only liquids takes off 5 pounds. I decided that I tried everything else and might as well go through with it. Released from hospital at 247. Weighed myself at home next day and was 243lbs. My home scale has always been a bit lower than hospital scale by 3 or so pounds as I weigh nude. Today a week later weigh 241. Lose and gain like this is common for me with doing Keto. I can lose 14lbs in two weeks doing Keto, just couldn't commit and keep it off. All of this to say, I fear I've done this for nothing. I'm having 2 Boost shakes (240 cal each), 1 Priemere Protien clear waters (90 cal), 3 x16.9 Oz bottles of Water, and 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth. I am walking 20 minutes a day. Has anyone else experienced minimal loss and a gain within the first week? I'm starting to think I've made an irreversible mistake. Thanks for taking the time to read this [emoji4] Sent from my SM-A716U using BariatricPal mobile app

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