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  1. Can you share with me what your experience going from Sleeve to RNY has been like? I am trying the medical managed weight loss option right now but so far it’s not helping with the reflux. What are the biggest differences to you between the two procedures and how they affect your daily life? Thanks for sharing.
  2. I just hate that it’s one or the other and there is no middle ground. My rhum has no concerns with me having a revision to bypass so I do not understand why the BS does. My rhum and I have even discussed possible meds after the transition.
  3. In 2012 I had the gastric sleeve procedure, it was very successful until several events in my life caused me to slip back into old habits. Adding to that, my surgeon closed his practice and I had no one to follow up with locally. The old habits and lack of Followup care led to the weight slowly creeping back on. Since my sleeve procedure I’ve been diagnosed with RA which I have under control for about the past year or more. Earlier this year I began experiencing severe acid reflux and my PCP suggested I see the new BS who had just come to town. The BS advised me (after scoping me) that I have a hiatal hernia that needs to be repaired. He also recommended that I have a revision to the bypass. Fast forward three months and several pre-op tests later and I receive a call from the doctors nurse telling me that the doctor has decided it’s best not to do the conversion to bypass because I have arthritis and take methotrexate. She goes in to explain, the doctor thinks the risk of ulcers from medication and the possibility of slow healing outweigh the possible benefits. I am a 38 year old otherwise healthy female with her RA well controlled. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this before? Has anyone had the conversion to bypass who was diagnosed with RA before their conversion? I’m incredibly frustrated and not sure what do to from this point. Any advice you can share would be much appreciated.
  4. That’s good to know. I’m worried my insurance company will not cover it. But I know there are other options to get around high US prices.
  5. How was you’re recovery process going from the sleeve to bypass? In a few weeks I will be doing a revision of my sleeve to bypass due to a hiatal hernia and acid reflux. I’m curious to know if the recovery after the surgery is worse, the same or easier the second time around. I’m also interested in knowing how your insurance covered the revision. My policy has an exclusion and I’m concerned I will be denied coverage.

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