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  1. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    Checking in Surgery Status: ~4 weeks Post Op VSG (July 27th) Phase: week 2 soft food (tomorrow I am able to start regular food) Highest known weight: 241 Surgery weight: 229 Current Weight: 211 NSV: Some of my office slacks are fitting better, and even a bit too loose in some areas. I can also see a big difference in my face, especially when comparing photos side by side. I have been stalled on 96kg / 211lbs for almost a week now, but I am not too bothered since I fully expected this based on others' experiences. The hardest part for me has been the morning nausea and some lightheadedness. Otherwise, I keep on keeping on.
  2. Seija

    One Year Update (way too long)

    This is a much needed post here!! I only wish I saw it earlier when I was freaking out and having cold feet 😅 Congratulations on your success and best wishes to both you and your wife.
  3. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I had mine a few days before you and also struggle with hitting protein and water goals in the day. Seems impossible! Have you tried having broth or warm tea / warm water with lemon for hydration? That went down easier for me than cold water during the cramping stomach days.
  4. Seija


    No problem at all and thanks! I think my experience was quite average. You can also have a look at the July 2021 thread for some more surgery stories. Some have had more challenges than others but overall it seems to be a very safe and tolerable experience 😊 It definitely eased my mind to read everyone's experiences here as well.
  5. Seija


    Hi! I had my surgery late July (27th) so I'm 10 days post op. This is how things went for me: Day of surgery The surgery took 1.5 hours, and I spent an additional 1 hour in the recovery room. I was only nauseous immediately after waking up but it went away quickly. When I got back to my room, I slept for a while. After about an hour I was able to get up and walk around, use the bathroom, and drink water. This made me a bit dizzy and nauseous and I felt weak. I tried to walk around every hour or so but all I really wanted to do was sleep. Most of the pain was in my back and chest. Pain level was 7/10 so they gave me more painkillers for the night. I slept on and off throughout the night, waking several times to use the bathroom, have a walk around my room and a few sips of water. These were definitely the hardest hours of the entire recovery. It took quite a bit of concentration and strength to get myself out of bed each time. I never experienced any nausea or vomiting, just some dizziness when walking or standing up for more than 5 minutes. 1 day post op The next morning I felt much better, pain level 5/10. Was able to drink a lot more, walk around the entire ward, have a shower and take 2 pills orally (1 for stomach, 1 for pain). Most of the pain was more of an aching in my back and upper chest, and an extremely sore abdomen. My husband said the color in my skin was back to normal and I was generally in good spirits. I was discharged at 11am and when we got home (to our hotel) is when the shoulder pain and gas pain started to kick in. I noticed that it helped a lot to drink hot peppermint tea and broth, as well as to lie down flat on the bed. Once I would get up and walk around some more, though, the shoulder pain would come back. I walked around as much as I could because I had read that, although painful, it's the quickest way to get the gasses out and recover. That afternoon I also had my first meal: about 2 tbsp of babyfood puree. Went down fine. It was also the first time that evening that I noticed my belly rumbling a lot and making noise. Slept through the night without waking up just fine. 2 days post op Pain level was just a 2 or 3 this morning with some gas and shoulder aching. I spent the day taking small walks, napping and alternating ice water with hot broth and tea, and had about 100g of babyfood puree throughout the day. 3 days post op No real pain on this day, just soreness in the abdomen and some dull ache in the shoulder every once in a while. I had some Greek Yoghurt in addition to the babyfood and that went down well. Could feel a lot of rumbling happening in my belly. Also had my first BM! 4-5 days post op This is when I finally started to feel some hunger. But after having just 2 or 3 teaspoons of yogurt or puree, my stomach felt very full and this would last for 3-4 hours during which I could focus on getting my water in. I comfortably traveled home (1.5 hr flight + 1 hr train) on day 5. Present (10 days post op) No pain or discomfort, just some soreness around my incisions that I notice a few times a day. Energy levels are fine unless I try to do something physically demanding - then I get wiped out very quickly and need a nap or a rest. I am continuing to take omeprazole every morning and have 1 more day of blood thinner injections left. Eating around 50g of puree food, 5-6x a day. Highest weight: 241 lbs Surgery date weight: 228 lbs Today's weight: 216 lbs
  6. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I was sleeved 27th July and have had a pretty textbook, easy recovery. Having said that, on day 3 post op I think I would really struggle with a full 8 hour day of studies. It's mostly the gas pain and shoulder pain that made things really uncomfortable and require a lay down every few hours. It could be done if you are also lucky and your recovery is easy but it will surely be exhausting so you'd probably need a solid nap every day to cope. If at all possible to take the sick days from class, or do it from home and break it up into shorter sessions, I would highly recommend that. I'm just a little over 1 week post op and would say that your upcoming clinicals in 2 weeks should be no problem (if your recovery is fairly easy, of course). As long as you prepare well with food and are able to stay on top of your water intake.
  7. I am just shy of a week post op sleeve and everything has gone really well. Drinking 1-1.2L water daily and eating babyfood/yoghurt/cottage cheese since the day after surgery without any nausea or vomiting at all. I was also nervous about taking pills the very next morning after surgery but they went down just fine. My preop diet energy was wayyyyy lower than now. It's still early days for me so I have no idea if it will always be this smooth sailing (physiologically speaking) and I find myself still having anxiety about future issues, definitely in large part stemming from the posts on this forum. But at the end of the day, like @Officially Not Fatty Matty pointed out, I imagine that there is a disparity in problematic/ advice posts because there is more value in that in terms of getting help and support in the community. I wish you all the best with your surgery and my tip is to write a list of your Why's and goals to refer to when you feel the doubt and anxiety kicking in to help keep the right perspective. If you've worked towards the surgery for so long, you obviously know it is right for you, and the anxiety - though totally normal - is probably just nerves about uncertainty and the unknown.
  8. Seija


    Yes, I am flying home today (day 5 after surgery). I booked a bunch of extra days (my bariatric team recommended just 2 nights after surgery) because I was scared of flying while unwell. But honestly I could have comfortably flown on day 3 or even 2. Right after surgery and on the first day after surgery I was freaking out about how terrible I felt and I couldn't imagine I would recover well enough to travel within a week, but it really does improve exponentially everyday. Having said that, I had a pretty textbook surgery, no complications, and water + babyfood was going down without issue for me on the very next day after surgery. My biggest struggle was the gas pain and shoulder pain (from the gas) and overwhelming tiredness. It is good to let your surgeon know you are traveling so soon so they could provide you with compression stockings, anticoagulant injections, or stronger pain killers just in case.
  9. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I also had mine the 27th! And have struggled with small panic attacks the night before and morning of surgery as well as immediately after when I realized oh my God what have I done, I just had my completely normal healthy stomach removed... And I have had feelings of regret often, especially when waking up in pain. But my bariatric team prepared me for these feelings and said it is to be expected and very normal to feel that way. They had me write a list of all the things I look forward to, my goals, and why I am doing this operation in the first place. Consulting that list when I feel bad really really helps and snaps me out of that dark place! So maybe you can share with us what are the top 3 things you look forward to most? Mine are: 1. to be able to hike and run and kayak and do all the outdoorsy things I have been or felt too fat to do 2. to buy clothes I actually like, not just what fits or is "slimming" 3. to be healthy for my loved ones
  10. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    Had surgery 27th 14:00 and I am experiencing all those things + serious right shoulder pain. That is actually the worst thing for me now. It is so sharp and makes it difficult to do anything. But I do think it is normal and can't wait to feel better. Thanks for the reassuring reply ❤️ @eholmes89 Every encouraging reply helps right now.
  11. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I know what you mean about the tricky balance between loving to do heavy research but trying not to psych yourself out too much. I am the same way! Have scoured every platform online for as much info as I can find, and even watched the full length VSG procedure on YouTube 🙈 I actually added "Will you use reinforced stitching over the stapled sleeve?" to my list of questions to the surgeon before I realised that I need to pull back and chill out 😅
  12. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I think it's so interesting that most of our concerns and prep revolve around What will I eat? and When will I be able to eat normal stuff again? as our primary concern 😅 That is definitely the first place my mind went when I was learning about the process, too. I think it is so telling of the fact that we are indeed food addicts and food takes up so much space in our life. I have been preparing by taste-testing protein drinks (hate em all so far 🙈), organising my schedule to avoid any big commitments right after surgery, and doing all the research I can by reading, finding IG accounts to follow, watching YouTube videos, etc. I am trying to learn from other people's experiences as much as possible for tips, tricks, how to do the right things and how to avoid the pitfalls. I have also been looking into doing some kind of workbook or something for developing new coping strategies since food won't be there for me anymore. Struggling to find anything for bariatric patients specifically, just general ones on anxiety, depression, etc... But will let you all know if I do find something useful!
  13. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    @motherofboys Sorry to hear that! It might be a good idea to find a protein shake with the closest nutritional content to the one your program insists on but with better taste -- and have that as a back up? I have heard advice from others that it is a good idea to get 1 of each brand and do a protein-tasting session! I plan to do that soon. It sounds like you are getting well prepared, though! 💪 Keep us updated
  14. Seija

    How do you Cope?

    I am pre-op but have been actively working on coping skills. Food will always be the preferred way so it takes a lot of intention for me to choose another coping strategy instead. Walking is the most effective for me but it can take some power of will to get myself out the door some days, especially if the weather isn't nice. Some "easier" back ups I have are: Listen/watch ASMR videos True crime podcasts while doing some tidying / laundry folding Some pampering (give myself a pedicure/manicure, hair mask, face mask, etc) If the stressor is something that I am really struggling with and want to vent, I journal on my private Tumblr page.
  15. Seija

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I have my VSG booked for 27th July -- impatiently counting down the days 📆🤩 Meanwhile I am doing all the research I can on how to best prepare myself mentally for this huge change. What is everyone else up to in these exciting weeks before? @MoreThanWords @Steveo2ray @CzarinaQ @motherofboys @LizzLosingIt @Sammys_VSG_Evolution @laurenantics @Karriekuddles

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