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  1. FutureSylph

    New to site

    I was forthright about it. Don't know if he would have noticed otherwise.
  2. FutureSylph

    New to site

    Welcome, Steve. I didn't have much success with the pre-op diet (kept "cheating" because I was so hungry and miserable), but I got through it eventually -- and so will you. Best of luck with your surgery!
  3. FutureSylph

    Post Op Coffee

    Hope you feel better soon. I'd be in a bad way if I couldn't drink coffee.
  4. FutureSylph

    100lbs down

    Terrific milestone! I'm so happy for you, @Spinoza.
  5. FutureSylph

    Activities for Exercise

    Right now I'm getting my exercise by dancing in front of the air conditioner. Crank up the Bob Seger and let 'er rip!
  6. So glad to hear you're feeling better!
  7. FutureSylph

    Food Before and After Photos

    That looks fabulous, and just right for these brutally hot days.
  8. FutureSylph

    Wish you knew before surgery…

    Absolutely. That feeling of not recognizing yourself and your life anymore can be hugely disorienting, and can lead to really unhealthy coping mechanisms if you don't address it.
  9. FutureSylph

    Aiming for Perfection

    Nope. One of the (admittedly few) benefits of being older is that I gave up my perfectionism years ago, and am much happier for it. You do what you can, blow off the rest, and learn to dust yourself off and climb back on the wagon when you fall.
  10. FutureSylph

    Surgery tomorrow!?

    Best of luck today!
  11. FutureSylph

    Wish you knew before surgery…

    I wish I hadn't stockpiled so many protein shakes/drinks based on my pre-op tastes. They're nasty now.
  12. FutureSylph

    Cooking post-op

    Lots of recipes here: https://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/
  13. FutureSylph

    Final Weigh-in

    I remember that feeling so clearly. (My surgery was delayed multiple times due to pandemic issues.) Hang in there.
  14. FutureSylph


    Check with your surgical team, of course. I found that a baby spoonful of applesauce helped pills go down.
  15. FutureSylph

    Caffeine - 7th day post op

    I'm with @Arabesque on this one. Even if caffeine is on your plan, why risk it the first time when you're out with friends? Could be absolutely fine or could be an embarrassingly bad idea -- much safer to find out in the privacy of your own home.
  16. Yeah, sometimes when people scurried out of my way, I wanted to assure them that obesity isn't contagious.
  17. Yep. Hope you feel better soon!
  18. Automatically heading for the disabled stall in restrooms, before remembering that I fit in a regular stall now.
  19. FutureSylph

    Surgery today

    Congratulations on your surgery! A whole new world awaits.
  20. FutureSylph

    Am I doing this right am I broken?

    Absolutely normal. Just white-knuckle it through the first few weeks (I recommend trying various activities to distract yourself), and I practically guarantee that a month from now, you'll feel a lot different.
  21. FutureSylph

    Chips and salsa and bad eating day

    Peeled cucumber slices might be worth a try.
  22. I have lots of baggy skin, but I don't complain about it, much less have regrets. I think of it as battle scars. As long as I win the battles (and the war), I'm thrilled to wear the results.
  23. FutureSylph

    4 months out and stalled all month!

    Luckily, puppies and walks are a natural combination. Good luck!
  24. FutureSylph

    Started WK 2 and Starving

    Mine is Steve, recently promoted from Baby Stevie since he quit being so temperamental those first few weeks.
  25. FutureSylph

    Dinner party on soft foods

    Take an insulated lunch bag (with freezer puck) in the car, packed with a spoon and containers of hummus, Greek yogurt, applesauce, cooked baby carrots, or whatever other soft foods appeal to you. Problem solved.

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