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  1. FutureSylph

    What's On Your Workout Playlist?

    Bunch of oldies, because I'm old. Pointer Sisters, Rolling Stones, Bob Seger, Gloria Estefan, Robert Palmer, Bette Midler, Led Zeppelin . . . Chances are, if it was recorded before 1990 and is uptempo, I have it on a workout playlist somewhere.
  2. FutureSylph

    How much food do you eat after

    I can't chug water like I used to, but at 11 weeks post-op I'm taking "normal" sized swallows (not tiny sips) of fluids.
  3. FutureSylph

    How much food do you eat after

    I use a weird mix -- adult salad/dessert plates, children's flatware from Ikea, and baby bowls. (I feel deprived if I put a half-cup of soup in a regular bowl.)
  4. FutureSylph

    Outpatient surgery?

    I was hospitalized for three days with my RNY, and I spent every one of those 72 hours being profoundly grateful for my nurses. I don't even want to think about how horrendous those days would have been without their help.
  5. FutureSylph

    Marijuana Use and Nausea

    It might be the vaping that's causing the nausea. If you're unwilling to give up cannabis for more than a week, you could try edibles instead and see if that helps.
  6. FutureSylph

    Food Before and After Photos

    Oh, that looks and sounds divine. Too carby for me to eat these days, but someday . . .
  7. FutureSylph

    Achieving your goals and rewarding yourself

    Every pound lost is my reward. I'm much more deeply thrilled by the process itself than by an eventual arbitrary goal. But I enjoy reading about what others consider rewarding, so keep 'em coming!
  8. FutureSylph

    So I did a thing...

    Glad to hear it went so well for you!
  9. FutureSylph

    Food Before and After Photos

    My goodness, where did you find such a delicious-looking tomato? I've been craving a BLT, but can't find a local source for decent tomatoes. They're all vaguely pink and mealy, with no flavor. <sigh>
  10. FutureSylph

    So I learned something today

    I like the True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange crystal packets for flavoring water. To me, they don't have that chemical taste I find off-putting.
  11. FutureSylph

    What to eat in the soft food stage?

    I ate a LOT of hummus during that stage.
  12. FutureSylph

    Starting my journey, I need a good word

    I'd wager that at least 98% of surgical candidates feel that way, too.
  13. FutureSylph

    How people around us eat

    I've always been a slow eater. Now I have to speed up to finish a meal within 30 minutes, so I'm not accused of grazing. 🙄
  14. I've often thought this. Not only clothes, but protein shakes, too. (Can you tell I have a huge stockpile of shakes that taste nasty to me now?)
  15. I'm not sure it counts as a "victory," but it's starting to hurt when I sit on a hard surface. My formerly-amply-padded tush must be shrinking. I'm going to need one of those butt cushions pretty soon!
  16. FutureSylph

    On the losers bench

    Best of luck!
  17. FutureSylph

    Does flavored coffee have calories?

    If you buy a reusable pod, you can use any kind of ground coffee in it.
  18. FutureSylph

    Does flavored coffee have calories?

    It's the sugar in the K-cups that makes it 70 calories. If you just switch to ground coffee (no sugars), it's less than 3 calories per serving. https://www.nutritionix.com/i/great-value/creamy-hazelnut-ground-coffee/60b15428794e131b82903405
  19. FutureSylph

    Gastric bypass

    I'm 64 and I just had RNY two months ago.
  20. FutureSylph

    Does flavored coffee have calories?

  21. FutureSylph

    Does flavored coffee have calories?

    Only the ready-to-drink formula does. Oddly, the powder doesn't.
  22. FutureSylph

    Should I edit my goal weight.

    You absolutely should change it, IMO. You've worked way too hard (with such terrific results) to let a number get you down. I'd be thrilled with a BMI of 27, that's for sure. Congratulations!
  23. Just in the first few weeks (or months, I guess, if you're a really slow learner). I'm only two months post-op, and I go for several hours without eating. As for drinking, that's what 32 oz. water bottles are for. (You only need to drink two of them per day.) Cold feet are fine, but I'd advise you to find a better excuse. ;-D
  24. FutureSylph

    Just Obese!

    Congratulations, surgical twin! My weight is coming off slower than yours, but I'll get there eventually -- and meanwhile I'm thrilled for you.

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