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    J’anna reacted to JessStrem in January Surgery buddies   
    I am having my gastric bypass Monday 1/31 and the nerves are really kicking in! I’m going to be ok…right?! 😳
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    J’anna reacted to JessStrem in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    It’s surgery day! Accepting any and all prayers please!
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    J’anna reacted to CowboyKurt in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Thanks, J'anna, I did take another covid test and should get the results in a day or two. Still very exhausted. I had my first follow-up with the surgeon's office today. They were pleased with my current status. They feel the sore throat was caused by the endotracheal intubation tube which is common. They also felt I am so exhausted due to not taking in needed Protein. I have been doing the protein clear drinks and today they wanted me to restart the chocolate Protein Drinks as they have more protein content. I have been trying but just taking two sips is making me so full and wanting to cough it up due to how think they are. I am to do the shakes for one more week then move to mushy food. Right now I'm mixing some Water with shakes to cut the thickness. I will keep on keeping on hopefully it will get better each day.
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    J’anna got a reaction from CowboyKurt in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Any updates? Hope you’re doing better.
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    J’anna reacted to Saleen0623 in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    January 26th I will have Bypass from my previous sleeve surgery done August 27,2015. I had major GERD issues & strictures. I put back on 34 pounds. However; I did lose a lot and maintained most of my weight loss. I’m so ready to get this done. Before sleeve 2015 & After sleeve Now December 2021-January 2022. Wishing everyone the best!

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    J’anna reacted to MandM1188 in January 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Every BODY is different, don’t obsess with the scale .

    Give yourself Grace

    Happy New Year!!!!😊

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    J’anna reacted to goldsilverstar in January Surgery buddies   
    I’m January 11 and I’m so excited but then all of the sudden I feel like crying. I’m so scared and I’m doing so badly on the pre-op and it’s making me feel like I can’t do this. I need some encouragement :(
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    J’anna reacted to Honey10604 in January Surgery buddies   
    I am scheduled for Jan 18th in Cleveland Ohio nervous but excited at the same time.
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    J’anna reacted to Tysheena84 in January Surgery buddies   
    Yes!!!! I am scheduled for January 18th. I am so excited and cannot wait!
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    J’anna reacted to debsgallery in Anyone here who had surgery in their 60's?   
    I had my surgery Aug. 2020. I turned 70 Sept 2020. I lost 60 pounds and have a ton of more energy!

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