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    Hi I’m from the uk, had RNY Bypass surgery on the 25th January 2021. Started my journey at 15stone 5 pounds and I’m down to 12stone 5 pounds.
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  1. CLC1981

    eating more, feeling hungry

    sure does suck, feels like imgoing through my cupboards like pacman lol. im going to ask to be put on a continous HRT so i dont have any bleeds dont think i could be dealing with that again after 6 years of having non, just need to stop these munchie days. Thanks
  2. CLC1981

    eating more, feeling hungry

    Hi yeah i havnt had a period since i was 34, i have neurosarcoidosis and i have it right next to my pituarity gland and hypothalamus so my hormones are non existence or too high they are all over the place. I tried HRT a few years ago but i got really bad migraines from it but i need to try more different kinds as ifeel i am cracking up and the symptoms are driving me insane.
  3. CLC1981

    just over 5 months out

    From 215 pounds to 164 pounds.
  4. CLC1981

    Pain below rib

    I got this a lot and it was trapped wind as i later found out, i started taking windeeze when i got the pains and it helped. Hope this helps with your pain, as it might be the same.
  5. Hi does anyone get a time when they are always hungry and can eat more. I don’t have periods anymore but there is 3 days, must be before i am meant to have my period where i am always hungry and crave carbs and chocolate and i can eat so much more than usual. Does anyone else get this ? Any advice ? I am currently waiting to be put on the correct HRT as i feel i am cracking up.
  6. CLC1981

    UK forum users

    Remember slow and steady wins the race. Dont rush anything you are doing amazing, Sometimes it takes time for your body to realise what is happening and takes a while to catch up, you will have stalls where you dont lose anything for weeks and get so disheartened but just remember it will all come off in time. And well done getting off the oramorph.
  7. CLC1981

    6 Months and Stalled

    same here iv lost 4 pounds this week .
  8. CLC1981

    My Story In Pictures

    excellent well done 👏 xx
  9. Had surgery 25th january weight was 15 stone 5 pounds and today i’m down to 11 stone 10 pounds, over the moon. Another 24 pounds to go and il be where i want to be.
  10. CLC1981

    UK forum users

    Hope your feeling better soon, try and wean off the oramorph, it doesnt help with your mood, and the sweetness of the stuff is no good.
  11. CLC1981

    6 Months and Stalled

    Hi, im just over 4 months out from RNY and i also have been in a stall for around 6 weeks then iv just lost 2 pounds was devastated thought i would of lost alot more, think my body it just trying to hold onto the weight. My hair is also falling out alot, only noticed it this past month or so, iv had to upgrade my hoover to a shark antihair wrap as all the hair was wrapping around my other hoover and i was forever unclogging the brush bar. Wish i could lose weight as well as im losing my hair lol.
  12. CLC1981

    UK forum users

    Hi shrink&Grow hope your doing well after surgery and recovering well. I lost 2 pounds im gutted as its coming off so slow im down to 12 stone, want another 2 stone off ideally, havnt spoke to any of the dieticians yet but if this carries on i. going to have to.
  13. CLC1981

    Weight stall

    @WanderingHeart i’m nearly 5 months out. yeah i think my body is holding onto it also 😂🤣. @catwoman7 think i probably need to be drinking more aswell and il give it another week or 2 then i’m going to ring my team see what they suggest. Thank you both xx
  14. CLC1981

    Weight stall

    yeah i track my food every day, i’m having around 900-1000 calories a day is that too much ? The only activity i do is walking and stretches at home.
  15. CLC1981

    Weight stall

    Iv been in a stall the past 5 weeks, don’t know what’s going on getting frustrated now, hope this isn’t where i’m stuck at, i’m still wanting to lose another 21-28 pounds, iv lost 44 pounds so far since january and now i’m stuck.

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