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  1. N!KK!

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hey everyone, congratulations to all those who have had their surgery. I had mine yesterday.. and oh boy! I had a very large abdominal hernia repaired and I swear that has taken front and centre for the pain that I have. It's been over 24 hours since the surgery and I'm feeling better. I'm drinking water and broth fine. I tried a popsicle for lunch and couldn't stand the taste lol. I'm really enjoying the broth.
  2. N!KK!

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Well, I was scheduled to have my Gastric Sleeve and abnormal hernia repaired in May 12th, but was cancelled due to the anethatist calling in sick ( his father past away) and my doctor didn't want to use any of his back up one's due to the complex surgery. So, I have been rescheduled for tomorrow... I've been on the liquid diet for 3 weeks now. I've actually lost 5 kilos which isn't too bad.
  3. Congratulations to all who are having their surgery tomorrow, I wish you all well and to have a speedy recovery. Unfortunately my surgery was cancelled, due to the antithesis's family member passed away (I think his Dad) and my doctor doesn't want to use any of his back-up's to do it as my surgery is complex (I'm getting my abdominal incision hernia repaired). Yes, I'm devastated. Good luck everyone, I'll be thinking of you all 😀
  4. Hi everyone, Anyone else having the surgery on the same day as me? My work colleague is also having it done, 5 days before me. I am so excited to be doing this! Sent from my CPH2009 using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. Not long now guys, are you excited? I am. Today is my last day of work for a few weeks... 🙂
  6. N!KK!

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Congratulations!! So happy to hear you are doing well.
  7. lol I had a moment too. I pinched a few marshmallows and a sausage last weekend...
  8. How are you all going with the pre-op diet? I started my 3 shakes a day today. I can have veggies in between meals so I think that will help reduce my hunger... we shall see. We have a week to go!!! Yay!!!
  9. N!KK!

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hi! I am having mine done on the 12th of May. I start my pre-op tomorrow. I am very excited! The last couple of months I have been trying to get my body ready for the liquid diet. I have been having a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and a normal dinner. But, in the last few weeks I have been struggling and eating junk for lunch! This week my head seems to be more "ready" for this transition, and I am eager to get it done. My pre-op is 2 weeks. Week 1 is two protein shakes (breakfast and lunch) then a normal meal for dinner. I am not allowed any carbs or sugar, no milk in shakes... needs to be mixed with water... :-/ I can have low energy vegetables and fruit. Week 2 is 3 protein shakes a day and vegetables for snacks.

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