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  1. JenniferHawk1980

    May Surgeries - check in!

    He gave me liquid hydrocodone and something for nausea and a patch for nausea and told me to fill them now. I will wear the patch to surgery. I am supposed to be going home the same day and then going to his office the next morning for postop. No one that I have talked to went home the same day. Pain management is something that I am worried about. I planned on going back to work 8 days later (desk job).
  2. JenniferHawk1980

    May Surgeries - check in!

    @Wontongirl, you do not know how much your post has put my mind at ease. I al so worried about pain after. 🥰
  3. JenniferHawk1980

    June Surgeries

    My surgery is may 24. I am having an EGD in may 18. I have been on the liquid diet for about a week. I was supposed to lose 30 before my surgery and I have only lost 27. But I am walking and am losing about a pound a day on the liquid.
  4. JenniferHawk1980

    May Surgeries - check in!

    The gastric sleeve
  5. JenniferHawk1980

    May Surgeries - check in!

    @smilelaura we are surgery twins! Mine is the 24th also!!
  6. JenniferHawk1980

    June Surgeries

    I was told that I am going home from the hospital the same day, and should only be out of work a week (desk job). I am so ready! I am almost a week into the liquid diet, and it’s getting easier every day. I am walking and drinking a ton of water. I am losing between 1-2 pounds a day- and that’s motivating me!! Good luck all!!
  7. JenniferHawk1980

    June Surgeries

    I hear the negatives also, but I ask everyone... would you do it again? And they have all said yes. Or they regret they didn’t do it sooner. I wish I had done sooner!!
  8. JenniferHawk1980

    June Surgeries

    Surgery is scheduled for May 24. On the liquid diet now, and it sucks... but brighter days are coming!! Excited when I see the loss on the scales daily.

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